Monday, September 18, 2023

The Pursuer by Eva Shaw

 The War may be over, but secrets linger.

While World War II has been over for two years, its horrors linger within society, and chance encounters expose the still-festering wounds. Like most Americans, Beatrix Patterson and her husband Thomas Ling are trying to accept the past in order to focus on the future and a family.

Despite her desire for a quiet life, Beatrix must become a pursuer of truth once again when asked to expose suspected war criminals who may have killed thousands, a diabolical scheme to rob Indigenous Americans of their relics, and a person practicing voodoo as a means to murder a respected member of the Santa Barbara religious community.

Who can she trust to speak the truth when everyone involved seems to be hiding something that could ruin their lives? 
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Fun facts...or personal quirkiness???

• Eva admits to being a “terrier person,” and previously adopted senior Welsh terriers. The latest family member is two-year-old Coco Rose and admits, “Coco is a dream now, but she was the most challenging puppy I’ve ever met.”

• Eva supports Days for Girls International and 50 percent of the profits from “The Seer” goes straight to helping girls throughout the world have menstrual dignity. Why? Proper menstrual health management is a universal human right, a critical component of gender equity and vital to women and girls reaching their full potential. Please visit

• One of the world’s pickiest eaters, Eva loves delicious food. Being choosy, she says, “Means I learned to cook well because I like to eat well.”

• Eva has traveled to more than 35 foreign countries and 48 states. She smiles just thinking of packing a bag, standing in line for TSA or pulling out her passport.

• An avid gardener, she obsessed with growing flowers and in the spring her garden explodes in a kaleidoscope of colors.

• Little-known fact: Eva plays the banjolele. “Not well, mind you, but I love it. I’ve even started playing in my church’s ukulele/banjolele band. 
My Thoughts...
I have read all three books and Beatrix Patterson mystery series and enjoyed them. They can be read as stand alone. It will not affect the story at all, but with that being said you will enjoy all three books.