Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nobody Knows By Craig von Buseck

It should not surprise us when we see God use the common things of life--snow, streetlights, a rented suit, a mop--to accomplish the incredible. But it should inspire us. From the depths of near obscurity at the turn of the last century, a young African American man rose to fame through those ordinary things--listening intently out in the snow as a child to beautiful music in an elegant hall, listening to his grandfather sing the old slave songs as he lit the streetlamps, sweating through a rented suit during an audition for a musical scholarship, a chance meeting with a musical legend as he was mopping the halls of his school. Through the seemingly insignificant pieces of life, God led Harry T. Burleigh along the path to fame and through him preserved the songs that would form the basis of a uniquely American music.

Now Harry T. Burleigh, once world-renowned for his career as a beautiful baritone soloist, an arranger of Negro Spirituals, and a composer in his own right, is lifted once more out of obscurity by Craig von Buseck. This inspiring true story will take readers back in time to Southern plantations and Northern boom towns, to minstrel shows and soaring sanctuaries, and into the heart of a man who never suspected that God had destined him for greatness.

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Dr. Craig von Buseck is a published author and a contributing writer for and Cindy Jacobs' Reformation Prayer Network. He holds a Doctor of Ministry and an MA in Religious Journalism from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. His latest book, "Nobody Knows: The Harry T. Burleigh Story", is being released by Baker Books in January, 2014.

His other books include "Praying the News: Your Prayers Are More Powerful Than You Know", co-written by 700 Club news anchor Wendy Griffith; "NetCasters: Using the Internet to Make Fishers of Men" and "Seven Keys to Hearing God's Voice." He has recently completed a new book called "Yes, I Can", which he co-wrote with a quadriplegic medical doctor.

Craig has extensive ministry and speaking experience. He travels often to speak at conferences, professional events and writer events.

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What a fantastic book. This author has such a talent, his writing sucks you in and he is a teacher, I learned so much reading this book.
This book was very well written and a huge blessing to me.
The story of Harry Burleigh has never been told like this. This book is rich in history, it takes you back in time and you can see  God on every page.
I got a history lesson like never before while reading this book, every time I set the book down it beckoned my to pick it back up and keep reading it.
This is a must read. Be sure to pick up an extra copy it would make a great gift.
I gave this book 5 stars and I recommend it. A very inspiring book, I will read again.
I was given a copy by the publisher for my honest review.



  1. Sounds like a very inspiring and inspirational book that I would enjoy reading. Thanks Mary for the review!

  2. I love when you get excited about a book Mary! Sounds like this is one worth reading!

    Judy B

  3. I'd really love to read this book after reading your review I love history do much thanks Mary.

  4. What a wonderful book! Mary, from what you had to say about Nobody Knows, I think this would be a great read. Thank you!

  5. I am anxious to read this book. My kind of read. Thank you,Mary.

    1. Ms. Jean you are the WINNER! I will get your book right out to you!

  6. This is one book that I really need to read. Please enter me in this one, Mary! Great review!

  7. Sounds like a really good book.

  8. Love to read this would learn a lot I think .Blessings ,DanaGirl