Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Christmas Portrait By Phyllis Clark Nichols

When a young patient grieving the death of her sister recognizes the man in a portrait hanging in her office, Dr. Kate Harding, an art therapist, is startled but not entirely surprised. The face in the painting takes her back twenty years to snow-covered Cedar Point, Kentucky, and to her first Christmas without her mother.

As Christmas approached, John Harding, his daughter, Kate, and son, Chesler, were struggling to adjust to life’s changes after the September death of his wife and their mother. When a conversation with Granny Grace convinced Kate that there was Christmas in heaven, she was determined to get her mother a present, a special gift that would make her mother happy forever. No one could tell Kate how to get her gift to heaven—not her daddy, not Uncle Luke the medical student, not Aunt Susannah Hope, and not even Pastor Simmons who she was most certain would have the answer. But Kate devises and executes a Christmas Eve plan that changes her life. Kate’s Christmas is filled with surprises—taking in a runaway girl who had no mother, a tender exchange of Christmas presents, a meeting with Mister Josh, and finally, an astonishing family Christmas portrait.

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Phyllis Clark Nichols has a degree in English and a master’s degree in music from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She and her husband cofounded a national cable network featuring health and disability-related programming. For over a decade she has worked in the orphanages of Guatemala and currently serves on several nonprofit boards. Phyllis and her husband make their home in the Texas Hill Country near their two daughters and their families. Visit for more information.

This was such a hard book to read; reason being I lost my mom very young and the holidays are always so hard on me even now as an old women. My heart went out to young Kate, who lost her mom also.
This was such a touching book I laughed and I cried and I LOVED the gift Kate thought of for her mom in heaven. ( You are going to cry)
You are going to be so touched by this book. It will really put you in the mood for Christmas and get you to think about family and friends instead of the commercial junk.
If you should get a copy of this book please let me know what you think of Mr. Josh and Laramie. They were the best characters.
I gave this book 5 stars two times. I HIGHLY  recommend this book.
I was given a copy of this book by the author for my honest review.


  1. I love this time of the year. Your review really makes me want to read this book. Thank you

  2. Yep another one that sounds like a Awesome read !!!!!! Blessings DanaGirl

  3. Christmas can really be hard on someone that lost a loved one. It took me a while and it still isn't the same. I look forward to reading the book.

  4. Guess who loves Christmas book and is going to get a surprise. You guessed right my lovely wife.

  5. This sounds like another great book for this time of year. I too have lost my mother and two sisters and another one has stage 4 lung cancer, so I know I will enjoy this book. It sounds so inspiring! Can't wait to read it! Another great review Mary!

  6. After reading you review I know that I am going to have to meet Mr. Josh for myself. Thanks

  7. I love Christmas and my mom loves Christmas. Looks like I will be buying a couple copies.

  8. Oh my goodness! I can't wait to read this book! Excellent review, Mary!

    Judy B

    1. Judy, You are the WINNER! I will get your book right out to you!

  9. I really want to read this book after reading your review of it. I'm going to see if I can get it over nighted to me on Amazon. Thank you Mary

  10. I have a couple of people in mind that would love this book. I think this will be a great pre Christmas gift. Thank you Mary.

  11. This just sounds delightfull I am going to buy it now.

  12. What a touching story - can't wait to read it!! Thanks, Mary - for your beautiful review.