Saturday, July 18, 2015

Warrior Chicks By Holly Wagner

Some battles we choose; others choose us. There is a lot in life we cannot control--a cancer diagnosis, the choices our children make, a spouse who leaves, disappointments in our career, a broken heart. But in those tragedies, big and small, we still have a choice: lie down and give in or stand up and fight.

In this inspiring call to arms against victimhood and complacency, Holly Wagner challenges women to enlist as Warrior Chicks. She shows women that they are beautiful just the way they are, they are destined to be overcomers in this life, and that the battle is already won for us. She shares the secrets of being equipped to fight the good fight and do more than just survive. As Holly knows from her experience as a warrior chick battling breast cancer, we aren't living in peacetime. We can choose to be a casualty or a warrior. So what's it going to be?

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Holly is passionate about seeing women become who God has designed them to become, and to see every generation of woman extend a helping hand to the generation that is younger. Through the women's ministry of Oasis, GodChicks, Holly seeks to blow the lid off the boxes that women have sometimes put themselves in and encourages women to be the amazing, world-changing champions they were made to be.

She has written several books, using her humorous yet challenging style to encourage readers. Her books include: GodChicks, examining with humor and honesty the many facets of being a woman of God, Daily Steps for GodChicks, a 90-day devotional which was written during her treatment of breast cancer, WarriorChicks, which uses Holly's own life experiences to deliver witty, yet poignant principles for facing any crisis life throws at you, GodChicks and The Men They Love, which she wrote with her husband Philip, offers practical help for dating and building a marriage, and her newest devotional, Awakened, which is a daily challenge for all of us to awaken to our purpose.

Holly has been featured on many TV shows; Fox Family's Parenting Show, Dick Clark's The Other Half, Berman and Berman, TBN's Praise the Lord and JCTV, the 700 Club, and recently The View. Holly speaks at churches and conferences all over the world, and loves living out the adventure God has given her!

Holly has a gift that's for sure, this book is written in such a way that you feel like she is sitting right next to you while you are reading it, giving you the best advice a friend can give you to lift you up and encourage you to keep on fighting to good fight.
All of us chicks have been through or know someone who has been through some rough stuff in life, this is the helpful tool you have been looking for.
You should have your Bible with you when you are reading this book. Holly quotes scripture and you want to go to the Bible and read it for your self. She has what the scripture is in the back of the book in the section called Endnotes so you may get a little confused as you are reading the book its self.
Such an encouraging read and if you have a friend going through something right now this is a great book to give them to help lift then up.
I gave this book 4 stars and I recommend it.
I was given a copy of this book by the publisher for my honest review.


  1. I know it seems to be a book for women, However, I will still read it because you never know what you may learn.

  2. That sounds really really good !!! Makes up for the last one you were disappoint with .Blessings,DanaGirl

  3. Warrior Chicks. Even the name sounds awesome. We all need encouragement sometimes. I am sure I will love this read. Thanks

  4. This one sounds like just the book for me. Thanks Mary for sharing

  5. A book with scriptures! This sounds like a book that I would like to read! Thanks Mary for this review!

  6. Sounds good Mary! Great review!

    Judy B

  7. My sister in law could really use this book. Thank you Mary

  8. I have sisters at church that could use this. Thank you Mary for another great review

  9. The Lord works in mysterious ways and he know what you need when you need it. Thank you for this review Mary I really need this book right now.

  10. I know a few people including myself that really need this book. Going to buy it now. Thanks