Tuesday, May 10, 2016

UNASHAMED By Christine Caine

Shame can take on many forms. It hides in the shadows of the most successful, confident and high-achieving woman who struggles with balancing her work and children, as well as in the heart of the broken, abused and downtrodden woman who has been told that she will never amount to anything. Shame hides in plain sight and can hold us back in ways we do not realize. But Christine Caine wants readers to know something: we can all be free.
“I know. I’ve been there,” writes Christine. “I was schooled in shame. It has been my constant companion from my very earliest memories. I see shame everywhere I look in the world, including in the church. It creeps from heart to heart, growing in shadowy places, feeding on itself so that those struggling with it are too shamed to seek help from shame itself.”
In Unashamed, Christine reveals the often-hidden consequences of shame—in her own life and the lives of so many Christian women—and invites you to join her in moving from a shame-filled to a shame-free life.
In her passionate and candid style, Christine leads you into God’s Word where you will see for yourself how to believe that God is bigger than your mistakes, your inadequacies, your past, and your limitations. He is not only more powerful than anything you’ve done but also stronger than anything ever done to you. You can deal with your yesterday today, so that you can move on to what God has in store for you tomorrow—a powerful purpose and destiny he wants you to fulfill.
Join the journey. Lay ahold of the power of Jesus Christ today and step into the future—his future for you—a beautiful, full, life-giving future, where you can even become a shame-lifter to others. Live unashamed!

You must pick up a copy of this book....

Christine Caine is a recognized teacher, preacher, author, and activist. As a founder of The A21 Campaign, Christine leads one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world dedicated to rescuing victims of human trafficking in  twelve countries. Additionally, through her personal ministry, Christine shares messages of hope, encouragement, and freedom in churches across the globe and frequently addresses leaders of some of the world’s largest organizations. Christine and her husband, Nick, spend their time in both Sydney, Australia, and the United States, and they adore their daughters Catie and Sophie.

Women let me tell you right now, run don't walk and get your copy of Unashamed right now. It's a life changing book.   You will thank me for recommending it I am sure! You don't want a copy from the library you want your very own copy, it will be all marked up when you are done reading it.
You should see my copy I have so many important things underlined, and highlighted.
One of Caine's goals for this book is to break strongholds and create a kind of freedom we have never seen in the body of Christ. 
Ladies you no longer have to live in a prison feeling ashamed. God loves you right where you are no matter what your past is.
I feel like I want to start a ladies group in my community just to share this book with as many as I can. It is a gift to us all. We all carry baggage and its time to drop it and claim our destiny.
Here is one of my favorite lessons in this book although there are many more: " I have learned that in order  to get unhooked from the pain of my past, I have to continuously  choose to change  my perspective. I need to look at things through God's eyes--- through the resurrection power of Jesus"
Now ladies tell me that is not powerful. Caine is so passionate about what she is writing about in this book it seeps off the page in to your heart as you are reading. Such powerful advice and she tells you she was schooled in shame.
We all hold on to shame but this is a life changing help guide for us if we will just sit down and read it and let is sink in.
I gave this book 5 stars two times. I HIGHLY recommend it. I plan to give many copies to all the ladies who I love in my life.
I was given a copy of this book by the author and the publisher for my honest review.


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