Monday, April 29, 2013

Katie's Choice By Amy Lillard GIVEAWAY!

Katie Rose Fisher loved Samuel Beachy with an intensity that shook their Amish district. No one doubted they would one day marry, until Samuel turned his back on the church and joined the world of the English.

Alone now in Clover Ridge, Katie Rose dedicates her life to God and the school children she teaches each day. Although she secretly longs for more, Katie knows God’s hand is at work, and she is happy.
News correspondent Zane Carson never even knew Oklahoma had an Amish community until he got the chance to live among them and learn about their day-to-day activities. Their simple way of life is intriguing, but not half as much as the young teacher.
Katie Rose is flattered over the attention she receives from Zane, but she has resolved to never marry. Even if she were to entertain the idea, it surely couldn’t be with an outsider like Zane.
Never one prone to the restraints of organized religion, Zane finds a comfort in the rituals and blessings in the day to day righteous living of this small Amish community. He finds himself, God, and love with Katie Rose.
But as Zane draws closer to Katie Rose, Samuel comes back to repent his ways and return to his place at her side. Can Zane convince Katie Rose that he is committed to adapting to her way of life, or will Samuel win her affec- tions back for himself once again?

Amy Lillard is an award-winning writer who loves reading romance novels from contemporary to Amish. These two genres met in her first book, 2012's Saving Gideon. Born and bred in Mississippi, she now lives with her husband and son in Oklahoma.

Well folks Amy has done it again, wrote one of the best Amish books you will read this year.
I really liked Saving Gideon a lot and I did not think that Amy could write a better story but boy was I wrong. I LOVED Katie's Choice and I only put it down one time to check facebook.  Hey now I can see you all laughing at that. Stop it!
I love the folks in Clover Ridge. I can't get enough of them.
Of course this is a 5 star book who in their right mind can read one of Amy's books and not say it is a 5 star book, Hello you can't put them down.
I can't wait to see what comes next from Amy!
I was given a copy of this book by the author.


  1. Sounds like book two By Amy is anther hit! This is another that I will put on my must read list. I hope that there will be another to follow!

    Thanks for great review Mary!

    Cathy Weber

  2. Thank you, Mary! I've been a part of Amy's Street Team, and we've had a wonderful time promoting this book. I read Saving Gideon and was impressed. I can't wait to get into this one! It just arrived Saturday!

  3. Love Amy's books.
    Great review Mary.
    Bless You,
    Carolyn Jefferson

  4. O yes, I got Amys last book because you said it was so good. And you were right it was very good. I have to buy a copy of this ne now. Thank you Mary

  5. I really want to read one of Amy's books.
    Thanks Mary for the great review and contest

  6. This is an author that you told me about of course I went right away and got a copy of the first book Saving Gideon and I loved it so mush I could not get over it being her first book. So I will order this one from Amazon and have it over nighted to me. You are the best Mary, thank you for all of your reviews. I love you.

  7. I am sure that I would love it, so, PICK ME! Thanks and God bless

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    1. James, you are the WINNER of this 5 star book! Congrats! I will get your book right out to you!

  9. I want to read this book...sounds great.I am putting it on my to read list.Thanks for the great review.

  10. This review shows me that I want this book. Please enter my name. i don't have of Amy's books.
    Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

  11. This is another must have read. I have Saving Gideon but haven't read it yet. It is next up on my list after finishing a book I am now reading. I could just go right into Katie's Choice if I won it! Thanks Mary for your great review and giveaway!

    Judy B

  12. Took a look at this book yesterday it does sound really good.Blessings ,Dana "Girl"

  13. This sounds really interesting, I would love to win! My email is ljgarrity80(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!

  14. Just finished Saving Gideon and enjoyed it so much! Looking forward eagerly to Katie's Choice, I would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity..

    Karen Schulz
    aregeetee5162 at yahoo dot com

  15. I'm sitting here with my mouth hanging open. I am so glad that you enjoyed Katie's Choice. That Zane Carson is something else. :) Thank you. Mary and EVERYONE of you for your wonderful comments about my books. It's one thing to have a book inside that you want to write and quite another to have so many people enjoy it. Feeling well and truly blessed! *sniff* You make it all worthwhile!

  16. Sounds like a great book, would love to read it! :)

  17. I would love to read this book! wonderful review as always, Mary! thanks! Rhonda

  18. I haven't read any of her books so I hope that I win this one. Sharma Darby

  19. Another wonderful review Mary!
    Would love to win Amy's book!