Thursday, August 1, 2013

Not Quite Healed By Cecil Murphey GIVEAWAY!

How are sexual abuse survivors to overcome the challenges they are sure to face? Finding strength in community with other survivors is one key to recovery. In Not Quite Healed, two survivors join forces to share insight and encouragement on the issues that challenge them most. After a candid discussion about each issue, the authors provide a self-affirming statement that men can study, memorize, and recite on their darkest days.
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Hello! My name is Cecil Murphey, but everyone just calls me 'Cec.'

I've written dozens of books on a variety of topics with an emphasis on Spiritual Growth, Christian Living, Caregiving, and Recovery. In these books, I share my personal experiences as I strive to be closer to God and to seek his will for me.

My passion is to stimulate people's minds and nourish their souls. Since 1984, I've used my writing to help me accomplish those goals. My first book came off the press in 1975. To date I've published more than 135 books and hundreds of articles.

When I write, I have the opportunity to share my faith and my spiritual growth with others. My nonfiction books are based on my personal experiences, experiences that have been enhanced and developed by meeting people just like you.

As a ghostwriter, I sometimes take other people's materials and write books for them. Some carried my name and others did not. (Ghostwriters are often noted with the word 'with' below the author's name.) Why do I ghostwrite? It's rewarding for me to help others tell their stories of inspiration and growth. For example, when I see and hear from readers of 90 Minutes in Heaven and they describe the peace they now have after losing a loved one, I'm gratified to be a part of telling that story.

I've had the opportunity to be a caregiver and work with a number of other caregivers for their loved ones. It's a difficult, but rewarding commitment. When you're dealing with challenges of Alzheimer's Disease, depression, or substance abuse in your family, it can be a time that stretches you personally and tries your faith.

Stop by my web site. Drop me an e-mail. I'd love to hear from you.

This book was not any easy read, I had a hard time with it all the emotions you go though while reading it, BUT I am so glad Cecil was lead to write it. Sadly it is a much needed book.
I would say that I recommend this book to anyone who has a man in their life that has been sexually abused.
This is a very good book to help them start the healing that they so deserve.
I have given this book 4 stars.
I was given a copy of this book by the publisher for my honest review.


  1. This sounds like a very deep book. Sad that one would have to write such a book.

  2. I read "When a Man You Love Was Abused" when I realized that I was coming into contact with so many, many men that had indeed been abused. As a survivor of sexual abuse myself, I know women are more likely to talk about their pain issues and be more open. It is very hard to find the same openness in men, yet Cecil became the voice for the ones without voices. The ones who isolated, covered up, drank, did dope and all the other devises of cover-up even perfectionism.

    I need all the education I can get to overcome my own past and sometimes think about Cecil and wish he was around to bounce thoughts off of. I find my own scars contribute to major trust issues and the enemy assaults my mind with thoughts of fear for my grandchildren. Sometimes it is nearly unbearable.

    BUT FOR THIS, I HAVE JESUS! And I am a firm believer that the Lord will one day turn our scars into stars:)

    I would love to be in the running for a copy of this book. I've found that most of Cecil's books (and I'm a big fan) are like conversations with a friend.
    Donna Collins Tinsley

  3. I have someone in my life that needs to read this book. Thanks Mary for reviewing such a hard topic book. What would we do with out you sharing all of these books with us?

  4. This would be a good book to read too bring healing to one or help bring healing to others.Blessings ,Dana "Girl'

    1. Dana Girl, You are the WINNER! I will get your book right out to you! Congrats!

  5. You are right Mary, way too ok on these days. Sad that it is such a big problem with men and women as well as the kids trying to survive the horror


  6. Great review even though it is a difficult issue to read about.

    Thanks for reviewing even the difficult books to get through. Some books are emotionally draining. Stories need to be told.

    Judy B

  7. Great review of one of those heartwrenching true-life stories. I've read and reviewed a couple myself, and it isn't easy to read what many people suffer through. I'm just happy that there are survivors that are willing to share their stories. Thanks, Mary!

  8. Oh my goodness! I agree with you Mary, this is a book that is much needed to be read. Would love, love, love to read it. Hope I win it.