Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Walking Among The Tress By Frank Oliva

 Walking Among the Trees is a gripping journey through past sins and present horrors.

After notifying the bishop that a young girl possessed by an invisible demon must be exorcised immediately, Father Nathaniel Kerrigan is shocked when the bishop insists he perform the ritual. Panicked, Kerrigan calls on his old friend and trusted mentor, Monsignor Carmichael, to convince the bishop he should use another priest instead. But when Kerrigan claims he wants out because he has no experience with the preternatural, Carmichael fears there is much more at stake than Kerrigan’s letting on. As Carmichael drags Kerrigan on a dark and painful journey through a secluded nature preserve, it soon becomes clear the real reason Kerrigan is so desperate to avoid the confrontation is that the demon inside the girl has a window into his hidden past.

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Frank Michael Oliva is a practicing attorney and law professor from Long Island, New York. As a teenager, he worked as a receptionist at the rectory of his local parish and developed a close relationship with one of the priests, a former English teacher. Their philosophical conversations about the nature of good and evil left a lasting impression on Frank and inspired him to write his first novel, Walking Among the Trees, nearly two decades later. When he isn't busy working or writing, Frank can be found spending time with his wife and twin children, reading, or playing video games.

My Thoughts...
A great October read or any time you want  a great mystery with a fantastic ending that you didn't see coming.
Thriller lovers are going to love this one, maybe the best debut book I have read this year so far and the years about over.
You are going to want to read this 5 star read. 
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  1. All you have to say is 5 star. I want to read this.

  2. I don't think that I have read this author.

    1. I am debut - this is my first novel. I am going to be starting a second soon, though.

  3. Thanks so much for your thoughtful review, Mary! I am so glad you enjoyed Walking Among the Trees!

  4. I got my copy in my cart you hardly ever give 5 stars.