Wednesday, April 10, 2013

If the Shoe fits By Sandra Bricker GIVEAWAY!

Julianne used to believe in fairy tales; she's been watching for Prince Charming to come charging in on his white steed ever since the day her mother read her Cinderella for the first time. But she's never come close to finding the perfect man-instead she's always tripping over her childhood best friend, Will. And who finds their Prince Charming on a 10-speed bicycle on the other side of the cul de sac? Well... Julianne does. Only she doesn't have a clue.
She and Will are attorneys now, and they've joined up in private practice in a beautiful Cincinnati office building that overlooks the Ohio River. And then one day Julianne is on her way to court, and runs right smack dab into Prince Charming. But when she looks again, all she finds is a metaphoric sign she is certain came straight from Heaven: The Prince's toolbox has fallen off the back of his truck, and a work boot along with it. What better way for God to grab the attention of a Cinderella-in-training than to show her a glass slipper...errrr, work boot?...waiting to be reunited with its owner?
So she sets out to track down the mysterious Prince Charming. He's the most gorgeous guy she's ever seen...and a caring animal rescuer, too. Surely he must be the soul mate God has prepared her for.
But, Julianne's prince is starting to look less and less charming all the time. No matter how she tries to romanticize him, he just keeps tumbling down off that dumb pedestal. And with the Bar Association dinner coming up that will honor her for her outstanding charity work over the year, Julianne wants so much for her friends and colleagues to see her with someone besides her best friend Will. To make matters worse, Prince Charming has no designs on wearing a penguin suit and attending a stuffy old dinner. With her pride pressing in on her like sticks from a cactus, Julianne sinks to the bottom of the proverbial barrel and actually offers to pay Paul to be her date.
Julianne is on a collision course with God's perfect plan for her life...if only she could open her eyes and see it before it's too late.
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SANDRA D. BRICKER was an entertainment publicist in Los Angeles for 15+ years. She is now a best-selling, award-winning author of laugh-out-loud fiction for the inspirational market. As an ovarian cancer survivor, she gears time and effort toward raising awareness and funds for research, diagnostics and a cure. Her latest novel, Book #3 of 4 in the Another Emma Rae Creation series for Abingdon Press, is Always the Designer, Never the Bride. Sandie invites every reader to click the FOLLOW button on her newly-redesigned blog and contribute to the ongoing conversations,

This is the first book I have read by Sandra, BUT not my last.
This was such a fun book, I loved it.
Don't we all love a good  fairytale, the happy ever after is what we all are looking for in a 5 star book.
You are sure to enjoy the super fun character Julianne. Will Julianne find her prince charming? You must pre-order your copy to find out.
I recommend this book if you are looking for a fun, fast book to enjoy.
I was given a copy of this book by Wynn Wynn Media for my honest review.


  1. I love a fun read, I just pre-ordered me a copy. Thanks for your review Mary.

  2. I haven't read anything by Sandra yet. I do know from FB that she has a great sense of humor. Thanks for your review Mary!

    Judy B

  3. This is a new author to me, I have not read her but I want to now that I have read your review.

  4. this sounds like a great book and would like to win it and read it
    debbie Curto

  5. Thanks for the opportunity to get this book. I want to read Sandra's work.
    Lyndie Blevins

  6. I love a good fairy tale. Would love to read this thanks for the giveaway Mary.

  7. I have read all of Sandra's previous books and enjoyed them greatly. Would very much like to win this one. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Karen Schulz
    aregeetee5162 at yahoo dot com

  8. Sandra is a new to me author. This books sounds like so much fun which is something I desperately need right now. Will add it to my wishlist.

    Thank you Mary for another great new to me author and book

    Cathy Weber

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    1. James, you are the WINNER! I will get your book right out to you!

  10. Sounds like a cute ,fun book to read .Blessings ,Dana "Girl"

  11. Thanks for the heads up, Mary! I've heard talk of Sandra's books, but haven't had the pleasure of reading any of them yet. Great review. I'll keep my eyes open for this one!

  12. We have Sandra's books in our church library.
    I would love to win this one to add to our collection.
    Janet E.

  13. Great review, I love this book! I will be posting my review on my blog in mid-May.
    ~Mrs. Lopez of