Friday, August 10, 2012

Interview and 2 book Giveaway!

How does faith play into your writing?
Everything in life involves faith, literally. It’s not an irrational belief that weak people grasp for strength. Relationships, career, marriage, and parenting are biggies but minor areas require trust in something—hope for what is unseen. Toddlers learn to walk believing it will be worth it; someone will provide support along the way; and eventually they will succeed. We smile at a stranger, fully expecting a connection. Our feelings hinge on reciprocation from someone who values us.
Somewhere along the way, we lose sight of the big picture and our dreams crash down. Myopia begins to paralyze us. We know there’s someone who can make a difference yet we’re consumed with trying to do everything ourselves. My plot is based on the truth of a person’s worth—from misguided attempts that result in struggles and despair—to God’s intricate plans of glorious success for each of His treasured creations. He longs for us to sail across the water, to stop groping with our oars in an attempt to row in stormy seas. In essence, it all comes back to simple faith. Is there really a deity who cares? Will my life be different if I include Him?
“For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen…so they are without excuse…Professing to be wise, they became fools...” Rom. 1:20-22
“God not only desires for us to know Him, but to believe Him.” Is 43:10
What is your favorite Bible verse?
An awesome Creator reached down to this lonely little girl years ago and scooped me up in His strong arms. My life was changed forever when Jesus became personally involved. We developed an intimate relationship as we walked and talked. Most days, He was the only friend I had to play with. Scripture influenced my thinking, actions, and choices as I grew but two verses were extra special!!!
“You will show me the path of life; in your presence is fullness of joy.” Ps. 16:11
“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Ps. 37:4
Why did you choose this genre?
Everyone enjoys escaping from his or her occasionally boring, painful, or stress-filled life. That’s why we usually read books. Fairy tales are great for children; and adults often need an inspiring break when dealing with tough, real-life situations.
When my oldest children were three and one, I birthed twins. The roller coaster never seemed to stop. Watching people interact, while discussing various issues and building relationships, helped give me balance. Unfortunately, some acquaintances seemed confused and in desperate need of intervention. My heart was broken for friends who had no peace or joy. You can only offer so much helpful advice. However, some didn’t even want that yet kept buying self-help books. Some people urged me to write a book—intrigued with my positive focus and zest for living.
“Write the book you would like to read,” was emblazoned in my mind after my first writer’s conference. To spend time reading, without gleaning something meaningful to hang onto, seemed a waste. So inspirational fiction, mixing strong characters with an interesting plot while adding creative and practical insight and offering hope, became my goal.
As you researched your books, did you learn anything that really touched your heart?
I’ve always enjoyed hospitality and we owned a Bed & Breakfast for a few years in Texas, where I began to actively write my novels. Many delightful guests offered insights about their careers, what was significant in their homes, and shared assorted bits of intriguing information when they learned about my pursuits. The exchange of interesting tidbits—personalized by people that cared—rocketed me into my writing world with gusto. Our camaraderie gave me the impetus to go places I would never have dared alone. Brief comments often turned into amazing treasures! Some of my cherished friends even began to care about my make-believe characters, because they represented people in their lives. Love and reconciliation are powerful incentives. It still overwhelms me how certain pieces fit together as the stories evolved; and my heart was definitely impacted personally.
What is the most important thing you hope that your readers will take away from your books?
We long to feel valued and be a significant part of a whole yet the storms of life often leave us bruised and broken. No matter what the circumstances, remember that sailors aren’t made on smooth seas. Our responses to adversity show what we're really made of. Granny offered a godly legacy. Lisa's faith resulted in a wonderful future for herself and others. Treasure your family members, nurturing those difficult relationships if it becomes necessary. Love requires selfless giving and forgiveness. Most important, life takes on new meaning when you encounter the Creator personally and enjoy creation in the way He intends. He offers a fresh sunrise and sunset every single day—in addition to many other masterpieces of beauty meant to provide enjoyment. In the end, only one thing really matters.
What are you writing now?
I’m currently finishing a novel, Fina’s Dötter, based on my mother’s life—that she started fifty years ago. A child of immigrant parents, she was orphaned early and bravely survived harsh conditions and bitter winters in Upper Michigan before her sadness and discouragement as a teenager was changed into joy. Mama left a wonderful legacy of love and kindness when she died on May 31.
Do you have a blog or website?
My website is where I blog and have additional information about my books.


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