Thursday, July 30, 2015

Finding Your Way Back to God DVD By Dave Ferguson & Jon Ferguson GIVEAWAY!

Perfect for individual or group studyThe Finding Your Way Back to God DVD and the companion Participant’s Guide explore the idea that we all want to find our way home – and back to God.  In each ten-minute video on the five-part DVD, Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson guide you through a life awakening inspiring you to follow the path God has laid out for returning to him.  The participant’s guide offers Bible investigation, life application questions, and prayer exercises help you take positive action on your desire to find God.

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DAVE FERGUSON is founding and lead pastor of Chicago’s Community Christian Church, a multi-site missional community considered one of the most influential churches in America. He and his wife, Sue, have three children.
JON FERGUSON is founding pastor of Community Christian Church, a teaching pastor for their Chicago network, and movement architect for NewThing, an international church-planting movement. He and his wife, Lisa, have two children. Brothers Dave and Jon are the co-authors of three books on church leadership.

The Bible study in itself is different. It is not a traditional hold your Bible and study the Scripture. The study did quote the story of the prodigal son, However, it did not give you the book of the Bible they were quoting. The prodigal son story is quoted and briefly explained throughout the five week study. There were other scriptures paraphrased but again no books of the Bible, chapter, or verse was mentioned. The only reason I knew it was Bible scripture is because I knew what they were quoting. 
   There are testimonials  from different people in each of the five week study . They talk about how they were living before they came to know Christ. There are other stories  where they share about different things that happen to them and God guiding their way. I would call this Bible study more of a testimonials than a study. With that said I believe it would  help someone you are witnessing to guide them to Jesus or a new convert may find this encouraging. The stories told start out with how bad they were living before Christ and many people need to hear God forgives all people from all walks of life no matter how bad you are.
I gave this  Bible study 3 stars for Bible study and 4 stars for testimonies.
I was given a copy of this DVD by the publisher for my honest review.


  1. I may pass on this one. However I may recommend it to new converts. The testimonials sound like they may help someone who is struggling with their past. Thank you Mary

  2. I may buy this and share it with my youth group. I think it may help them to learn more about God's forgiveness through word of mouth in the testimonials. Thank you for sharing Mary.

  3. Some like a good learning tool for a new believe ! Blessings ,DanaGirl

  4. I am going to buy this for a gentleman that I work with. He says he was terrible in his life before Christ and struggles daily with it. I think this may help him. Thanks

  5. I think I will pass on this one. I am more of a traditional grab your Bible and sit down type of Bible study. But I will keep it in mind if I run across someone who needs it.

  6. I will get it to hear the testimonials. I may like it or know someone who needs it. Thank you Mary for your review

  7. I think I will get it. I constantly struggle with my past before Christ and the times I walked away. I think this will help me.

  8. I am undecided on this one. I will have to think about if I am going to get it or not. Thank you so much Mary

    1. Henrietta, You are the WINNER! I will get your DVD right out to you!

  9. I too will pass on this one. You did a great review of it Mary. Thanks for letting us know that it was more testimonial than Biblical. However, I believe testimonies can speak loudly to a new Believer in Christ.

    Judy B