Friday, January 19, 2018

Fierce Faith Alli Worthington

Sometimes Jesus’s call to “fear not” seems like the hardest instruction to follow.
Some days you faultlessly juggle everything that is your life—kids, husband, house, job, church, friendships, school, pets, appointments, and on and on. Other days the very thought of which ball you’re going to drop puts your anxiety level through the roof. You’re afraid you’re forgetting something. And you are: God’s advice to fear not.
Alli Worthington knows all about the ways a woman can be hard on herself. She shares her own fear struggles with humor and honesty—while offering real strategies for coping with life’s big worries as well as those little everyday worries.
Alli uses biblical wisdom and practical insight to help you:
  • Identify fear-based thinking.
  • Overcome the big and little worries in life.
  • Learn a simple trick to stop the anxiety spiral.
  • Live a more confident, less worried life.
Grab a cup of coffee and sit down for some encouragement from a friend. Alli’s no-nonsense, wise advice will lighten your heart and help you cut through the daily clutter of fear and worry to reconnect with your own fierce faith.

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Alli Worthington is the author of Fierce Faith and Breaking Busy, she's a speaker and business coach. Her goal is to help women live the life they were created to live.

Alli is a sought after coach and consultant who has helped individuals, small business owners and Fortune 500 companies be more successful.

Alli's no-nonsense, guilt-free take on motherhood, parenting and balance has lead to appearances on The Today Show and Good Morning America.

She lives outside Nashville with her husband, Mark, their five sons, and the only golden retriever who refuses to retrieve.

Alli spends way too much time on Instagram at @AlliWorthington and you can find out all about her at

My Thoughts...

One of the hardest things is to Fear Not, we all fight with fear at sometime or another. I have had people tell me they have so much faith they never deal with fear, I say wrong, if your child has been given a bad diagnosis then you will experience FEAR. If you are a single mother and you are told your job is cutting back and they don't need you anymore, you will experience FEAR.
Well Fierce Faith is a book that we ALL need to read.  We need to learn the lessons in this book and try to adhere to them. This book is for the worrier, the gals that wrestle with anxiety, the gals they fight fear regularly.  
I found a lot of wisdom in this book and it's very well said.
I gave this book 4 stars. I recommend this to all the ladies.
The Mary Reader received this book from Wynn Wynn Media for review. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own.


  1. This sounds like a book that we all need to read.

  2. Sounds like a very good helpful read.

  3. I'm thinking that there are at least 365 "fear nots" in the bible - not 100% sure however, but God wants us to trust Him but sometimes like you said Mary, it is hard. This sounds like a great inspirational book that everyone needs to read!

  4. Good review, this is one I am adding to my list.

  5. Sounds like one my wife would like to read.

  6. Thank you for your great review, Mary. This sounds like one we could all benefit from.

  7. Let me get my hands on this book I bet it will change my life.

  8. I will share this one, it would make a good book for small group I think.

  9. I pray daily for help with fear of the unknown. This book was wrote for me.

  10. I have to agree with you Mary, we all worry at some point in our life about something. I just placed an order for a copy of this, I think I need to get a few extra copies for my close friends also.

  11. I don't read non-fiction, but this one sounds like a book anyone could use as a tool from God on time when fear or anxiety comes into our lives! One I could read and probably glean a lot of wisdom from! Thanks for the review Mary.