Thursday, November 30, 2023

Imagine More by Stephanie Nelson

 If you feel stuck in life and unable to make progress toward your deepest hopes and dreams, let Stephanie Nelson share a practical path to reaching your full potential. The creator of the Coupon Mom and jump-starter of the coupon craze that started in 2008 with the recession, Stephanie can relate to holding on to dreams that seem bigger than abilities. She started the Coupon Mom website with a thirty-five dollar investment and never borrowed or spent more than the project earned. With no extra money or experience in technology, Stephanie grew a tiny website into a multimillion-dollar business that has helped millions of people save money and donate groceries to charities, all while using the free Coupon Mom program.

Sharing her story to unpack life lessons, Stephanie shares a path to

  • banish fear and embrace opportunity,
  • develop a vision and pursue dreams,
  • identify God's plan to use your abilities to help others, and
  • build community by including others in your success.
It's never too late to imagine more, chase your dreams, and impact the world through your unique gifts and talents; Stephanie shows readers how to exchange their ordinary for God's extraordinary. Imagine More will encourage anyone who wants to use their passions and skills to benefit others and fulfill their most cherished dreams.
Pick up your copy here...                                                                                                                            Imagine More: Do What You Love, Discover Your Potential: 9781400244010: Nelson, Stephanie: Books

Stephanie Nelson is the founder of the Coupon Mom website, which launched the coupon movement that took America by storm in 2008. As a savings expert, Stephanie has appeared on many national and local television news shows, including Good Morning America, the Today show, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her entrepreneurial Coupon Mom concept started a national cottage industry of other “coupon moms,” as she inspired women to start profitable websites in their communities. Her book The Coupon Mom's Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half was a New York Times bestseller. Stephanie currently hosts her podcast, Pivotal People.
My Thoughts...                                                                                                    Such an encouraging read. It was very inspirational, and it is a well written book. Faith filled and I'm grateful for all the encouragement. Add this one to your list and sit back and relax Nelson has a word you. Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review. A favorable review was not required, and all views expressed are our own.           

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Reimagine Home by Sarabeth Galimba


Homewhether a camper van, mansion, or anything in betweenis where we recharge and rest, where we learn and grow, and where we welcome others. And for Christians, our home should be a small reflection of God's kingdom on earth.

Unfortunately, our homes often feel anything but peaceful, ordered, or representative of who we are. If this sounds familiar, consider 
Reimagine Home a gift of inspiration and your personal invitation to quiet all voices of comparison and tune in to what really matters when it comes to your home—creating a space where you can know the love of God and share that love with others.

With twenty-eight devotions that span the four seasons of the year, 
Reimagine Home encourages you to begin creating the home you want on a schedule that works for you, offering customizable tactics, helpful tips, and an undated format. Accompanied by beautifully inspiring, full-color photographs that inspire peace instead of perfection, this devotional provides a sense of calm to each day.

As you read each short reflection and explore the practical home styling tips, you will be inspired to curate a home that reflects who you are and welcomes others the moment they walk in the door.

Pick up your copy here...

Sarabeth Galimba is a wife, mother of four, artist, interior decorator, real estate agent, and former youth pastor. She wrote her first book, Reimagine Home, as a personal and practical guide for those who want to bring simple beauty back into the look and life of their homes. When she is not working on a home project with her husband or trying out a new recipe, she enjoys spending time making memories with her family and sharing home styling tips through her Instagram account ladyofthehome. She and her family live in the house featured in this book in Salinas, California, with their dog and pet chickens. 

This makes a great hostess gift or just a gift for someone you love. It is really inspirational.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

The Little Liar by Mitch Albom


Eleven-year-old Nico Krispis never told a lie. When the Nazi’s invade his home in Salonika, Greece, the trustworthy boy is discovered by a German officer, who offers him a chance to save his family. All Nico has to do is convince his fellow Jewish residents to board trains heading to “new homes” where they are promised jobs and safety. Unaware that this is all a cruel ruse, the innocent boy goes to the station platform every day and reassures the passengers that the journey is safe. But when the final train is at the station, Nico sees his family being loaded into a large boxcar crowded with other neighbors. Only after it is too late does Nico discover that he helped send the people he loved—and all the others—to their doom at Auschwitz.

Nico never tells the truth again.

In The Little Liar, his first novel set during the Holocaust, Mitch Albom interweaves the stories of Nico, his brother Sebastian, and their schoolmate Fanni, who miraculously survive the death camps and spend years searching for Nico, who has become a pathological liar, and the Nazi officer who radically changed their lives. As the decades pass, Albom reveals the consequences of what they said, did, and endured.

A moving parable that explores honesty, survival, revenge and devotion, The Little Liar is Mitch Albom at his very best. Narrated by the voice of Truth itself, it is a timeless story about the harm we inflict with our deceits, and the power of love to ultimately redeem us. 

Pick up your copy here...

Author, screenwriter, philanthropist, journalist, and broadcaster, Mitch Albom has written 8 number-one NY Times bestsellers — including Tuesdays with Morrie. His books have sold more than 40M copies in 48 languages worldwide. He has also written award-winning TV films, stage plays, screenplays and a musical. He appeared for more than 20 years on ESPN, and was a fixture on The Sports Reporters. Through his column at the Detroit Free Press, he was inducted into both the National Sports Media Association and Michigan Sports halls of fame and was the recipient of the Red Smith Award for lifetime achievement.

Following his bestselling memoir Finding Chika and Human Touch, an online serial that raised nearly 1 mllion dollars for pandemic relief, he returned to fiction with The Stranger in the Lifeboat. His new novel, set during the Holocaust, is The Little Liar.

Albom now devotes most of his time to philanthropic work through SAY Detroit and Have Faith Haiti, among many other initiatives.

My Thoughts...
What an emotional read. I am well aware that this is a fiction book, but it really pulled my heartstrings, and I am still thinking about this book days after I read it. I will be gifting this book this year. I can't wait for everyone to read it.
The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review. A favorable review was not required, and all views expressed are our own.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Devils at the Door by Tessa Wegert

 A suspicious drowning throws New York State senior investigator Shana Merchant's life into turmoil in this taut, thrilling small-town mystery - perfect for fans of Agatha Christie and Ruth Ware.

Sixteen-year-old Henrietta used to be happy. But that was before her family hit the national news. Before she - and the whole world - knew she was related to one of New York's most prolific serial killers.

Senior Investigator Shana Merchant readily agrees when her brother asks her to take in his troubled, rebellious daughter for the fall semester. Doug's convinced that spending a few months in Alexandria Bay with Shana will straighten Hen out.

But when Hen arrives, Shana's not so sure. She can't help but distrust the strange and manipulative teen, who binge-watches bloody movies and roams the house at night, taking things that aren't hers.

Soon, though, Shana has more to worry about than missing heirlooms when she's called to investigate the suspicious drowning of a local teenager, only to discover her niece at the scene of the crime.

What happened that night on the dark, uninhabited island of Devil's Oven? With Hen and her new friends not talking, and a community determined to keep their secrets dead and buried, Shana knows it's a race against time to uncover the truth before her niece is upgraded from key witness to prime suspect.

Pick up your copy here...

Tessa Wegert is the author of the Shana Merchant novels, which include Death in the Family, The Dead Season, Dead Wind, The Kind to Kill, and Devils at the Door. A former journalist, Tessa grew up in Quebec and now lives with her family in Connecticut, where she studies martial arts and is currently at work on her next novel.

My thoughts...
This is book 5 in the Shana Merchant series, and this has been a really good series. I cannot put the books down. This is not like a mystery you figure out right off the bat. You never see this coming.
The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review. A favorable review was not required, and all views expressed are our own.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Meet the Benedettos by Katie Cotugno


Every family is complicated, and the Benedettos are no exception. A few years after a reality TV show skyrocketed them to pop-culture fame, the five twentysomething sisters are living together in their parents’ crumbling McMansion, nearly broke and teetering towards rock-bottom. Lilly, the sensible second-eldest sister, is all too aware that her family is viewed as a spectacle, but she’s focused on holding herself and her family together, and unlike her siblings she tends not to care what the world thinks.

The Benedettos’ fortunes finally appear to be brightening when Charlie Bingley, the dashing star of Captain Fantastic, moves into their Los Angeles neighborhood with his friend Will Darcy in tow. It isn’t long before Charlie falls for the warm and lovely eldest sister, June. Lilly has no such luck: the arrogant and judgmental Will Darcy, a man plagued by his own private demons, seems ready to clash with her at every turn--yet the two can’t seem to stay away from each other. And while the Benedettos’ matriarch sets to work encouraging a potential match between Charlie and June, there are plenty of others in the community who are determined to steer these eligible young men away from a ridiculous family of reality show has-beens...

Katie Cotugno brings a big, boisterous cast of characters to life in this deliciously sprawling LA story—a thoroughly fresh and modern tale about a family that’s “famous for being famous,” the ways that preconceived notions make fools of us all, and how unexpected romance can bloom despite the odds.

Pick up your copy here...

Katie Cotugno is the New York Times bestselling author of seven messy, complicated feminist YA love stories including 99 Days, How to Love, Fireworks, Top Ten, 9 Days & 9 Nights, You Say It First, and Liar’s Beach (Delacorte, 2022), as well a forthcoming adult novel, Birds of California (Harper Perennial, 2022). She is also the co-author, with Candace Bushnell, of Rules for Being a Girl. Her books have been honored by the Junior Library Guild, the Bank Street Children’s Book Committee, and the Kentucky Association of School Librarians, among others, and translated into more than fifteen languages. Katie is a Pushcart Prize nominee whose work has appeared in The Iowa Review, The Mississippi Review, and Argestes, as well as many other literary magazines. Katie studied Writing, Literature and Publishing at Emerson College and received her MFA in Fiction at Lesley University. She lives in Boston with her family. 

My Thoughts...
I liked this book more than the first book I read by Cotugno Birds of California. I hope you get a copy to read.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

A Wish for Christmas by Courtney Cole


Two weeks ’til Christmas…

Noel Blake is not in a great place. After several years of marriage, she and her husband Jonah are quietly drifting apart. The only time they really talk at all anymore is when they walk their dog, Elliott. And even then it usually ends in bickering.

When, one snowy day, Elliott manages to slip his leash, they find him blocks away in the care of a mysterious old man who asks them to make a wish on an old snow globe. Eager to get their dog safely home, they agree to his strange request. Neither one realizes that the wish they’re about to make will change the course of their lives... possibly forever.

When Noel and Jonah wake up the next morning, they’re in separate beds, separate apartments, separate lives. But are they any happier? As they live the existences they’d always wished for, both feel that something very important is missing. And when a chance encounter brings the pair back together, they find they have a spark of something very special.

Will they be able to find their way back to each other before it’s too late, or does the Christmas Magic have another fate in store? 
Pick up your copy here...                                                                                                                                     A Wish for Christmas: A Novel: Cole, Courtney: 9780063296398: Books

Courtney Cole is a New York Times bestselling author of over twenty novels. She enjoys eating reader emotions for breakfast, wearing cashmere socks (when she’s not barefoot) and collecting hula girls.

An optimist, Pacman champion, trophy wife, and fierce mama, her motto is to live with grace. She believes in the power of blonde hair dye and red lipstick, and feels that a well-timed smile can change the world.

To learn more about her, visit
My Thoughts...                                                                                                   I read this book in one sitting. As far as I can remember this is the first book by Cole that I have read.  It sure put me in the holiday mood, and it was a fast read. The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review. A favorable review was not required, and all views expressed are our own.

Monday, November 20, 2023

Big Heart Little Stove by Erin French

 Big Heart Little Stove is your new go-to inspiration for cooking thoughtful and meaningful, yet refreshingly simple meals. With more than 75 recipes and her favorite hospitality “signatures,” Erin French―author of The Lost Kitchen cookbook and the New York Times-bestselling memoir Finding Freedom―invites readers to bring a piece of her beloved restaurant, The Lost Kitchen, home with them.

With dishes pulled from French’s family recipe box and the menu at The Lost Kitchen, ranging from irresistible nibbles like Pecorino Puffs and Gram’s Clam Dip; to luscious soups like Golden Tomato & Peach and Potato & Lentil with Bacon and Herbs; to heaping platters of family-style salads and sides like Peach & Blackberry Salad and Green Beans with Sage, Garlic, and Breadcrumbs; to show-stopping main courses like Pickle-Brined Roast Chicken and Wednesday Night Fish Fry; to French’s favorite all-purpose kitchen staples like Kitchen Sink Pesto and Floral Vinegar, this cookbook has all the tools you need for assembling a seamlessly special meal.

To round things out, there are beverages to sip as dinner comes off the stove (Fresh Fruit Shrubs, Slush Puppies) and desserts to make your guests feel truly looked after (Salted Caramel Custards, Roasted Peach Pie with Almond and Fennel). And because weekend mornings deserve celebrating too, there are feel-good treats like Sunday Skillet Cakes and Little Nutmeg Diner Donuts.

Regardless of whether it’s a dressed-up affair or a quick weeknight meal, French’s recommendations are the same: Start with the best ingredients you can find, keep it simple, and serve with love.

But Big Heart Little Stove is more than just a cookbook. With tips and tricks French has used in her own dining room―at home and in the restaurant―this book is your invitation to use what’s around you to create meaningful moments, from setting a table with found treasures, to adorning dishes with edible flowers, to thoughtful gestures such as offering a cold cloth on a hot day. Full of warmth and spirit, Big Heart Little Stove will show you how to create more joy and connection around your table.

Pick up your copy here...

Erin French is the owner and chef of The Lost Kitchen, a 40-seat restaurant in Freedom, Maine, that was recently named one TIME Magazine’s World’s Greatest Places and one of "12 Restaurants Worth Traveling Across the World to Experience" by Bloomberg. A born-and-raised native of Maine, she learned early the simple pleasures of thoughtful food and the importance of gathering for a meal. Her love of sharing Maine and its delicious heritage with curious dinner guests and new friends alike has garnered attention in outlets such as The New York Times (her piece was one of the ten most read articles in the food section the year it was published), Martha Stewart Living, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, and Food & Wine. She has been invited to share her story on NPR’s All Things Considered, The Chew, CBS This Morning, and The Today Show. Erin was featured in a short film made by Tastemade in partnership with L. L. Bean, which won a James Beard Award, and The Lost Kitchen Cookbook has been named one of the best cookbooks by The Washington Post,, and Remodelista and was nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award.

My Thoughts...
This gorgeous yet simple cookbook is full of easy meals that are so elegant you can serve them to your guests. The photos in this cookbook are wonderful. This is going to be a cookbook in my kitchen that I use over and over again.
The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review. A favorable review was not required, and all views expressed are our own.

Friday, November 17, 2023

A Christmas to Remember by Beverly Jenkins


Ever since Bernadine Brown bought the town of Henry Adams, her relationship with diner owner Malachi “Mal” July has had its share of ups and downs. But now they’re finally ready to say “I do.”

Or are they? As wedding preparations go into full swing, and families both local and extended begin to gather for the festivities, that long awaited walk down the aisle hits a speed bump that may derail everything.

But Mal and Bernadine’s relationship isn’t the only one being tested.

Preston Mays aka Brain, loves his girlfriend as much as he does physics but when she decides being a couple is no longer a good thing, his heart is broken. Will connecting with his bio dad’s family ease his pain?

Reverend Paula Grant has been patiently waiting for God to send her someone to share her life. When the town’s charming new chef arrives in town, she wonders if he could be the one.

And then there’s former mayor Riley Curry who throws a parade with his hog Cletus! There’s always a lot going on in Henry Adams, and this will be a Christmas to remember.

Pick up your copy here...

Beverly Jenkins is the recipient of the 2018 Michigan Author Award by the Michigan Library Association, the 2017 Romance Writers of America Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as the 2016 Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award for historical romance. She has been nominated for the NAACP Image Award in Literature, was featured in both the documentary Love Between the Covers and on CBS Sunday Morning. Since the publication of Night Song in 1994, she has been leading the charge for inclusive romance, and has been a constant darling of reviewers, fans, and her peers alike, garnering accolades for her work from the likes of The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, and NPR. If you would like to be notified when Beverly Jenkins has new releases, events, and other news, sign up for her newsletter at

Thursday, November 16, 2023

The Manor House by Gilly Macmillan

 Be careful what you wish for...

Childhood sweethearts Nicole and Tom are a normal, loving couple—until a massive lottery win changes their lives overnight.

Soon they’ve moved into a custom-built state-of-the-art Glass Barn on the stunning grounds of Lancaut Manor in Gloucestershire. They have fancy cars, expensive hobbies, and an exclusive lifestyle they never could have imagined.

But this dream world quickly turns into a nightmare when Tom is found dead in the swimming pool. Was Tom’s death a tragic accident, or was it something worse?

Nicole is devastated. Tom was her rock. And their beautiful barn —with all its smart features that never seem to work for her—is beginning to feel very lonely. But she’s not entirely by herself out there in the country. There’s a nice young couple who live in the Manor itself along with their middle-aged housekeeper who has the Coach House. And an old friend of Tom’s from school has turned up to help her get through her grief. 

But big money can bring big problems and big threats. And is Nicole's life in danger as well?

Nicole’s beginning to feel like a little fish in a big glass bowl.

Surrounded by piranhas.
Pick up your copy here...                                                                                                                            The Manor House: A Novel: 9780063074385: Macmillan, Gilly: Books

Gilly Macmillan is the Sunday Times & New York Times bestselling author of THE NANNY (out 2019). Also WHAT SHE KNEW (previously published as BURNT PAPER SKY in some territories), THE PERFECT GIRL, ODD CHILD OUT & I KNOW YOU KNOW.

Gilly is Edgar Award nominated and an ITW award finalist. Her books have been translated into over 20 languages.

She grew up in Swindon, Wiltshire and also lived in Northern California. She studied History of Art at Bristol University and the Courtauld Institute of Art in London.

Gilly lives in Bristol, UK with her family and writes full time. She’s currently working on her ninth novel.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Tatum Comes Home Tatum Talks


The late May air is filled with the rich scents of a Maine spring, and Tatum, a sweet, rust-colored rescue dog, is enjoying a trip to the hardware store with his dad when a heavy thunderstorm blows in. Frightened, Tatum scampers off to hide—and buries himself beneath a blanket on a nearby truck.

When Tatum wakes, hungry and confused, he’s hours from home. The truck’s kind owner promises to get him back to his family, but that’ll be no easy feat. Tatum lost his collar during his travels, and with power out because of the storm, the local vet can’t scan for a chip.

But Tatum, with his deep golden eyes and trusting gaze, has a knack for making friends—and for letting humans know exactly what’s on his mind. While his mum and dad do everything they can to track him down, the people Tatum meets on his journey are just as eager to do their part to get him home. And in turn, Tatum has a way of nudging everyone he encounters to overcome hurdles, seek out second chances, and find—or make—the families they need.

Pick up your copy here...

Tatum was rescued from Macon, Georgia by The Pixel Fund and came to live with Charles and Nicole in 2016. Sometimes Tatum and his parents film content for social media, but most of the time you can find them living their best life and sharing some snacks. Tatum is happiest when he’s laying in the sunshine wif his Mum. Find him online or by searching Tatum Talks!

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

The Other Significant Others by Rhaina Cohen


Why do we assume romantic relationships are more important than friendships? What do we lose when we expect a spouse to meet all our needs? And what can we learn about commitment, love, and family from people who put deep friendship at the center of their lives?

The Other Significant Others, NPR's Rhaina Cohen invites us into the lives of people who have defied convention by choosing a friend as a life partner―these are friends who are home co-owners, co-parents or each other’s caregivers. Their riveting stories unsettle widespread assumptions about relationships, including the idea that sex is a defining feature of partnership and that people who raise kids together should be in a romantic relationship. Platonic partners from different walks of life―spanning age and religion, gender and sexuality and more―reveal how freeing and challenging it can be to embrace a relationship model that society doesn't recognize. And they show that orienting your world around friends isn't limited to daydreams and episodes of The Golden Girls, but actually possible in real life.

Based on years of original reporting and striking social science research, Cohen argues that we undermine romantic relationships by expecting too much of them, while we diminish friendships by expecting too little of them. She traces how, throughout history, our society hasn’t always fixated on marriage as the greatest source of meaning, or even love. At a time when many Americans are spending large stretches of their lives single, widowed or divorced, or feeling the effects of the "loneliness epidemic," Cohen insists that we recognize the many forms of profound connection that can anchor our lives. A rousing and incisive book, The Other Significant Others challenges us to ask what we want from our relationships―not just what we’re supposed to want―and transforms how we define a fulfilling life.

Pick up your copy here...

Rhaina Cohen is an award-winning producer and editor for NPR’s documentary podcast, Embedded. Her work, often focused on social connection, has aired on numerous podcasts and radio shows, including Hidden Brain, Invisibilia, and All Things Considered, and her writing has appeared in The Atlantic, The Washington Post and elsewhere. The recipient of a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Cohen is a graduate of Northwestern University and Oxford, where she was a Marshall Scholar. She lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband, friends, and her friends’ children.

Monday, November 13, 2023

The Boundary Boss Workbook by Terri Cole

 Our culture is finally recognizing the importance of having and maintaining strong personal boundaries. But were you ever taught exactly how to set healthy boundaries? Fortunately, you don’t have to figure it out for yourself. Following on the runaway success of her book Boundary Boss, Terri Cole presents a practice-packed guide to help you establish the robust boundaries that are essential for an empowered and deeply satisfying life.

The Boundary Boss Workbook greatly expands on the transformational tools Cole introduced in her debut book. You’ll start with the essential truths about boundaries and how they operate, then dive straight into potent exercises―including assessments, scripts, mindfulness, embodiment, gratitude, celebration, and more. Here you’ll explore:
• The importance of boundaries and how they affect 
every part of your life• Self-assessment quizzes to identify your preferences, desires, limits, and deal-breakers• Your self-care tool kit―meditations, reflections, and empowering practices• Getting proactive―how to anticipate and prepare for boundary-setting situations• Boundary scripts―creating the right words in your own voice for asserting boundaries • Internal boundary practices to shift your self-talk, habits, and unconscious behavior• Establishing and upholding new rules for healthy, authentic, and lasting relationships
Boundary work takes intention and commitment―but the results are worth it. “Drawing healthy boundaries is one of the highest expressions of self-love,” says Cole. “When you do, every part of your life will blossom. You’ll become more empowered in all your relationships―especially the one you have with yourself.”

Pick up your copy here...

Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist and global relationship and empowerment expert.

For over two decades, Terri has worked with a diverse group of clients that includes everyone from stay-at-home moms to celebrities and Fortune 500 CEOs.

She has a gift for making complex psychological concepts accessible and actionable so that clients and students achieve sustainable change.

She inspires over 250,000 people weekly through her blog, social media platform, signature courses, and her popular podcast, The Terri Cole Show. For more, see

Friday, November 10, 2023

Inheritance by Nora Roberts

 1806: Astrid Poole sits in her bridal clothes, overwhelmed with happiness. But before her marriage can be consummated, she is murdered, and the circle of gold torn from her finger. Her last words are a promise to Collin never to leave him…

Graphic designer Sonya MacTavish is stunned to learn that her late father had a twin he never knew about—and that her newly discovered uncle, Collin Poole, has left her almost everything he owned, including a majestic Victorian house on the Maine coast, which the will stipulates she must live in it for at least three years. Her engagement recently broken, she sets off to find out why the boys were separated at birth—and why it was all kept secret until a genealogy website brought it to light.

Trey, the young lawyer who greets her at the sprawling clifftop manor, notes Sonya’s unease—and acknowledges that yes, the place is haunted…but just a little. Sure enough, Sonya finds objects moved and music playing out of nowhere. She sees a painting by her father inexplicably hanging in her deceased uncle’s office, and a portrait of a woman named Astrid, whom the lawyer refers to as “the first lost bride.” It’s becoming clear that Sonya has inherited far more than a house. She has inherited a centuries-old curse, and a puzzle to be solved if there is any hope of breaking it…

Pick your copy here...

Nora Roberts is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than 200 novels, including Hideaway, Under Currents, Come Sundown, The Awakening, Legacy, and coming in November 2021 -- The Becoming -- the second book in The Dragon Heart Legacy. She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D. Robb. There are more than 500 million copies of her books in print.

My Thoughts...
This is another hit from Roberts. The Lost bride Trilogy series this is book 1 and I could not put it down. This is one you won't want to miss.
The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review. A favorable review was not required, and all views expressed are our own.

Thursday, November 9, 2023

The Big Bang Theory by Jessica Radloff

 The Big Bang Theory is a television phenomenon. To the casual viewer, it’s a seemingly effortless comedy, with relatable characters tackling real-life issues, offering a kind of visual comfort food to its millions of dedicated fans. But the behind-the-scenes journey of the show from a failed pilot to a global sensation is a fascinating story that even the most die-hard fans don’t know in its entirety. 

The Big Bang Theory:The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series is a riveting, entertaining look at the sitcom sensation, with the blessing and participation of co-creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, executive producers Steve Molaro and Steve Holland, as well as Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Melissa Rauch, Mayim Bialik, and more. Glamour senior editor Jessica Radloff, who has written over 150 articles on the series (and even had a cameo in the finale!), gives readers an all-access pass to its intrepid producing and writing team and beloved cast. It’s a story of on-and-off screen romance told in hilarious and emotional detail, of casting choices that nearly changed everything (which even some of the actors didn’t know until now), of cast members bravely powering through personal tragedies, and when it came time to announce the 12th season would be its last, the complicated reasons why it was more difficult than anyone ever led on. Through hundreds of hours of interviews with the sitcom’s major players, Radloff dives into all this and much more. The book is the ultimate celebration of this once-in-a-generation show and a must-have for all fans. 
Pick up your copy here...                                                                                                                            The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series: 9781538708507: Radloff, Jessica: Books