Sunday, May 13, 2012

Interview with Deanna Nowadnick, Author of "Fruit of My Spirit"

This is my first book. I never planned to become a writer. Even though I majored in English at Pacific Lutheran University, I never enjoyed writing assignments. I actually think it had more to do with being told what to write, rather than the writing itself.
My “day job” is with The Planner’s Edge, a financial advisory firm in Washington State. The boss and I have been together for 22 years. Today I’m his Client Service Coordinator.  I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of his practice and working with his clients. And since I telecommute, I have even more time to write!
I live in Monroe, Washington in the sunny Pacific Northwest. I’m active in my church, editing the monthly newsletter and playing violin during worship services. I love to knit, adore chocolate, and enjoy a blessed marriage to Kurt.
Can you tell us why you wrote Fruit of My Spirit? Tell us all about your journey.
As I said in my bio, I did not intend to write a book. I just wanted my sons Kyle and Kevin to know how I met their father. The chapter on Love went straight into the chapter on Self-Discipline. And by the time I was done with those two chapters, there was no stopping me. While writing I had no idea where the book would go and where it would end up. I did know that by the time I got to Patience, a theme had developed.
The words and stories came to me very quickly. After waiting over fifty years to speak, I had the book’s first draft done in three short months. I have loved every part of the process, especially the people God has placed before me at every twist and turn. I still thumb the pages of my copy and marvel at the whole project.
What would you like readers to take away from your book?
God has made us exactly as we were meant to be. It’s easy to focus on all our shortcomings and failings, but those shortcomings and failings are the very tools God can use for the work ahead, His work. God has chosen us to be a witness to the life that possible in Him and through Him. Whether we’re standing in the line at the grocery store (for some of us, like me, not likely) or getting a facial (for some of us, like me, more likely), we get to be His representative at that exact moment. To do that, we get to be our own loving, imperfect, dynamic, challenging, passionate, impatient selves, just the people God needs us to be.
Do you like to read? What do you like to read?
I love to read. I always have books with me—hard copies and on my Kindle. There are times I will bury myself in a Jane Austen classic and other times I can be found delighting in a new discovery. I’ll race through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Hunger Games and catch my breath with another local author’s No Road Home. Anne Lamott continues to inspire me; Beth Moore nurtures my faith. And can I mention Carolyn Keene? I grew up immersed in Nancy Drew mysteries. In fourth grade, I just wanted to grow up and be Nancy Drew. I will be forever grateful for authors whose stories carried me away to another time and place.
Can you tell us about your family?
My husband Kurt and I met in college 39 years ago. We’ve been married almost 31 years. We are the proud parents of two adult sons, Kyle and Kevin. Kyle is a financial advisor and Kevin is in training to become a commercial real estate appraiser. Both boys are close enough for a quick lunch and visits as a family.
Kurt is my best friend, my favorite companion. As I write, we’ve just returned from ten days together in Palm Springs. We thoroughly enjoy our time together, alone just the two of us and also together with the boys. We still date, catching the latest movie and grabbing dinner at our favorite restaurants.
Tell us your favorite memory you share with Kurt?
My husband Kurt was a high school teacher and coach before retiring. I will forever treasure watching him in the classroom and on the football field. He was passionate about his work and totally dedicated to his students. He gave them his very best and expected the same in return. He would challenge, correct, guide and direct. And then I would hear him clap his hands, gather the kids around him, and say, “Are we having fun yet?” It still makes me smile to think about it.
Do you plan to write another book?
Yes, I’m working on Book 2 now. Signs in Life: Meeting God at the Corner of Grace and Mercy tells of those times when God has come alongside and guided, directed and turned me. The book is another collection of short stories, this time recounting when God has met me at life’s crossroads, when I’ve been “on point” with God, not because of anything I’ve done, but because a loving, gracious, merciful God has been there time after time, again and again.
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