Thursday, December 7, 2023

Uncle Eli by Kristi Copeland

 When Roger Lawrence inherits a vineyard from his Uncle Eli, he has no clue the kind of adventure he's getting himself into. With the help of his wife Benita, they take on the task of reviving the abandoned vines, building Castle Oaks Winery from the ground up. But strange things begin to happen—customers are convinced the winery is haunted, and the Lawrences find themselves at a loss to explain the inexplicable.

Enter a group of determined friends, ready to solve the mystery behind the strange happenings at Castle Oaks. Twists and turns lead them down a path they never imagined, culminating in a revelation of buried family secrets.

Gripping and full of intrigue, "Uncle Eli" takes you on a journey through the tangled vines of one family's history, and the determination it takes to bring forth new growth.

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All my life, writing, sharing experiences through story-telling, and intensive research has interested me. All of these loves are combined to give my readers an experience through the written word. I reside in a small town in northeast Texas and originate from a small town in Michigan. Both MI and TX are prominent in my writing.

Everywhere I look, I see someone begging me to write about them. Music, every day life, and even my husband’s dreams inspire ideas about new books! Like so many of my favorite novels have done for me, I sincerely hope to connect with you through my writing. My simple communication style brings words off the page to a vision in your mind.

Join me as I create scenarios that could happen to anyone…and probably have. Maybe me, maybe you.