Monday, March 18, 2013

Giving Myself Permission By Pennie Murray

Can something as seemingly insignificant as a childhood playground game demonstrate how unconscious learning can impact your future success and personal dreams? Consider this: Mother, May I? Simon Says…. Red light/Green light. On the surface, these are just silly games. But their message resounds—do not act without permission; if you do, you are out! Events that seem entirely innocent in fact have the potential to mark us for life. We look for the green light from our parents, our friends, our siblings, and other significant people in our lives. We play it safe. We avoid. We dumb ourselves down. We act like we do not know what to do when, in fact, we do. Giving Myself Permission: Putting Fear and Doubt in Their Place is a transformative book that will help you to challenge the negative mental and emotional conditioning acquired through your life experiences and from messages imparted by others. Giving yourself permission is a pre-requisite for achieving success in any area of your life. Author Pennie Murray will guide you through a process of self-empowerment that shines a light on what is really preventing you from experiencing the quality of life you desire. Giving Myself Permission will help to reveal how inherited weaknesses in the form of negative conditioning serve to undermine any effort towards success. Sifting through the clutter of learned inhibition and detrimental behavior to expose the real culprit behind our frustrated attempts and repeated patterns of self-sabotage, this humorous, yet frank and inspiring book provides practical ways to challenge fundamental assumptions and basic thought processes. It also offers useful exercises that will awaken you to the depth of your personal value, reconnecting you with your potential and your purpose. Addressing five emotions that frustrate and discourage our efforts towards success, Giving Myself Permission details three transformational shifts that will help you gain clarity and put fear and doubt in their place. Experiencing success in life, love, and purpose starts with giving yourself permission to do so. Read Giving Myself Permission and you will learn that your quality of life is not dictated by others, but authorized by you.
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Pennie Murray's doctoral studies in industrial and organizational psychology were recognized with summa cum laude honors, and by her induction into the Pi Gamma Mu and Psi Chi honor societies. As a speaker, certified NLP coach, and author, she is the creator of the Giving Myself Permission (GMSP) Movement and Emotional Clarity Workshops™, which combine guidance and coaching with proven psychological principles to help individuals manage the feelings and emotions that frustrate their efforts towards success. 

With additional certification in conflict mediation, Pennie coaches individuals to help resolve the internal conflicts that stand in the way of letting their psyches break free from their subconscious emotional chains. Pennie is also the author of the book, Giving Myself Permission: Putting Fear and Doubt in Their Place and the audio CD, Asking for Richer Ground: The Power of Your Words.

This is such a practical book, and one I think everyone should read, well all of my friends that keep seeking the approval of their friends and family. Pennie writes about emotions and how they effect our success. She tells you ways to challenge your inhibitions towards success.
Do you want to change your life? Do you want to live life to the fullest?
You will want to pick up a copy of Pennee's life changing book and share it with those around you as well.
I give this book 4 stars and I recommend that you pick up a copy or two.
I was given a copy of this book by the author


  1. I have never heard of this author before. The book sounds like one I would need to read. Thank you for your review Mary.

  2. It is great that Mary reviews all these wonderful books. I have never heard of this author. This would be a good book to read. Thanks, Mary!!!

  3. I know so many that need to read this book, I don't know the author but she has wrote a much needed book. Great review.

  4. This is a new to me author and the book sounds fantastic. From just what I read in this wonderful review, this is a must read for me.

    Thank you Mary


  5. Wow if a book can help me replace fear and doubt I need it how I win

  6. I think we are all seeking approval. Thanks for the review.

    1. Lyndie, you are the Winner. please e-mail me your mailing address

  7. Thanks for this great review, Mary. I like the focus of this book. I've dealt with low self esteem and negative self-talk all my life. This might be a good book for me.