Tuesday, February 21, 2023

The Singer of Israel by Henry O. Arnold


A singer’s voice inspires a troubled nation…
A shepherd’s courage vanquishes a giant

The last official act of the prophet of Yahweh was to secretly anoint a replacement for the king of Israel who has been brought low by an unbalanced mind. The great prophet of Israel lives in fear of the wrath of the king. Then out of the hills of Bethlehem emerges the last-born son of a family of shepherds to become the unforeseen hero of Israel.

When David sings of the glory of Yahweh, this shepherd wins the hearts of the royal family and restores King Saul’s troubled mind. But when the singer/shepherd defeats the champion of the Philistines in single combat, David becomes forever known as “the giant-slayer.” Saul quickly sees that David is now a threat to his kingdom and secretly plots to have him killed.

David may be the champion of the people of Israel, but he must live under the constant threat of Saul’s wrath until he is finally forced to flee for his life.

The Singer of Israel is a tale of triumph and tribulation, deepest love and burning rivalries; the new epoch is given a voice…and it is The Song of Prophets and Kings

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Henry O. Arnold's new novel, "The Singer of Israel" is the third volume in his historical/biblical fiction series "The Song of Prophets and Kings." Books one and two are "A Voice Within the Flame" and "Crown of the Warrior King." Arnold says, "I am no scholar or professional theologian. My novels are simply an invitation for the reader to look into the heart and soul of these characters and feel an emotional tug. Once you imagine the secret inner life of an historical character, then you are living in their world, and the past becomes the present."

"A Voice Within the Flame was included in the fiction section of K-LOVE'S recommended Summer Reading list for 2021. He has also been the narrator for dozens of audio books including his own novels. There are two more books in this series, so stay tuned. Arnold lives on a farm in Tennessee with his lovely wife Kay. They have two beautiful daughters married to two handsome men with three above-average grandchildren. For more information please visit: www.henryoarnold.com