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Review of Reunion by Lauraine Snelling

Keira Johnson, a 50-year-old mother of two grown sons, believes she lives a good Christian life without secrets-- until she discovers a life-jarring fact her late mother kept hidden all her life. Kiera was born out of wedlock, and the man she had always known as her father had adopted her as an infant.

Meanwhile, Keira's beloved 17-year-old niece, Kirsten, has just discovered an unwanted pregnancy. Her boyfriend, Jose, is bound for college and Kirsten does not know what to do. As the family comes together for a reunion, Keira and Kirsten struggle with their fractured pasts and jumbled present. Will truth and honesty be the catalysts that allow the entire family to find peace?

Inspired by events in Lauraine Snelling's own life, REUNION is the author's finest novel to date.

Lauraine Snelling has been writing since 1980, with over 65 books published, both fiction and non-fiction, historical and contemporary, for adults and young readers. Her books consistently appear on CBA bestseller lists, and have been translated into Norwegian, Danish, and German. A hallmark of her style is writing about real issues of forgiveness, loss, domestic violence, and cancer within a compelling story. Lauraine and her husband, Wayne, have two grown sons, and live in the Tehachapi Mountains with a watchdog Bassett named Chewy.

My Review

What an emotional read. This is the first book that I have read by Lauraine Snelling and I am very happy that I picked it up. She weaves a bunch of plots together and you can't wait to find out what is going to happen next. As you are reading this book you feel as if you are right there part of the family and all of the issues that they are facing. I really liked how everything turned out in the end! I highly recommend this book!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Review of Terror by Night

In one evening, Terry Caffey lost everything. In one year’s time, God would restore it all.  His wife, Penny, and his sons, Matthew and Tyler, were brutally murdered; his home was burned to the ground, and his sixteen-year-old daughter, Erin, was in jail, charged with three counts of capital murder.

At 3:00 a.m. on March 1, 2008, Terry Caffey awoke to find his daughter’s former boyfriend standing in his bedroom with a gun. An instant later the teen opened fire, killing Terry’s wife, his two sons, and wounding him 12 times, before setting the house ablaze. Terry knew it was too late to save his family, but he had one thing to do before he died. He fought to stay awake and escaped the burning house through a bathroom window. As Terry stumbled and crawled four hundred yards through pitch darkness, he asked God to keep him alive long enough to identify the killer, and then to let him die. God allowed Terry to identify the murderer, but He didn’t let Terry die.
Terry fell into deep depression and planned to kill himself, but God intervened. What happened next is nothing short of miraculous. Upon visiting his burned-out property, Terry noticed a scorched scrap of paper from one of his wife’s books leaning against a tree trunk.  The page read: “God, I couldn’t understand why You would take my family and leave me behind to struggle along without them. And I guess I still don’t totally understand that part of it. But I do believe that You’re sovereign; You’re in control.” That page was like a direct message from God, and it turned Terry’s life around. Now, one year later, Terry is remarried, the adoptive father of two young sons, and working to rebuild his relationship with his 17-year-old daughter, who is currently serving two life sentences in a Texas state penitentiary for her involvement in the crimes.

Terror by Night tells the compelling story of how Terry Caffey found peace after his wife and sons were brutally murdered and his teenage daughter implicated in the crime. Sharing never-before-told details about the night of the crime and subsequent murder trial, it explains how Terry was able to forgive the men who murdered his family, and how he even interceded with the prosecutors on their behalf. A powerful example of how the power of forgiveness can bring healing after tragedy and great loss, it shows how God can bring good out of even the darkest tragedies.


Wow, I cried and was so hurt for this father. I really think that everyone should read this book. Is there someone. in your life that you need to forgive? This father forgave and went on to tell everyone the LORD loves us no matter what and is right there carrying us through the storm. I could not put this book down! I read it in a few hours and it really has touched me. I plan to read it again whenever I wonder where the LORD is when I need him most! A super book about forgiveness and strong faith!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Review of Something Blue

Life is going well for Megan. She’s always wanted to marry a missionary and now she’s working with Chance, a charming and daring missionary pilot. Then Micah Zimmerman moves into her parent’s home as a pastoral candidate for their Conservative Mennonite church—and he doesn’t look anything like the gawky young man who had a crush on her in college. As Megan struggles with her own personal identity and faith, she begins to see the true difference between Chance and Micah. Will her insight come too late, or is there still time to find the hero of her dreams?

About the Author

Dianne Christner lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Her Mennonite background brings authenticity to her new contemporary series about the plain people. Before this, she had several historical fictions published. Dianne is a member of Romance Writers of America, American Christian Fiction Writers, Christian Writers of the West, and National Association of Professional Women. She invites you to visit her website and blog.


After a very looooooooong wait, I finally got book three in the Plain City Bridemaids series. It was so worth the wait. I really enjoyed catching up with all of the characters from the first two books. This is a book where you are reading and you really think you are right there in the middle of the story. Just wait until you get to the end of the book! It turns out perfect! I LOVED this final book of the Plain City Bridesmaids series. I give this book FIVE STARS. I cannot wait to see what comes next from Dianne Christner.

Her website:http://diannechristner.net/

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Interview and Book Giveaway of The Amish Knitting Circle

Why did you choose this Genre?
Well, I feel this genre chose me. I’ve lived among the Amish for so long, when I started to write a novel, it was natural. I was going through a hard time a few years back, and imagined if I lived across the street from my Amish friend, Lydia, what would it be like? We live a half-hour away, but what if we were neighbors? Lydia was experiencing grief, losing a sister-in-law to a heart attack, and I’d just lost my mom and two cousins. So, for therapy, I started writing Knit Together: An Amish Knitting Novel, calling Lydia “Katie” and me, “Ginny”.  It’s very semi-autobiographical. When I was 15,000 words into the novel, I met my agent, Joyce Hart, as a bookstore just gabbing about Amish fiction. I told her I was writing an Amish novel and after a few months of talking, she took me on as a client. I was floored, and as I wrote the rest of the novel, it was very therapeutic.  

What is your favorite Bible verse?
The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me, for the Lord has anointed me      to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted      and to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed. Isaiah 61:1 (NLT2)
This verse is just full of hope. I first started meditating on it when my dad passed away, on Christmas Day, sixteen years ago. I was brokenhearted and clung to this scripture. At first I focused on He came to comfort the brokenhearted and then I started to see how Christ wants to set captives free. So, my husband and I started getting involved with poverty ministry. We’ve been volunteer advocates for Compassion International for thirteen years now. Third world poverty is cruel, especially to children, and we hope to make a difference…to see these children set free through knowing Christ’s love and meeting their basic needs. 

Besides entertainment, what do you hope readers will take away from your books?
My greatest hope for my book though is people will realize you don’t have to be Amish to be happy. I have a town full of people, half Amish and half English, similar to the town I lived in in Upstate NY. We saw people wanting to turn Amish, and Amish wanting to be English.

I came to realize that peace is found in Christ alone. But lately, the Amish have been bombarded by folks who ask, “How can I become Amish?” Here’s advice one Amish man put in the Budget, an Amish newspaper:
“If you admire our faith, strengthen yours. If you admire our sense of commitment, deepen yours. If you admire our community spirit, build your own. If you admire the simple life, cut back. If you admire deep character and enduring values, live them yourself. “
I put this quote in Knit Together, and show how Ginny and James Rowland change their life radically after following this advice. So I show a family who doesn’t turn Amish, but gleans a lot from them. I hope readers can do the same.

What sparked your decision to journey down the adventurous path of writing?
My seventh grade teacher, Mrs. Polk, had me come to the front of the class and read my poem, “Spring”. I was hooked after that. I started writing songs, playing them as I strummed my guitar at Christian coffeehouses in the 80’s and at church. I still enjoy writing poems…

What are your hobbies other than writing?
Music’s always been a big part of my life. I play the flute, guitar and got a mandolin that I don’t have time right now to learn how to play. But living rural, my husband and I enjoy having family and friends over for bonfires and picnics. I love to knit and crochet, too. I’ll be a granny soon, so I’m crocheting a baby blanket. But I just can’t seem to write enough. It’s so much fun!

Are you writing anything right now? Can you tell us about that?
Well, I write continuing shorts. They’re novelette size, being 35-40 pages. Amish Friends Knitting Circle is out every three weeks, and it’s about Granny Weaver’s knitting circle made up of Amish and their English friends. I’m also writing a series of stand-alone Amish Knitting Novels. Knit Together and The Amish Doll are done, and I’m working on a novel about a female Amish herbalist. I write from experiences, and an Amish friend of mine is an herbalist. In the novel, Anna will knit shawls for terminally ill patients who come into the shop she shares with her father…but of course, it’ll be a love story too. 

Tell the readers where they can keep up with you, your website or blog.
You can reach me at www.karenannavogel.com or my blog Amish Crossings at www.karenannavogel.blogspot.com Karen Anna Vogel-Amish Knitting Circle on Facebook as well. 

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Review of Secrets to Parenting Your Adult Child by Nancy Williams

Parenting doesn't stop when the children grow up, and the nest doesn't always empty when or how parents thought it would. The role changes, but the sense of responsibility continues. Licensed counselor and life coach Nancy Williams draws from professional and personal experience, and also brings in the perspectives of young adults to guide readers in building healthy relationships with adult children. Her insight, encouragement, and advice will help readers navigate everything from prolonged adolescence and boundary struggles to disappointing choices our children make.

About the Author
Nancy Williams, MEd, LPC, is a licensed professional counselor and trained life coach. She speaks frequently in both professional and church contexts and is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. Nancy and her husband live in Austin and are the parents of two adult children.

My Review
If you are a parent of an adult child this is a must read!! I know what you are thinking another self-help book for parents, well this is a super read for your newest parenting challenge it gives you tons of information to help you  deal with that challenge. I got this book just as I was dealing with a challenge, and it really was a huge help. Nancy gives you verses from God's word to help serve as a guide and for encouragement.

This is a must read for parents of adult children!  

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Review of Abby Finds Her Calling by Naomi King

The Lambright family's eldest daughter, Abby, runs her own sewing shop. There, she mends the town's clothes and their torn relationships. But the town maidel has sworn off any suitors of her own because of her unrequited love for James Graber, who is about to marry her younger sister, Zanna...

On the wedding day, Zanna is nowhere to be found, breaking James' heart. Zanna has brought shame to her family, but there's more in store for them when they discover how far she has fallen. Long-buried secrets come to light, and they test the bonds of the Cedar Creek community. Abby is at the center of it all, trying to maintain everyone's happiness. But will she ever find her own?


Readers you all know by now, I really LOVE Amish books so when I got this new book by a new Amish author I could not be happier. Naomi King is a voice to be reckoned with in the Amish book world. She told a remarkable story unlike any Amish book I have read lately. I could not put the book down. This book touched my heart from the very first to the very last chapter. I cannot wait for book two in the series.

About the Author

Naomi King is a deacon, a dedicated church musician, and choir member, and when she's not writing, she loves to travel, try new recipes, crochet, and sew. She lives in St. Paul, MN.

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Something Different! Bible Study from the Book of Ruth By Sheryl Pellatiro

Tell us about Ruth from tragedy to triumph.....
The story of Ruth is about tragedy turned into triumph. It is also a great love story. When Elimelech and his family arrived in Moab, Ruth had no idea that her marriage into this Israelite family would be the beginning of new things, both good and bad. In a very short time, Ruth’s whole world came crashing down as the family she grew to love would be torn apart by death and uncertainty. In the end, though, God was setting things up for a greater purpose. The story of Ruth is packed with eternal truths.

How did your faith play into your writing this study?
Studying the Old Testament , watching it come to life, and seeing God’s redemptive purposes being fulfilled is one way that my faith always soars to new levels. Some people do not see the relevance of the book of Ruth in the fuller picture. But, as I researched this little story and wrote this Bible study, I began to understand that God strategically placed Ruth’s story within the chronicles of Scripture so that you and I can see that God was at work all the way back then, and that His plans continue today.

How long have you been writing Bible studies?
I have been writing Bible studies for almost twenty years.

Why did you start writing Bible studies?
God began to show me the power of His Word and its relevance to our lives the first year of Bible College. After I got married and my kids were little, I was invited to my first in-depth Precept Bible class at my church. It seemed that God put a deep hunger within my spirit for HIS Word and I just couldn’t get enough. After 3 years of attending a Precept Bible class, I knew that God was calling me to teach a Bible study at my church. As I began to look in the Christian market for studies, I couldn’t find any that seemed right for the ladies under my teaching. So, I began to write my own studies.

What do you hope readers will learn while doing this Bible study?
I hope that readers will love Ruth’s story as much as I have. I hope that the topics discussed in each chapter will unveil greater truths through God’s Word and that each participant will gain valuable insight for their own lives.

What is your favorite Bible Verse and why?
That is a hard question to answer as I have many favorite verses. Probably right now, I would say Philippians 1:21: “For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” I am currently teaching my latest Bible study on the Bride of Christ, which is all about our Bridegroom’s return, our future home, our inheritance waiting for us, and the future wedding all of God’s Bride will participate in. Therefore, this verse has a two-fold impact on my life – I want to live every moment of every day to bring glory to my King, but I also want to keep my eyes focused on my eternal life because it is far better than anything we have here.

Do you have a website where readers can get to know you better? Where can they get a copy of this study? 
All my Bible studies and any information about me can be found on my web site: www.solidtruthministries.com.

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An Inspirational Movie Based on Tragic Real Life Events

I have read both of Jackie Carpenter's books and was incredibly moved by them. I really hope people will run and pick up copies to read, then please go see the movie. Thanks for supporting her. Please take a moment and LIKE the movie page on facebook:


Jackie Carpenter: Businesswoman, Volunteer and Reluctant Author

Jackie Carpenter never intended to become an author; and neither did she ever expect to be a resource for persons facing a crisis in life. But Jackie took the crisis in her life, and subsequent miracle, and wove it into a dramatic and heart-wrenching story – The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91; and the Reluctant Author followed up with still another book - Georgia Justice: Journey To Faith – a remarkable guide on how to build faith when overcome by doubt, depression and tragic events.  These two dynamic books are currently being produced into the Motion Picture – A Cry For Justice!  Jackie continues to work as Office Mgr. in her husband Larry’s Medical Imaging Company while juggling Radio and Television Interviews and continuing to follow God in His plan for her to develop a Movie geared toward building faith in children; The Mustard Seed Kids (also centered around Psalm 91)

Selections From The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is
Psalm 91 &  Georgia Justice “Journey To Faith”

  • Jason is my youngest son, and has been building houses for the past eight years. In this particular subdivision he had approximately eight houses under construction and in this one week had been robbed of copper in three of these houses.  Every time one of these houses was robbed it cost Jason approximately $6,000. This was not good considering we were already in a down economy.
  • Jason was told by the deputy that he was legally allowed to have a firearm, he was legally allowed to hold the suspect at gunpoint, and he was also legally allowed to detain the suspect (by binding their hands and feet) until the police arrived. Jason was told not to shoot anyone and to wait for the police to arrive.
  • At about 7:00 a.m. I had drifted off to sleep when the phone rang. I felt sure it was either Stephanie or my parents calling to let us know everything was fine and under control.
  • Instead it was Stephanie screaming and crying into the phone. I will never forget the sound of her voice and what she said for the rest of my life: “Jackie, the man died, Jason has been arrested, taken to jail and charged with felony murder. They may arrest my daddy also!”
  • I didn’t know what to expect since I had never been inside the county jail. It was divided into pods, with a pod representing the worst of the worst. I refer to it as “Cell Block A.” That is where they had placed my son.
  • Deputy Jones had set Jason up to take the fall for himself, because he should never have advised Jason to take the law into his own hands, and because Jason took the deputy’s advice, somebody died.
  • I was at the CVS pharmacy when I noticed a paperback book on the stand: Psalm 91: God’s Shield of Protection.  I bought the book, took it home and started reading. The more I read, and the more I moved my life into the Book of Psalms, the more I began to live in a different way. The strength that I survived on was not my own. Jackie died that Monday night after the preliminary hearing. The resurrected Jackie was now living “under the shadow of the wings of the almighty.”
  • No matter how discouraged I got, God reminded me that He was bigger than the situation. Once God reminded me of the following: “I created the whole world in six days, and on the seventh day I was finished so I just rested. So do you think this problem with Jason is so enormous that I can’t straighten it out?” It became so real to me that no matter what man did God could do more! I realized that I needed to have faith in the unseen and not the seen.
  • The only place that I could deal with this was in my Prayer Closet where I literally had to hook up to Psalm 91 for Life Support. God tells us in Psalm 91 that we do not have to be afraid of the “Terror by Night”!
  • We just left the attorneys office Jason said. They went over some things concerning Court on Monday. They wanted me to tell you “make sure that you do not bring your Bible to Court on Monday, because if there is a Juror who is a non-believer they might use that opinion alone and send me to prison!”
  • As Jason sat in cell Block A and we sat in Jason’s living room with swollen eyes and heavy hearts, it was such a relief when Ron (Jason’s Attorney) walked into the room; but as I saw the look on his face I knew immediately I did not want to hear what he had to say!
  • The phone rang. As I picked it up I was quite sure it was my dad calling to let us know that everything was fine, but it was not my dad; it was my daughter-in-law Steph telling me Jason had been arrested for Felony Murder!


Release Date
November 2012


Triple Horse Studios, Gift Box Productions

Plot Outline
When her son Jason (Drew Matthews) is falsely accused of murder, Jackie Carpenter (Francine Locke) fights against the odds to free her son; but when the prosecution (Sandra W. Van Natta) seeks a life sentence, Jackie’s life spins into turmoil sending her on a difficult journey of wavering faith, tentative hope, and ultimate victory.

Based on a true story, "A Cry for Justice" will put your faith on trial as the journey of Jackie Carpenter bridges the gap between Cell Block A and a miracle.

Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival, 2012 (Second Place, Script Competition)
Peachtree Village International Film Festival, 2012 (Finalist, Screenplay Competition)

Francine Locke, Drew Matthews, Kelsi Chandler, Sandra W. Van Natta, Cameron Arnett

Directed By
Michael McClendon

Written By
Jackie Carpenter

Screenplay   By
Michael McClendon

2nd Book Georgia Justice
               Am I dying?  I feel as if I am suffocating and choking on my own tears, in my own bed.  I must be having a nightmare!  But how can that be because I am not asleep? 
    As I tried to sit up I had such shortness of breath, my palms were sweating, and my fingers and toes were numb. I did not want to wake up Larry.  You see this is not the first time this has happened.  This has been going on now for several months. This has become normal for me.
     I tried to climb out of the bed without making any noise.  I was able to get down to the floor and back onto my knees down beside my bed.  This was the place I had to get to in order to make the nightmare go away, and to be able to breathe normally again.  For you see this is where I knelt before the Lord and prayed for strength.  Strength that I always thought I had, but when tragedy struck, all strength was gone.
   I was not praying for strength to get me through the tragedy, I was praying for strength to help me crawl from the bed into my Prayer Closet.  If I could just make it that far without dying, then I knew once I got there I would be safe from Satan.
     I crept from the bedroom, thru the darkness where I soon saw the little “night light”” that helped guide me along the way into the Prayer Closet.  Once in there all I had the energy to say was “here I am again Lord”.   Plug me in to Life Support, and he would gently take me by the hand, and guide my eyes along his Word, until “peace came back”, my breathing slowed down, I refocused my thinking, and I was once again able to return to bed.

Basic Info

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Review of The Widow of Saunders Creek by Tracey Bateman

A grief that knows no boundary.
A love without any limit.

A need that doesn’t end at death.

Corrie Saunders grew up in a life of privilege. But she gave it all up for Jarrod, her Army husband, a man she knew was a hero when she vowed to spend her life with him. She just didn’t expect her hero to sacrifice his life taking on an Iraqi suicide bomber. 

Six months after Jarrod’s death, Corrie retreats to the family home her husband inherited deep in the Missouri Ozarks. She doesn’t know how to live without Jarrod—she doesn’t want to. By moving to Saunders Creek and living in a house beloved by him, she hopes that somehow her Jarrod will come back to her.

Something about the house suggests maybe he has. Corrie begins to wonder if she can feel Jarrod’s presence.

Jarrod’s cousin Eli is helping Corrie with the house’s restoration and he knows that his dead cousin is not what Corrie senses. Eli, as a believing man and at odds with his mystically-oriented family members, thinks friendly visits from beyond are hogwash.  But he takes spirits with dark intentions seriously. Can he convince Corrie that letting go of Jarrod will lead to finding her footing again— and to the One she can truly put her faith into?

About the Author

Tracey Bateman lives in the Missouri Ozarks with her husband and family. With more than thirty novels in print, including Thirsty and Tandem, Tracey spends all her time telling tales, creating characters, and dreaming of other worlds.

My Review

I have never read anything by Tracey Bateman before, so I did not know what to expect. Well let me tell you this book was creatively written and unlike any other Christian fiction book that I have read. I found this book to be a one of a kind read. Once I got started reading I could not put it down until I finished the very last page. This is a book about healing, love, forgiveness, grief all rolled in to one very good story. I recommend this book. 4 stars for sure.

I received this book from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group

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Two book giveaway!!

How does your faith play into your writing?
This is a question I have had to answer many times.  I did not start out with the plan to write a Christian novel.    I had read other Christian fiction where everyone was either perfect, went to church all the time and had no real problems, or I felt like I was being preached to by someone who had a grudge against humanity. (Not that all Christian fiction is like that, of course, but that was my feeling at the time.) I didn’t want my novel to be like that.  I wanted to write a story with romance, suspense, and intrigue, one I would not be embarrassed to let my daughter read. However, as I began to write Second Chance, I simply could not have my characters go through the anger, fear, loss and uncertainty they were facing without turning to the Lord.  Second Chance is listed as romantic suspense.  When I wrote Third Time Around I was more comfortable in my skin as a Christian author.  It is listed as Christian fiction.  I want my readers to enjoy a great story, but to also come away with an understanding of Christ’s unfailing love and the peace that only he can bring.

What is your favorite Bible verse and why?
I honestly can’t say I have a favorite.  There are so many I have clung to at different times in my life.  The scripture I write whenever I sign a copy of Second Chance is Ephesians 3:16-21.  Since it is a long passage, I will quote 17b-18, “And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ.”  When I sign a copy of Third Time Around, I use Isaiah 26:12, “Lord you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us.”  These verses speak to the themes in each book.  In Second Chance, we see that no matter what, Christ loves us and wants a relationship with us.  In Third Time Around, we realize that true peace comes from Christ.

What is the most important thing you hope that readers take away from your books?
“And these three remain, faith, hope, and love.  But the greatest of these is love.”

Are you writing anything right now?
I am currently working on two books.  One is a prequel to Second Chance.  It is titled First Impression, and focuses on the eldest sibling, Jaden Summers.  The story begins with the parents’ plane crash.  The other work is a sequel to an historical romance I have written but not yet published.  I am actually doing a blog event where I answer specific questions about these two WIP on my blog each week.
You can check it out at www.karinaharrisauthor.com/-blog.html.
Tell us you favorite part in Second Chance?
Hmm.  Again, there are many.  But there is one scene at the hotel in Portugal where Avalin and Ian discuss the case.  (Ian shares a room with Avalin’s brother Quinn. Avalin has an adjoining room.) They are just realizing their attraction to each other, but are trying to play it cool.  Ian is so distracted he walks out of the hotel room without his shoes on.  I chuckle every time because it’s so uncharacteristic of in-control, professional, Special Agent in charge, Ian Martin. And in Third Time Around?  It would be such a spoiler to really explain it!  This won’t make sense to anyone who hasn’t read the book, but I will say the misunderstanding when they are in Peru, Emma’s reaction to it, and how Quinn eases her fear.  That is definitely a favorite.  Also when they are at the cafĂ©, and Quinn leans over to ask Emma if she’s told anyone about what happened.  And then there’s…okay, sorry.  I’ll stop now.

As you researched your books did you learn anything that touched your heart?
Not really.  The researching I did was along the lines of the FBI and what type of cases they work, the instances in which they might work with a case overseas, the jurisdiction of INTERPOL, and great cities in Europe.  Not exactly the type of thing that touches the heart, but I have added to my list of places I want to visit one day.

I am a dog lover, Tell us about your pets if any....
Currently we have two pets.  Sam is a golden lab and technically belongs to my son.  We have a cat named Gwynevere.  She is a corat and belongs to me.

What is your favorite comfort food and why?
In the summer, its ice cream.  In the winter, its potato soup.  No particular reason other than great taste and comfort

Do you have a blog or website where readers can contact you?
Yes!  My website is www.karinaharrisauthor.com.  You will find my blog here as well.  I also belong to a group of ladies who post on various subjects each day of the week.  This site is called Sisters in Cahoots.  The website for it is www.thepriceoftrust.com.  My contribution is on Thursdays with tips on writing well.

Author Biography
Although my parents were southerners, I was born in San Rafael, California; a fact my southern husband loves to reiterate (his getting to marry a "California girl").

I grew up overseas, primarily in India and Thailand. Although I only spent five years in Thailand, it is the home of my heart! I don't know if it is the extreme emotion that seem inherent with teenage angst in my memories or simply the beauty of the land and people that cause this to be so.

After graduating from the International School Bangkok in 1989, I returned to the US, and Alabama, to attend college. I met and married a true-blooded southern boy (something I vowed never to do as a world-traveled teen) and continue to live in his (an my parents') hometown of Albertville. We have two lovely children who make me smile daily.

I have been an elementary school teacher for 15 years; a passion that is renewed every summer!

The publication of "Second Chance" was a dream come true; the writing of this first novel was the only New Year's Resolution I have ever kept. I hope you will give it a try and enjoy the story of Avalin and Ian.

Review of A Sister's Forgiveness by Anna Schmidt & Book Giveaway!

Could you forgive someone who killed your child? Jeannie must, to preserve her family. Sisters Emma and Jeannie are best friends, and so are their teenage daughters Sadie and Tessa. But when a tragic accident results in Tess’s death—and Sadie is responsible—both families are devastated. Each sister must find a way from heartbreak and anguish to solace and forgiveness—but is there anything to be salvaged from a world that lies in ruins?

Anna Schmidt has three times (including this year) been a finalist for the coveted RITA award for romance fiction and has twice before been recognized by Romantic Times magazine with their Reviewer's Choice Award.

My Review

Is this a good book about forgiveness? This book has a very different plot different from a lot of Amish/Mennonite books. I had a hard time with the book being written from six different points of view which made it drag on and on. It was such a sad story I got depressed while reading it. I learned a few things about the Mennonites that I did not know before reading this book and I loved the fact that it took place in Pinecraft.

To order the book go here: http://www.booksbyanna.com/books.php 

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Interview with Ruthie Lewis - Author of Fireflies



Tell us your favorite part in Fireflies
That’s so hard because I like different scenes for different reasons, but one I love is the snow angel scene with Charla and little Nicky. It’s short and sweet, but I love it.  I think my favorite would have to be the ending; it’s unique and so powerful.

What do you hope readers will take away from Fireflies?
I realize everyone will take away different things, but my hope from the beginning has been that women will realize that they have a passion they were meant live out; that they were created to be who they are, which has nothing to do with the roles they play; that it’s okay to live what they are called to live instead of all the should’s that come from everyone else.  I pray they will clearly see the degree to which they are living a life of “have-to /supposed-to” while their inner light is dying.  We as women need to take a very introspective look at the lies we believe.  This is a dangerous subject for me to get into!  You will get me going real quick!

How does Faith play into your writing?
For me, faith is a part of life, whether you have it or not.  People describe their faith in all different ways, and I believe faith is highly misunderstood.  My reasons for writing have everything to do with provoking people to ask themselves tough questions about their faith and to see it as a growing thing.  Faith is NOT just a belief in God.  Faith is the opposite of fear – and as you know which is a subject addressed in “Fireflies.  Faith and fear are opposites, which must mean it is a choice.  And if the most repeated words of Jesus were “fear not”, it must be a choice. True faith is what gives you the strength to walk through fire, to stand up for the truth even if it could cost you everything.  That’s why our faith is constantly tested – it forces us to ask ourselves what we really believe.  You’re good! This is another subject that could really get me going.

What are your hobbies other than writing?
I wish I had time for other hobbies, but writing, speaking and life coaching just don’t leave any room.  I do make “me” time a priority, but the little that there is, I read or hang out with family and friends.  I love to travel, there’s just not much time to do it.  If I did have a hobby, it would be scrapbooking and other crafts.  I love creativity.

What movie has inspired you the most?
Well, there’s many, mostly about strong women who overcame incredible difficulties.  If you’re expecting a movie with a religious message, that’s not it, because religion has nothing to do with spirituality and living the light inside you, what you were created for – I could write a book about that alone.  One of my favorite movies is “Eat, Pray, Love”, not because I aspire to everything in the movie, but because of the courage of Liz - played by Julia Roberts - to completely change her life because she knew it was a long way from where she knew she needed to be and because it involves my dream of traveling.  If you haven’t seen it, she travels for a year to Italy, India and Bali, living in each country for four months.  What an adventure! All of us dream of doing something crazy like that but very few step out in courage and do it.

What is your favorite book?
Oh my, I’ve read all my life, so that’s nearly impossible.  There’s so many, but I suppose it would have to be a non-fiction because as much as I love novels, I’m a Life Coach and have read so many non-fiction books about women’s issues and why people make the choices they do and there are some that have changed my life.  One would be “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers.  Another would be “Boundaries” by Henry Cloud, not as much because it’s a favorite, but because I meet few women that truly know how to draw boundaries.  I recommend both these of these books a lot.  You can find a list of recommended books on my website: www.RuthieLewis.com

What is your favorite comfort food?
That would have to be a great pot pie, or beans and cornbread.

I am a big dog lover, tell us about your pets if any.
When my kids were younger, we had a terrier/collie named Taz – very appropriately named as it turned out.  The story behind Taz is one I love.  My son, Josh and I were at Wal Mart and someone was in front of the store trying to get rid of puppies, and of course, Josh had to stop and hold one.  Josh’s puppy eyes reigned as we shopped, begging me to keep one; he’d picked out the cutest.  I explained he would have to be responsible for it and went through all he would have to do and then I left the decision up to him.  Back out front, we stopped and played with the puppies again and I asked Josh what he thought.  With a sad face, he said he didn’t know if he could take care of him, which surprised me, because kids promise the world for a new puppy. As we slowly walked away, big gator tears rolled down his cheeks. 

What are you writing now?
There is a sequel to “Fireflies” and most people are saying “yeah!”, telling me there HAS to be one.  But because I’m a Life Coach, I also have a non-fiction I’m really anxious to finish, so I’m struggling with which one to finish next.

Do you have a website or blog where readers can find you?
I do have a website and blog: www.RuthieLewis.com.
I’m also on facebook/LetYourGlowShow; twitter @RuthieLewisGlow, and LinkedIn