Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Saving the Saved By Bryan Loritts

White-knuckling can never get you where you want to go. But grace can.
You already know because you’ve tried: repeated attempts to earn God’s love and approval get you nowhere and leave you exhausted. When performance taints our relationship with him, the Christian life can turn into an unholy hustle. It was never meant to be like this.
In Saving the Saved, Pastor Bryan Loritts reveals the astonishing truth that God doesn’t want your spiritual scorekeeping. He simply wants your surrender. The punchline of the gospel of Matthew is just that—a message of grace and performance-free love to do-good, try-harder Jews who thought they had to earn their way into God’s favor. It’s an ancient message, yet it can be a lifeline to us today as we live in a world of performance metrics. Just as Matthew wrote to the Jews in his gospel, we were never meant to flounder under the pressures and anxieties of show Christianity. Make no mistake: we are called to live in obedience, but Jesus wants us to save us from the illusion that our actions can ever earn God’s acceptance of us.
In Pastor Bryan’s relevant, uncompromising style, Saving the Saved proclaims the good news that once the pressure is off to perform, we are free to abide. Beyond the man-made rules and the red tape, there is a God who knows you by name. Come and meet him as you’ve never known him before.
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Bryan Loritts is the lead pastor of Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in Silicon Valley.  A graduate of Cairn University (formerly Philadelphia College of Bible) and Talbot School of Theology, Bryan Loritts was recently voted one of the top thirty emerging Christian leaders. He is the co-founder of Fellowship Memphis—a multi-ethnic church where Bryan served for eleven years, helping it to grow from twenty-six people in a living room to several thousand. Pastor Bryan also served as pastor for preaching and mission at Trinity Grace Church in New York City, and is the author of several books.  He is the President of the Kainos Movement, an organization aimed at establishing the multi-ethnic church in America as the new normal, and sits on the Board of Trustees for Biola University and Board of Directors for Pine Cove.  He is the husband of Korie and proud father of three boys: Quentin, Myles, and Jaden.  You can follow Pastor Bryan on Twitter @bcloritts.

 A much needed book.  Loritts wants us to understand that, Jesus wants us to save us from the illusion that our actions can ever earn God’s acceptance of us.
I found the scriptures through out this book are so refreshing and on point.
I really feel like Loritts gets this whole try harder to be accepted by Jesus.
I Highly recommend this book I gave this book 4.5.
I received this book  from Wynn Wynn Media to review. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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