Thursday, September 24, 2020

Take Another Chance By Pat Fifield


Grace battles to keep her life from unraveling after being blindsided and pressured into a divorce. Her only escape from what seems like endless pain and tough luck is the support and love of her two teenage daughters - her safe place to restore balance. For the sake of her daughters and for the survival of her sanity, mending her injured spirit is Grace’s top priority. But after meeting Doug, a local bachelor by day and heroic police officer by night, Grace knows much work is needed on her confidence. She was always supposed to be the strong, confident one in her family; but will she ever admit that it’s okay to not be “OK?” Will trying to be TOO strong interfere with her ability to confront love again? Doug ignores tackling his demons until they threaten to jeopardize his reputation and his chance at capturing Grace’s heart. After what seems like a lifetime of dodging commitment, Doug takes a leap of faith and takes a chance to give Grace another chance in this feel-good binge-worthy tale.

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Pat Fifield writes laugh-out-loud comedy plays and sweet romance novels about second chances. Sixteen of her plays have been produced in theatres and venues from California to New York. She's earned several awards for her writing. Pat has more books in the works: 'Charley and the Harley,' 'Mahi-Mahi Matrimony,' 'The Princess and the PC,' 'Christmas Cowboy,' and 'Kitty not Cat.' She's also working on a made-for-TV movie, 'The Summerside Inn.' She and her composer husband moved from California to the NYC area a couple of years ago and are working on getting their new musical onto Broadway!