Thursday, February 22, 2024

All You'll See Is Sky by Janet Wilson


Despite having everything she could ask for, Janet Wilson couldn’t shake a sense of emptiness in her life—or her desire to return to the continent of her birth. After much back-and-forth, she and her husband reached an agreement: they would embark on a daring adventure, driving 25,000 miles across Africa. What they couldn’t anticipate then was how this trip would challenge almost every belief, opinion, and value they held.

Over the course of their journey, Janet and her husband collided with the world and each other. There were tears and laughter. They shared thrilling highlights and challenges that forced them to negotiate and cooperate with one another. And after a heartbreaking tragedy and Janet’s arrest, they made critical decisions that transformed their relationship, bringing them to a level of trust and commitment they had never before experienced. Ultimately, this led them to a deeper understanding about their place in the world—and each other’s lives.

A suspenseful and emotional true account that explores themes of love, commitment, resilience, and the power of forgiveness in the face of adversity, All You’ll See is Sky is a memoir of a woman’s transformation from brokenness to wholeness and a couple's transformation from breakdown to breakthrough.

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Janet A Wilson was born and raised in South Africa. She has a fierce love for the continent's wilderness, wildlife, and the rich diversity of cultures and people. She lived in the wilderness, as her husband was an exploration geologist. Surrounded by wildlife, no running water, no electricity, and a toddler, Janet loved their lifestyle. But unwilling to support apartheid, they immigrated to Canada with their sons in 1979. But she always retained her desire to return to Africa and explore the continent. Janet has experienced three extensive overland travels across Africa with her husband. The couple have also driven from Alaska to Argentina. She lives in Calgary, Canada. She graduated with a degree in sociology and nursing and obtained her Master’s in Health Administration.