Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Interview with Sheryl Young a Messianic Jewish believer in Jesus

Author Sheryl Young has written a new pocket-sized devotional called God, Am I Nobody?
It’s subtitled: Yielding Our Desire for Success to God's Will for Our Lives, and deals with how Christians might be conflicted between wanting “success” as the world defines it, or following God's plan for their lives. The big question is, why does God use some people in the spotlight, and others in the shadows?

Sheryl’s been a freelance writer since 1997 for newspapers, magazines and websites. This is her second book. I interviewed Sheryl about her journey with this project.

What made you write a devotional on how “worldly success” might differ from God’s plans for us?
It was so hard for me to give all the glory to God when first accepting Jesus as my Savior. I grew up doing modeling and musical theatre where there was lots of applause, so I suffered from what I call "attention-itis" - the need for recognition. Even after finding the Lord and starting to write on Christian issues, it took many years to become conscious of giving all praise to the Lord for my endeavors.

One day, I brushed against a shelf in a Christian bookstore. A book tumbled to the ground, and landed open to a short sermon by Hudson Taylor, A Higher Calling.

Taylor, a 19th century missionary who devoted his life to serving the people of China, wrote about Christians needing to fully turn themselves over to the Lord, no matter the cost, and to put our pride aside even if we had to work in obscurity. This really touched me and made me feel like a self-absorbed fool! It became the basis for the devotional.

So how is the devotional structured?
It’s a convenient, carry-anywhere little book consisting of 17 chapters. Each chapter includes segments of Taylor's sermonette, along with parallel Bible verses and thoughts for everyday application, like those I discovered during my own journey. The chapters are short enough to be studied one per day, but can also be absorbed at a reader’s own leisurely pace.

Who is this devotional good for?
This devotional is good for many kinds of people, starting with those like myself who’ve wondered when their personal success might come, even while doing good works for the Lord! But also, for people preparing for missions; Empty nesters who are wondering what’s next, how can I be useful? Stay-at-home moms who wonder what their career friends’ lives are like; or on the contrary, people whose careers haven’t given them the fulfillment they wanted; teens and young adults who aren’t decided on their careers or future ministries; pastors or pastors’ wives who’ve become discouraged in the ministry; and it’s also good for small group Bible studies on topics like pride vs. humility, waiting on God’s timing, etc.

God, Am I Nobody was released in November 2011 by Treble Heart Book’s nonfiction division, MountainView. Although it’s not in bookstores, it’s available at many places online:

-At the publisher’s website in paperback or e-book: http://www.trebleheartbooks.com/MVSherylYoung.html

By the way, Sheryl’s first book, What Every Christian Should Know about the Jewish People (she’s a Jewish believer in Jesus), is still available in paperback at the publisher’s website: https://www.winepressbooks.com/What-Every-Christian-Should-Know-About-the-Jewish-People/products/1852/9781414110745

Sheryl blogs about politics, faith and entertainment at http://20-20faithsight.blogspot.com.
Follow her on Twitter: @sheryltruth 


  1. Nice post. It's interesting how the Lord works with us. So many might think that bookstore incident was an accident. Rom. 8:28 refers to even seemingly insignificant events. My favorite verses are Prov. 16:9, 12:21.


    Tom Blubaugh, author
    Night of the Cossack

  2. What a great interview. It is interesting to see how God works in other people's life. It is amazing how God works when he wants our attention. Take the incident with the book falling on the floor and the page is opened to A Higher Calling.

    God, Am I Nobody, sounds like a good devotional.

    Thanks Mary for this interview with Sheryl.


  3. Thanks, Mary, for using this interview on your site! It's always wonderful to meet another person with a heart for Christ! Thanks to your readers who have commented, as well.

  4. wondeful interview Mary,it really blesses my heart,,great job..

  5. Excellent interview, Mary! This book sounds like a wonderful reference book for our daily struggles in this world of greed. Thanks for sharing, Sheryl!

  6. Excellent and a book I believe I'd benefit from as well as others to pass on.
    Thanks and blessings,