Monday, December 31, 2012

The Moses Quilt By Kathy Macias

The Moses Quilt is a contemporary novel that bridges racial and generational divides. With a realistic and compassionate look into a twenty-first-century dilemma, multiple award-winning author Kathi Macias introduces readers to a confused and apprehensive young woman, Mazie Hartford. Facing major decisions about the love of her life and her future, she must also wrestle with a nagging question about her family's past. She finds the answer to her questions in a most unexpected way—her great-grandmother's Moses quilt. As her great-grandmother begins to explain how each patch represents a story of courage and freedom, Mazie must decide if she has the courage and freedom to overcome her own personal fears and prejudices.
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Award-winning author Kathi Macias has written nearly 35 books, including the “Extreme Devotion” series, Beyond Me, How Can I Run a Tight Ship When I’m Surrounded by Loose Cannons?, Mothers of the Bible Speak to Mothers of Today, the best-selling devotional A Moment a Day, and the popular “Matthews” mystery novels. Kathi has written commentary for Thomas Nelson’s Spirit-Filled Life Bible (Student Edition); was part of the devotional writing team for Zondervan’s New Women’s Devotional Bible; and has ghostwritten for several prominent individuals including Josh McDowell; former NFL player Rosey Grier; and the late chaplain of the United States Senate, Richard Halverson. An avid writer, Kathi has published numerous devotionals, articles, short stories, and poems in various periodicals. The readership of her weekly devotionals has grown into the hundreds of thousands, being picked up by the Christian Civic League, Black Christian News, Latino Christian News, Christians in Recovery, and
A former judge for the Christy Awards, which recognize Christian novels of excellence, Kathi has won numerous awards herself. These awards include the Angel Award from Excellence in Media, a Hollywood-based organization set up to improve the moral and ethical content of films, television shows, books, etc.; fiction awards from the San Diego Christian Writers Guild; Golden Scroll Novel of the Year (Red Ink), Carol Award finalist (Red Ink), 2011 Author of the Year from, and the grand prize in an international writing contest. A former newspaper columnist and string reporter, Kathi now serves as a staff member for the Christian Communicator Manuscript Critique Service and spiritual advisor to the Christian Authors Network. She has also appeared on several radio and TV programs.

A popular speaker for women’s retreats, conferences, and churches, Kathi has taught creative writing and business writing in various venues; and has served on staff at a large church in Southern California, where she participated in biblical counseling, trained small-group leaders, and oversaw support/recovery ministries. With women’s ministry as her primary interest, Kathi also loves reaching out to others through various prison and homeless ministries. Passionate about praying for and aiding the persecuted church around the world, Kathi is a mother and grandmother and currently resides with her husband, Al, in California.

 I had such high expectations for Kathi's next book after reading her Christmas book. Boy she did not let me down, she has a real knack for writing books that grip your heart.
This is a series that you do NOT want to miss. I could not put the book down it was so good, I had to know what Mimi was going to tell about the Moses quilt next, I drank in every word she spoke to Mazie and Edward.
I Highly recommend this read, if you have never read a book by Kathi you will be a huge fan for life after reading this book.
5 Stars was just not enough for this book.
I was given a copy by the author

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Extraordinary Giving By Daniel Evans

Ask yourself this question; am I really ready for the new and better, because it will change all that I am accustomed to? If you are ready, then you will have to trust God and be ready to move ahead with Him. The best thing about trusting Him is, He will never leave you behind. He will go with you through whatever you have to endure, because He wants the best for you. Cornelius looked beyond the normal of that day and believed God. A Jew having fellowship with a Gentile, much less entering into his house, was definitely not the norm for that day and time. If God said a Jew would come to him and enter his home, then Cornelius had no problem believing it would happen. Cornelius' praying and giving got him through his challenges to the new and better. Giving is the heart of God. So crawl up into the Father’s lap, listen to His heart, and you will hear His heart say, ‘give!’ With the right motives, givers will produce givers. Spending time with God in prayer will produce the right motives. He will speak to you and if you are at the point spiritually to know His voice, He will share His will, His character, and His love with you. This will create the right motives in your heart. Giving has no limitations. If we take God out of the box, what do you think He could do through us in the form of giving? Our minds limit giving in the same way we limit God. Giving of love, possessions, money, time and mercy, is God in action through man. God is the ultimate giver! Practice extraordinary giving by praying and then listening for God's directions for your giving!
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Daniel W. Evans and his organization Divine Touch / Daniel Evans Ministries is an international organization that has a campus in Kothapeta, India and has on-going ministry partner efforts in China, Liberia, Kenya, Haiti and Romania. Daniel is the president and founder of Divine Touch and author of several books. The latest of these books are 'Your Guide to 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting' and 'Extraordinary Giving.' His international travels has included crusades to tens of thousands, pastors' conferences, church meetings, revivals and large community events. He is also an associate pastor at his church in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina. Daniel has traveled in many areas of the United States and has worked extensively in the local community through his home church. His anointed preaching and teaching has drawn many to the Father's heart through salvation, healing and revelation. He is a strong advocate of prayer and fasting and helping others in need as the Holy Spirit directs him. He has a series of 14 guides around the subject of prayer and fasting. Daniel is an author, pastor, evangelist, conference and keynote speaker, and a community leader. Since Daniel was called into the ministry in 1982 he has used whatever means the Lord made available to share his knowledge and revelation to the Body of Christ and to the lost. He has also given many extraordinary sermons and teachings over radio in several states and TV in North Carolina. He has thirty-one years of business experience as the founder of a successful family business and twenty-eight years of experience as an evangelist and a pastor. All of these years were shared together which has given him much experience with leadership skills and working with people. Now that Daniel is full-time in ministry he is sharing his leadership experience during his international travels and here in the states. His dynamic and motivational speaking style has attracted many to listen to his powerful sermons, informative teaching and inspirational keynote speaking. He teaches others how they can be enjoying life with purpose.
This is a life changing book. I challenge you to pick up a copy today and see if your life does not change for the better. You can NEVER out give God, see what Danny has to say about that in this 5 star book.
I highly recommend this book.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Missy Cat By Kathy Purdy

Missy Cat in the Heart of the Tree is a Christmas story about a curious cat who climbs into a brightly lit Christmas tree and lands in the stable with Mary, Joseph and The Baby Jesus. We see the Nativity through Missy's eyes. This beautifully illustrated book is written by Kathy Hinchee Purdy and Illustrated by Ron Sumner.
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Kathy received Christ as her Savior at the age of eleven, and has taught Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, as well as Good News Clubs through Child Evangelism Fellowship for many years. She attended Piedmont Bible College in North Carolina and taught elementary school as well as preschool. She and her husband John reside in Lynchburg, Virginia with their three sweet but mischievous cats.
Kathy is a dear friend and she loves the Lord and she loves her cats.
This is such a cute book.  Why not pick up a copy for your kids or grandkids to read together tonight before bed.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stories of Faith and Courage From Prison By Compiled By Connie Cameron GIVEAWAY!

This inspirational book is a collection of true stories laid out in a daily format; one per day for 365 days. Each story will tell about a work of God in the lives of those who have experienced some aspect of prison. A single scripture verse will accompany each writing, pointing to the hope and truth found in God’s word.
While incarcerated, many inmates spiritually hit bottom and come face-to-face with the choices they have made. Thankfully, God uses Christian volunteers, prison chaplains, family members, outside friends, Christian pen pals, and other inmates, to share His love and truth with the lost behind bars. Regardless of how they are offered hope, inmate’s testimonies, along with their daily walk challenges, are moving and inspirational.
You will read amazing stories including that of Brandon, a prisoner who had a prayer warrior mother, and was also visited by a Christian volunteer. Brandon came to Christ while incarcerated, and witnessed constant gang activity behind bars, including preying upon the youth on the outside. Since his release, Brandon often risks his life in his ministry of intervening in the lives of youth who are at risk to become involved in gang activity.
The battle for the souls of inmates is fierce. One female prisoner said, “When I first arrived at prison in 2002, Christianity was openly practiced and Satanic practices were underground. Now it is just the opposite.” This inspirational book will remind Christians of their admonishment by Jesus to visit the imprisoned, to pray for them, and to share the gospel with them (Matthew 25:36). These collective, true stories will especially touch those who are uncomfortable with prison ministry, helping them to develop compassion for the shunned souls of society.
Pick up a copy here
Connie (Sturm) Cameron is a newspaper columnist, freelance writer, and author. Her hundreds of published writings include several Chicken Soup for the Soul titles, Reader’s Digest, and The War Cry. Dozens of her published works were compiled into her first book, God’s Gentle Nudges: Inspi­rational Stories of How God Lovingly Leads us Closer to Him.
Connie is a speaker and has been inter­viewed on television and radio. She was a featured author in The Christian Commu­nicator and an instructor for the American Christian Writers Conference. As an active board member of the Licking County Jail Ministry, Connie also enjoys visiting, speak­ing to, and writing female inmates. She resides in Glenford, Ohio, with her husband Chuck. Together they have 3 grown chil­dren and 4 grandchildren.

This was such an inspirational book. It has 365 very short stories one for each day of the year. Some of the stories are very moving.
Connie Cameron collected and put all of the stories together in a devotion type format for us to enjoy.
If you are looking for something short to read each morning this may be your book.
I was given a copy of this book from the author, Thank you Connie

Friday, December 21, 2012

Make A Wish By Marlayne Giron Giveaway!

An inspirational collection of short stories written for people as gifts granting their dearest wishes. Each story has an introductory biographical paragraph on who the story is written for and why.
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Marlayne Giron is a wife and mother living in Orange County, California. She currently works as a part-time career secretary and enjoys cooking for her family every night, scrapbooking, making high teas, and entertaining.

I love this book, not because I have a story of my own it but because in this day and time in our world it it so nice to get away and dream.
Marlayne writes wishes for people and gives them hope and inspires them.
This is a book that is a super gift to give friends and family.
All of the stories in this books will make you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy when you are reading them.
I was given a copy of this book by the author
To be entered in the GIVEAWAY you must anwser this question, If you could have one wish what would it be?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

For Love of Eli By Loree Lough GIVEAWAY!

When unspeakable tragedy leaves young Eli an orphan, two families are devastated. But Taylor, Eli’s aunt and legal guardian, vows to help him remember his parents by creating a Memory Quilt. As she begins piecing together the moments of his parents' lives, the story of the young family emerges and Taylor and Eli begin to heal. But Eli’s uncle Reece is slow to let go of the past and still blames Taylor’s brother for his sister’s death. So, although he has long been attracted to Taylor, Reece keeps a safe distance away. Can their shared love for Eli pave the way to forgiveness or will Taylor and Reece be separated by pain?
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Bestselling author LOREE LOUGH once sang for her supper, performing all across the U.S. and Canada. Now and then, she blows the dust from her 6-string to croon a tune or two, but mostly, she just writes (88 novels that earned hundreds of industry and "Readers' Choice" awards and 4- and 5-star reviews).
Loree enjoys sharing learned-the-hard-way lessons about the craft and the industry; her comedic approach makes her a favorite lecturer for writers' organizations, book clubs, private and government institutions, and college and high school writing programs in the U.S. and abroad.
A writer who believes in giving back, Loree dedicates a generous portion of her income to favorite charities. (Click the "Giving Back" tab at
Loree and her real-life hero split their time between a home in the Baltimore suburbs and a cabin in the Allegheny Mountains, where she loves showing off her "identify the critter tracks" skills.
Well Loree has done it again, she has wrote an outstanding book for the Quilts of Love series.
As most of you already know, I am a big fan of Loree and the Quilts of Love series all by different authors, you do not want to miss one of these books. I can not put them down.
I say to all of my blog followers pre-order this one and when you get it put it on the top of your to be read pile! You will not be sorry it is a fantastic read.
I must add I just love all the covers of these books!
I was given a copy of this book by Wynn Wynn Media

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Guest Post By Delia Latham

This is a post for an author, not a review. I have not read either one of the books in this post. This is NOT a giveaway as all of my reviews are.
Delia Latham shares two new inspirational romances
“They’re short and sweet, but I’m very excited about both of my new releases through White Rose Publishing.”
So says Delia Latham, a multi-published author whose titles include the Solomon’s Gate Series (White Rose Publishing) and Goldeneyes (Vinspire Publishing). Delia is currently swept up in the promotion of two new ventures—a novella and a short story. Both of these lengths are “firsts” for this author.
Treehouse released in September 2012. It portrays the budding romance between school teacher Tim Kerschner and landscape architect Ryann Dean. What’s tucked away in the branches of a solitary aspen tree may lead these two headstrong people to love—despite everything they do to get in the way.
Jewels for the Kingdom is the first novella in the Heart’s Haven collection—four books by four authors, all set in the same location…the fictional town of Angel Falls, Texas, and more specifically, a special cottage-rental complex owned by a man known to be on speaking terms with angels. Love somehow finds a way to touch all who enter Heart’s Haven, and each of the four books in this collection features a couple of Heart’s Haven tenants who find themselves caught in its grip.
“Angels keep appearing in my books,” Delia confides. “I never planned for that, but apparently God had His own plan. And since I’ve never claimed to be anything more than a transcriptionist for the stories He writes, I’m hardly in a position to argue.”
The Heart’s Haven collection began in September, when Jewels for the Kingdom released. Operation Breathless, by Marianne Evans, followed in October, and Tanya’s Leap of Faith became available in December. January 2013 will see the release of the final book in this set, Mary Manners’ Dance with Me.
“The four of us are delighted by the reception the collection has received so far,” Delia says. “We’ve set up a Heart’s Haven Facebook page, and have been blown away by its success. So much so that another set of Heart’s Haven stories is already in the works!”
This first collection has a Valentine’s Day theme—and since it culminates in January, the timing is perfect to set the mood for real-life romance in February. Readers who need a little nudge down the moonlit path of romance are encouraged to take a little side trip to Heart’s Haven. Start with Jewels for the Kingdom. Pia and David’s story will whet your appetite—and that’s great, because you can move right along to the next books in this e-Book series.
There’s never a wrong time to stir up that romantic fire between you and your true love. No matter how long you’ve been in love, or how new your romance, make it special with these stories of love and angels, interwoven with basic Bible truths.

Blurb from Treehouse:
Tim Kerschner’s attachment to a solitary aspen on property he inherits goes much deeper than aesthetics. Can he make landscape architect Ryann Dean understand his refusal to let her chop down this single tree in a forest of them?
Ryann loves her job in Bliss, Oregon. Junior high teacher Tim Kerschner, on the other hand, she’d be happy to have never met. The man’s handsome face loses any appeal in light of his arrogance and obvious inclination to violence—the latter of which Ryann despises for reasons close to her heart.
A visit to what lies within the branches of the controversial tree could give them both a whole new outlook on life...and on each other.
Purchase links for Treehouse:
Blurb from Jewels for the Kingdom:
Pia Peretti’s past could destroy her future. Thanks to her pre-Christian lifestyle, she can’t marry a believer, and she won’t marry a non-believer. Minister David Myers wants to help Pia release her guilt and trust that God has forgiven her...but the young minister is working through his own trial of faith.
After a failed counseling session with a wounded soul, David's confidence is shaken. He accepts a new pastorate, and moves to Angel Falls to find a haven for his wounded heart.
 Is it possible these two hurting hearts are meant to mend each other’s brokenness with some divine intervention?
Purchase links for Jewels for the Kingdom:

About Delia Latham:
Born and raised in Weedpatch, California, Delia Latham moved to Oklahoma in '08, making her a self-proclaimed California Okie. She loves to read and write in her country home, and gets a kick out of watching her husband play Farmer John. She's a Christian wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend, but especially loves being a princess daughter to the King of Kings. She loves Dr. Pepper and hearing from her readers. Delia writes inspirational romance and women's fiction, and currently is under contract with Pelican Book Group.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Proof of Heaven By Eben Alexander, M.D. GIVEAWAY!

Thousands of people have had near-death experiences, but scientists have argued that they are impossible. Dr. Eben Alexander was one of those scientists. A highly trained neurosurgeon, Alexander knew that NDEs feel real, but are simply fantasies produced by brains under extreme stress.
Then, Dr. Alexander’s own brain was attacked by a rare illness. The part of the brain that controls thought and emotion—and in essence makes us human—shut down completely. For seven days he lay in a coma. Then, as his doctors considered stopping treatment, Alexander’s eyes popped open. He had come back.
Alexander’s recovery is a medical miracle. But the real miracle of his story lies elsewhere. While his body lay in coma, Alexander journeyed beyond this world and encountered an angelic being who guided him into the deepest realms of super-physical existence. There he met, and spoke with, the Divine source of the universe itself.
Alexander’s story is not a fantasy. Before he underwent his journey, he could not reconcile his knowledge of neuroscience with any belief in heaven, God, or the soul. Today Alexander is a doctor who believes that true health can be achieved only when we realize that God and the soul are real and that death is not the end of personal existence but only a transition.
This story would be remarkable no matter who it happened to. That it happened to Dr. Alexander makes it revolutionary. No scientist or person of faith will be able to ignore it. Reading it will change your life.

Dr. Eben Alexander III has been an academic neurosurgeon for the last 25 years, including 15 years at the Brigham & Women's and the Children's Hospitals and Harvard Medical School in Boston. Over his academic career he authored or co-authored over 150 chapters and papers in peer reviewed journals, and made over 200 presentations at conferences and medical centers around the world. He thought he had a very good idea of how the brain generates consciousness, mind and spirit.
In the predawn hours of November 10, 2008, he was driven into coma by a rare and mysterious bacterial meningitis-encephalitis of unknown cause. He spent a week in coma on a ventilator, his prospects for survival diminishing rapidly. On the seventh day, to the surprise of everyone, he started to awaken. Memories of his life had been completely deleted inside of coma, yet he awoke with memories of a fantastic odyssey deep into another realm - more real than this earthly one! His older son advised him to write down everything he could remember about his journey, before he read anything about near-death experiences, physics or cosmology. Six weeks later, he completed his initial recording of his remarkable journey, totaling over 20,000 words in length. Then he started reading, and was astonished by the insights his journey brought to the world's literature on near-death experiences, and to all phenomena of extended consciousness. His experience clearly revealed that we are conscious in spite of our brain - that, in fact, consciousness is at the root of all existence.
His story offers a crucial key to the understanding of reality and human consciousness. It will have a major effect on how we view spirituality, soul and the non-material realm. In analyzing his experience, including the scientific possibilities and grand implications, he envisions a more complete reconciliation of modern science and spirituality as a natural product.
He has been blessed with a complete recovery, and has written a book about this most powerful, life-changing story. Simon & Schuster will publish his book, entitled "Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife" on October 23, 2012.
For more information, including video links and reading list, visit

I really enjoyed this book. The good Doctor did not believe in heaven until he had been their and it changed his life for the better after it all happened to him.
This is a very touching book about this wonderful Doctors life.
I gave this book 5 stars and I hope that everyone I know picks up a copy of this life changing book!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Threads of Hope By Christa Allan

Passed over for promotion and dumped by her boyfriend, Nina O’Malley is further frustrated when her editor assigns her one of the “soft” stories she despises—covering a gala benefit supporting the AIDS Memorial Quilt. More determined than ever to prove she deserves a promotion to the NY office, Nina decides to write a series featuring a local quilting group raising money for AIDs research.

At the event, she runs into her high school nemesis: Greg is a widower and the adoptive father of Jazarah, an HIV positive girl from Ethiopia. Unlike Nina, Greg has faith in a loving God, and he trusts in God’s plan for his life.

Greg and Nina grow closer, and as Nina interviews the quilt families, she begins to question the choices she has made and her lack of faith. Nina suddenly finds herself facing two possible dreams, two paths for her life.

A born and bred Louisiana girl, Christa Allan is an award- winning,multi-published author of stories of redemption for the broken. Her novel, The Edge of Grace, won the 2012 SELAH for Contemporary Fiction. Threads of Hope is her fourth novel. By day, she is a National Board Certified teacher who has been teaching high school English for more than twenty-four years. The mother of five adult children and the totally smitten Grammy of two granddaughters, Christa and her veterinarian husband, Ken live in New Orleans where they await retirement, play golf, and continue to dodge hurricanes.

I am a huge fan of Christa's, she is such a talented author. I was so happy when I got this copy of her newest book. It is one of the Quilts of Love series.
You will just be filled with the love of God while reading this, Greg was so easy to fall in love with. You are going to be so happy that you picked up a copy of this book.
Don't be upset when you get nothing done, because you can't put the book down, it is just that good.
I was given a copy of this book by Wynn Wynn

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Forsaken By Shelley Ring GIVEAWAY!

Lara Blake is determined not to fall in love again, but her mother-in-law has other plans.

Naomi Blake used to care about God’s will for her life. Then her son died, and her faith with him. Naomi is on a crash course to take her own life next, but Lara isn’t so cooperative.

Lara loves Naomi desperately. She will not let the older woman go without a fight, and Naomi proves a worthy adversary. Lara believes if Naomi would just go back to church healing would begin.

Fighting the pull of death with the power of life, Lara realizes Naomi isn’t the only one who needs saving. Faith is not easy, but when you throw in a therapy Rottweiler, a knight in spit-shining armor, and a suicidal old woman, it’s downright scary. Lara almost has it figured out when Naomi seems to get her death wish. Have both women been FORSAKEN?
Pick up your copy here

This was the first book that I have read by author Shelley Ring.
I loved Naomi so much, when a character grips your heart then you know the book is good.
This is a book to make you laugh and cry and then turn around and laugh and cry some more.
I can't wait to see what is next from Shelley.
I give this book 4 stars.
I was given a copy of this book by the author.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

7 Years Younger Giveaway!

"Follow this plan - it works!" says Dr. Mehmet Oz, Professor and Vice-chair of Surgery, NYP-Columbia Medical Center, and Host of The Dr. Oz Show.
Look younger, stay slimmer, feel matter what your age! This revolutionary plan to reverse the signs of aging kicks off with a 7-day Jumpstart plan offering all the tools you need to start your total rejuvenation. Then you'll follow the 7-week, science-based program with a holistic approach to looking and feeling younger. Its 7 age erasers cover every base with special regimens for skin care, makeup, hair care, nutrition and diet, fitness, brain fitness, and emotional health. With this program you can "de-age" your skin, use makeup and hair smarts to get a youthful look, rehab your diet and exercise habits to lower your risk of age-related diseases and to lose weight, learn to sharpen your mind, and nurture your emotional health. You'll be surprised at how much you can turn back the clock on your own-without stepping near a plastic surgeon's office, or spending a fortune on expensive beauty products.

The scientists at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute rigorously tested more than 400 beauty products and conducted more than 5,000 lab tests over the course of two years to find the anti-aging products that really work. Then ten test panelists went on the plan. The life-transforming results? One woman lost 12 pounds, another lost an amazing 10 inches from around her waist, and a third restored the glow and smoothness of her skin-improvements that were confirmed by scientific testing. Yet another tester emerged looking more glamorous than she'd looked since she first had kids. As one of the testers said, "There are a lot of diet and exercise programs out there on the market. And there are a lot of beauty tips you can get, but '7 Years Younger' has taken all of those things and put them into a one stop shopping experience for your overall beauty and health and mindset."

"What's great about the program," says Good Housekeeping editor in chief Rosemary Ellis, "is that you can treat it like a tool kit. You can pick and choose which elements of the program you want to focus on."
Pick Up Your Copy Here

We all want to look and feel younger, Right?
This is the neatest book on how to feel better and when you make a commitment to getting healthier then this is a must have book.
Every year people make a New Years resolution to get healthy, well you can do that now using this book as a tool.
Dr. Oz says, " Follow this plan IT WORKS"
This book is easy to read and has colored pictures and is just a book to help you with a super 7 week anti-aging plan.
The editors of Good housekeeping have given me an extra copy to give away to my wonderful blog followers, leave a comment telling me your favorite food you crave on a regular basis, to be enter to win a hard back copy!
I give this book 5 stars two times!
I was given a copy of this by the publisher.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Man of Honor By Loree Lough GIVEAWAY!

On a steamy spring morning, Dusty Parker—part-time pastor, part-time search-and-rescue team member, and full-time administrator of a school for troubled boys—joins the search for a missing teenage girl. He partners with volunteer and inner-city school teacher Grace Sinclair, and what they find bonds them in ways neither could have expected.

As they begin to build their lives together, a visitor from the past causes Dusty and Grace to further open their hearts and home. But a threat is looming on their seemingly perfect lives and in one terrifying night, everything changes.
Pick up your copy here

Bestselling author LOREE LOUGH once sang for her supper, performing all across the U.S. and Canada. Now and then, she blows the dust from her 6-string to croon a tune or two, but mostly, she just writes (88 novels that earned hundreds of industry and "Readers' Choice" awards and 4- and 5-star reviews).
Loree enjoys sharing learned-the-hard-way lessons about the craft and the industry; her comedic approach makes her a favorite lecturer for writers' organizations, book clubs, private and government institutions, and college and high school writing programs in the U.S. and abroad.
A writer who believes in giving back, Loree dedicates a generous portion of her income to favorite charities. (Click the "Giving Back" tab at
Loree and her real-life hero split their time between a home in the Baltimore suburbs and a cabin in the Allegheny Mountains, where she loves showing off her "identify the critter tracks" skills.
I just love a good love story. Don't you?
Well Loree has wrote a series that is sure to please you if you said yes. I loved A Man of Honor. You will not be able to put the book down.
I have read Loree's books in the past and I have never been disappointed. So I was so happy when she sent a copy of her latest to me. You are going to love this one!
I highly recommend this book.
I was given a copy of this book by the author

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cleansed by Fire By James Callan GIVEAWAY!

Arsonists have torched two churches in a small Texas town, plunging its residents into a state of fear. Father Frank DeLuca, pastor of Prince of Peace Church, is thrust into an impossible dilemma when he hears that another church will be burned. The disturbing information comes to him via the confessional, and church law forbids him from telling anyone—even the police. Still, he can’t sit idly by, and no law prevents him from looking into the matter himself. The crimes have set the town’s residents on edge, fraying the bonds of trust. Is the mysterious newcomer with ties to the local drug scene involved? What about the man who says maybe the churches deserved to burn? Or the school drop-out who threatens the priest with a knife. Father Frank digs deeper into the town’s secrets when a man is murdered. His investigation leads him dangerously close to the drug scene and he discovers the danger has come to him. Can he save his own church? Can he save his own life? Cleansed by Fire is the first of the Father Frank Mysteries.
Pick up your copy here

This is the first book that I have read by James and it was a super mystery. I love a book that keeps me on the edge of my seat, this book is a real page turner and one mystery lovers every where will enjoy.
I was given a copy of this book by the author. Thank you James

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sisterchicks in Gondolas By Robin Jones Gunn

Sisterchicks Take the Boot! (and we don’t mean shoe thievery)

Jenna and Sue have been sisters-in-law for nearly thirty years but inseparable friends for only the last five. When Jenna is invited to a week’s stay at a fifteenth century restored palace on a quiet canal in Venice , Sue is her travel companion of choice. The catch? They must cook for a group that is staying at the palace for a retreat. It’s the first time Sue has been this far from home, and both women are coming out of a valley season of life where they operated each day in long shadow s of fear. Entering into the lilting gondola-paced Italian lifestyle and discovering corners of Venice most tourists never see, they welcome a new time of refreshing. And over boiling pots of pasta, they dare each other to dream again.

Ciao bella!

SISTERCHICK n.: a friend who shares the deepest wonders of your heart, loves you like a sister, and provides a reality check when you’re being a brat.

When Jenna is invited to Venice for a week of cooking for a small retreat group, she knows just who to take along: her sister-in-law Sue. With her Dallas drawl and wild tangle of red hair, Sue desperately needs her own retreat from the pressures of the past two years…and blessedly for their guests, Sue actually knows how to cook (unlike Jenna)!

With about six words of Italian between them, a map, and a keen appetite for gelato, they puzzle out the lovely city together. During their stay, Jenna and Sue become victims of grace in ways they never expected—starting with their accommodations: a restored fifteenth-century palace on a quiet canal complete with a stairwell perfect for mattress sledding!

Coming out of a time of dark shadows in their lives, these two friends dive into a new season of refreshing and realize that sometimes when serving God, the most important thing to do is just show up…and watch for goodness and mercy to follow close behind. Come join Jenna and Sue over boiling pots of pasta in this lilting gondola-paced adventure!

Discussion guide included

Story Behind the Book

Sisterchicks in Gondolas was birthed after Robin experienced Italy for herself. “In the summer of 2004, I went to Venice with my lifetime fellow Sisterchick from Ireland , Ruby,” she says. “We explored the city with our daughters and discovered the joys of Italian living.” With a splash of humor, grace, and a few zany antics, this latest Sisterchicks release continues to celebrate the unique and timeless bond between women friends. Entertaining and delightful, the story also challenges readers to examine their relationships with one another and with God.
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Over the past 25 years Robin has written 70 books with over 4 million copies sold.

She started writing for teens when the girls in her church youth group challenged her to write stories for them. It took 2 years and 10 rejections before the first Christy Miller novel was published in 1988. Since then the tales of these Forever Friends have continued. The Christy Miller series was followed by the Sierra Jensen series, Christy and Todd the College Years and the Katie Weldon series.
As Robin's readers grew older they asked for more stories about characters their age. The 8 book Glenbrooke series was launched followed by the Sisterchicks(R) series and a variety of standalone destination novels including "Under a Maui Moon" and "Canary Island Song".

Join Robin Jones Gunn on her facebook public figure page where she frequently posts updates on her latest travel or writing adventure.

I have read and loved all of Robins books, my favorite being the Glenbrooke series and my second favorite series is the Sisterchicks.
Sisterchicks in Gondolas was so good I loved it. I love books about friends and fun!
I have always wanted to go to Venice so reading this book was so fun and I feel as if I have been to Venice finally.
I highly recommend this book, you will love Robins fun easy read.
5 stars for sure
I was given a copy of this book by the publisher

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Naomi's Christmas By Marta Perry

When a new life beckons, a dutiful Amish woman must decide what she owes her family...and what she owes herself...

Since her mother's death, Naomi Esch has been devoted to caring for her father and siblings, sacrificing any hope of finding love or having a home of her own. Still, working at the local bakery and expanding her beekeeping business gives Naomi a satisfying sense of purpose. Then, in the weeks before Christmas, her father announces his plans to immediately remarry. He and his new wife need the house for themselves, and suddenly Naomi’s life is turned upside down.

But new opportunities soon come her way. A friend provides Naomi with a place to stay, and widower Nathan King offers his sprawling farmland to Naomi to continue her business—on the condition that she helps take care of his children. The setup is so perfect that the community assumes a wedding will inevitably follow. But Naomi has vowed never to marry without love. And to Nathan she’s merely convenient help. Now, for those in Pleasant Valley, uniting these two stubborn souls may take a Christmas miracle.
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I realized I wanted to be a writer at age eight, when I read my first Nancy Drew novel, The Secret of the Old Clock. Most little girl reach the end of that book wanting to be Nancy. I wanted to be the person who created the story!
The dream lay hidden for years while I became a teacher, married, had children...all the usual things. But eventually it re-surfaced, and I began to write, beginning with short children's stories for Sunday school take-home papers. It seemed a long time until that first acceptance, but eventually I began to sell. After some three hundred published short stories, I finally found the courage to work on the novel I'd always wanted to write.
Thirty-some published novels later, I still feel the same excitement every time I begin a new book--a mix of not believing I can do it combined with an overwhelming urge to see the story on the page.
A lifetime spent in rural Pennsylvania and my own Pennsylvania Dutch roots eventually led me to the books I'm writing now about the Amish. The Pleasant Valley Amish series from Berkley Books are longer, more complex emotional stories with Amish main characters, while my forthcoming HQN suspense novels are more adventure-filled books set in Pennsylvania Dutch country. I'm also writing a Love Inspired series, The Bodine Family, set on the South Carolina coast where we have a second home.
When I'm not writing, I'm busy with church activities, traveling, and spending time with my three children and six beautiful grandchildren.

Book number seven of the Pleasant Valley Series, I LOVED it, it was my favorite of all of Marta's books.
I think it took me all of five hours to read it between phone calls, I did not want to put it down, such a fun book.
This book ends just the way that you want it to. I was so happy. Marta never disappoints, she is a super Amish author.
I love the warm Amish books that Marta writes.
I highly recommend this book and I gave it FIVE stars.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finding God in the Hobbit By Jim Ware

Thousands have been captivated by the spiritual themes that underlie Tolkien's imaginative fiction. In Finding God in The Hobbit, Jim Ware, co-author of the popular "Finding God" series, indulges readers with an exploration of the spiritual significance of J. R. R. Tolkien's famous children's classic. As they are acquainted with Tolkien's message of transcendent truth, readers will see how God is mysteriously at work even in everyday moments. A reflection summarizes each chapter's main insight. Bibliography included.

Uncover the deeper truths in the tale that started it all.With a simple hobbit in a hobbit-hole, J. R. R. Tolkien opened the window on a whole new world that has captured millions of imaginations and changed the face of literature forever. But this story of unexpected adventure is far more than goblin attacks, dragon-hoards, and riddles in the dark. It’s a journey that changes a hobbit named Bilbo—and us—along the way.

Jim Ware, coauthor of the bestselling Finding God in The Lord of the Rings, once again unlocks the mysteries of Middle-earth with insightful reflections on the scenes and characters of The Hobbit. Just as the very ordinary Bilbo Baggins was caught up in a web of momentous events beyond his understanding, so you also are part of a larger story. Travel to Middle-earth to discover ways in which God is still very much at work in our world—and has a bigger purpose for you than you could ever imagine.

Jim Ware, a graduate of UCLA and Fuller Theological Seminary, is a longtime book enthusiast who grew up savoring childhood classics like TOM SAWYER, HUCKLEBERRY FINN, THE MERRY ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, and KING ARTHUR AND HIS KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE. He's the author of GOD OF THE FAIRY TALE and FINDING GOD IN THE HOBBIT, and co-author (with Kurt Bruner) of the best-selling FINDING GOD IN THE LORD OF THE RINGS, FINDING GOD IN THE LAND OF NARNIA, and THE PURPOSE OF PASSION: DANTE'S EPIC VISION OF ROMANTIC LOVE . His latest effort, THE STONE OF DESTINY, is a work of fantasy-fiction for tweens, teens, and adults who like imaginative tales. A Celtic music enthusiast, he enjoys playing the guitar and other stringed instruments with family and friends. He and his wife, Joni, are the parents of six children.
This book is for all of you Hobbit fans. J.R.R. Tolkein fans are sure to love this book.
While reading this book you really reflect on how great God is and how much we should look for God in all the movies and books that we read.
I enjoyed this book so much it is very well written and is a book that you will just sit and think about long after you turn the last page.
I highly recommend this book to fans of the Hobbit.
I gave the book 4 stars.
I was given a copy of this book by the publisher.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Against the Twilight By Donald Parker Giveaway!

Heather has reached the pinnacle of the publishing world through weaving suspenseful plots in romantic novels featuring vampires. She's the toast of the town to most, but to David her fiction threatens to toast a whole generation of readers in the broiler of Hell. He writes his own book to enlighten the world about the dangers and evil of vampire glorification. He and Heather appear to be perfect candidates for a fierce war of words, but the ardor for battle is diminished by their mutual attraction. Despite their attempts to squelch the magnetic pull, their chemistry causes romance to bubble under the surface through all of the twists and turns of their adversarial relationship. While Heather's mother schemes to get the two together, an old gentleman at the nursing home attempts to set David up with Cindy, a nurse at the home. Cindy's beauty falls short of Heather's, but her spiritual beauty surpasses and grows as she places her love for David on the alter and focuses on worshipping God rather than one of His creatures. As David's life of service to God poses continual challenges, he struggles to deal with the romantic tug of war which threatens to paralyze him and unravel the tapestry of his ministry. As a man who communes with God on a daily basis, he receives the word from the Lord that he needs to trust that all will be well. He does trust when faced with a dangerous situation on the streets, but finds that allowing God to safeguard his heart proves to be a tougher assignment.
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Don is a 1968 graduate of Madison Central High School in Madison, South Dakota. He graduated from Dakota State University in Madison in 1972 with a degree in secondary education. After moving to Washington State in 1981, Don studied computer programming and turned his writing efforts to software. After twenty-five years of IT work, Don's passion for writing flared up again, and the doctors couldn't do anything to cure it. The outcome is a five book series involving two generations of the Masterson family and four stand alone novels to date. The main focus of his work involves entertaining while educating through the struggle of his characters to find truth. Rather than avoiding controversial subjects Parker seeks out to shine a spotlight on issues of life which cause conflict.
I do NOT like vampire books, so an anti-vampire book was right up my alley. This is the second book by Donald that I have read and he is just a wonderful writer.
I really enjoyed this fun and easy read.
If you have not read any of Donald's books you really should pick up a copy and sit back and enjoy it.
I was given a copy of this book by the author

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tangible Expressions By Roberto Guerra GIVEAWAY!

Willis Diamond lost his wife in a tragic accident only a few months ago. Stricken with grief, he decides to take a little vacation into the wilderness where he comes upon a cave entrance and is soon the victim of his very own curiosity. Within the depths of this dark world, he discovers an unearthly substance which alters his life, forever. From this day on, Willis is no longer the man he once was. Driven by an extra sense that no other human being has ever possessed, able to be taken by people’s words as well as their thoughts, he learns that there is much more to reality than what we see and hear on a daily basis; enchanting in some ways, horrific in others. Little would he have suspected the dangers of attempting to defy the laws of physics, using his newfound abilities in order to alter a dreadful past that has already been set in stone.

1.Tell us why you choose this genre.

 I have always been fascinated with things that linger on the line of what we know as pseudoscience or topics which may go beyond human comprehension. I believe there are so many possibilities in our world and the paranormal events that take place in Tangible Expression is one of them. 
2.What is the most important thing that you hope readers will get from reading Tangible Expressions?

I believe my readers will open their minds to the fact that there is so much more to the world around us than we can possibly imagine, a world of endless possibilities well beyond what we perceive on a regular basis or what we as humans are stubbornly convinced that we already understand. Additionally, I think the readers of Tangible Expressions will learn to consider the visually invisible power of their words before using them. 

3.What are you writing now?

 I am currently working on my fourth novel, which takes place in the future, about a company which has developed a new kind of technology that enables people to have actual contact with their loved ones who have already passed on, where they will learn a great deal about what really happens on the other side.  
4. Do you have a blog or website where readers can catch up with you?

Yes. Feel free to visit my blog: 
5.What sparked your decision to journey down the path of writing?

Writing has been my passion since I can remember. Throughout childhood I had trouble in school because I was always daydreaming about possible scenarios (which I later made into stories). I would imagine how my classmates and teachers would react if the sun didn't rise one morning, or if they tried to leave the school only to find themselves in a repetitive maze inside the same building for eternity (at least that was how it felt to me when school days would seem to go on forever). My lack of focus in the "real world" eventually reflected on my report cards, but it inspired my passion to write one story after another until the day I die.  
6. Tell us where we can buy a copy of your book.

Tangible Expressions is available on as a hard copy as well as E-Book. 

Here is the link: