Monday, October 29, 2018

The Happy Stay at Home Mom By Sara Gaviria

Finally: A Guide About Taking Care of Mom During Baby’s First Year

What if you could let go of the guilty feelings that come with leaving a career to stay at home with your little one? What if you could overcome common new motherhood struggles and achieve sleep, sanity and self-fulfillment – all without breaking a sweat? (Okay, occasional sweating is fine.)
In other words, what if you had a handbook that explained not what to do with your new baby in that trying first year, but what to do with yourself?
These are the questions Sara Gaviria started asking herself midway through her pregnancy. Before the bun in the oven, she had lived in different countries, worked as a Manager of Hispanic Publications, and enjoyed the company of colleagues in a corporate environment.
So when she had a full-on panic attack at the enormity of her decision to leave her sales and marketing career and become a stay at home mom, she started looking for resources to show her the way. That’s when she discovered … there aren’t any!
So she wrote the book on happy mommy-hood herself. In this helpful and hilarious guide, you’ll encounter insightful stories, incisive research, and charming personal anecdotes. You’ll also learn:
  • What no one (seriously, no one) tells you about your body after delivery
  • How to cope with breastfeeding obstacles and overcome challenges
  • How to deal with one of the most common emotional after effects of pregnancy
  • Why the best-laid birth plans go awry … and what to do about it
  • How to approach eating and exercise (without saying goodbye chocolate!)
  • Why you need fitness plans broken down by month
  • How to transform any complexion from droopy to dewy immediately
  • Why you should take your grandmother’s old beauty trick seriously
  • The no-fuss approach to beauty, stretchmarks, hair, and sunglasses (yes, sunglasses)
  • The Mommy Dress Code, and how to stop breaking it for good
  • What to do about your husband – er, that is, how to act in partnership with your husband
  • How to remain mindful through the madness of the first year
  • How to reconnect with a tribe in your target market (fine, so Sara may not have let all of the marketing lingo go)
  • Why “lean in” may be the exact wrong advice for you
  • Why “finding your passion” is more than a buzz phrase, and how to go about it

See, being a mom is more than learning the right breastfeeding tips, dealing with postpartum depression and losing weight after pregnancy. It’s more than skincare and tribes and healthy sleep habits. It’s all those things too, of course – but with a huge dash of realism, tranquility and wit all mixed in. Sound like the recipe for your first year? You’re in luck.

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Sara Gaviria is a Colombian journalist with an MA in Marketing and Communications from Westminster University, U.K. She has lived in London and California, working as an advertising executive for media publications such as The San Diego Union-Tribune, serving in her last position as a Manager of Hispanic Publications. She now makes her mission to help other mothers take care of themselves post pregnancy through her writing. Sara currently lives in Houston with her husband and son.

My Thoughts...

This is a book for new moms and it is chock full of ideas and helpful tips as well as recipes.
You are not alone new moms and author and mother Sara Gaviria is here to lend you the support you need.
Sara has your backs new moms, if you are experiencing it Sara has a tip to help you.
This is a good book for new moms. I would give this book at baby showers and make sure to let Sara know how you like it.
The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own.