Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mom Seeks God By Julia Roller GIVEAWAY!

The first months and years of motherhood can be the most challenging and disorienting of your life—and faith. When you’re surrounded by the happy chaos of children, how do you spend quiet time with God if the only quiet time you get is while you sleep? How can you demonstrate a solid spiritual life to your children if you don’t have time to pursue one yourself?
When Julia Roller discovered that her spiritual growth had been stunted by the busyness of life with her toddler, she embarked on a yearlong journey through ten spiritual disciplines: prayer, fellowship, submission, study, simplicity, silence, worship, fasting, service, and celebration. As she focused on each discipline, she discovered practical ways to observe them—even in the chaos of her every day.
Mom Seeks God offers a highly relatable story and useful advice to help new moms grow in their faith as they address life changes with grace, patience, and prayer. As readers discover ten essential faith practices, they’ll learn that motherhood, itself, is a spiritual discipline, and may be God’s most effective technique for forming a more Christ-like life.

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 Julia Roller is the author/editor of seven books, including A Year with God (with Richard J. Foster) and 25 Books Every Christian Should Read. Her latest book is Mom Seeks God, releasing in April 2014. Mom Seeks God is her story of trying to re-connect with God after the life upheaval that is motherhood.She lives in San Diego, CA with her husband, two boys and a miniature dachshund named Jane Austen.
 Melissa Padgett, 33, from Durham, NC.  Mom to Courtney (15 and homeschooled) and Alex (6 and soon to-be-homeschooled).  Happily married to Dean, who has a wonderful gift for evangelism and does crosswalking.  Together Dean and Melissa run Radical Life Outreach Ministries, a small home-based ministry dedicated to evangelism, discipleship and helping fellow brothers and sisters that are in need.   Check out more about Melissa www.radicallifeoutreach.blogspot.com .
Guest Review by Melissa Padgett
This book was a light-hearted, comical and honest take on the life of a busy, work-at-home mom to a toddler.  There were times I felt like I was secretly reading her diary.  In the midst of her chaotic life, Julia tried to find ways to honestly seek out God.  She chose 10 spiritual disciplines based off of Richard J. Foster's Celebration of Discipline.  There were quite a few stories that I could directly relate to.  I also caught myself chuckling at her thoughts and reactions on many occasions.

I would have really loved to see more scripture used in the book, since it was a book about ways that busy moms can seek more of God.  I also thought it would have been helpful to delve into the Holy Spirit and how an in depth relationship with Him will give us the necessary intimacy with God, rather than trying to force 10 spiritual disciplines that seemed a bit pressured and rote.

At the end of each chapter, there was a short section called 'Non-Expert Tips for Practicing insert specific spiritual discipline', which I thought was great and summed up her learning experiences for the month.  Those short sections were my favorite parts, after the comic-relief moments of course.

I gave this book 4 stars.
I was given a copy of this book by Mary Jackson who received a copy from the publisher for review.


  1. I am not entering this contest but I wanted to stop by. Melissa what a great review you did on this book! My children are grown now. I'm sure this would be a great book for young mothers.

    Judy B

  2. I know a lot of young mothers who could relate to this book, including my own daughter! Thanks for the review!

  3. Thanks for this review Melissa did a wonderful job.

  4. Melissa,darling, you are so gifted with words .what a wonderful review!

  5. This book sounds like the very thing for a busy Mom. We could all benefit from it so after reading it, I would definitely pass it to my daughter. Thank you, Mary!

    1. Melanie, you are the WINNER I will get your book right out to you.

  6. This soungs like a great book for a young Mother to have Great revies Mary.

  7. Thank you so much, Mary. Great reading is ahead for my daughter and myself.