Thursday, February 16, 2017

Recruits By Thomas Locke

For more than a decade, twins Sean and Dillon Kirrel have felt pulled toward another world--a place they have sketched out in detail and posted on the walls of their bedroom. They are certain it is out there. Soon after their seventeenth birthday, they are approached by a clandestine scout. To him, Earth is just a distant and unmonitored outpost of human civilization. But he explains that Sean and Dillon share a unique gift--the ability to transfer instantly from place to place. Transitors who are also twins are especially rare, and so they are offered an opportunity to prove themselves as recruits to the human assembly. If they don't succeed within thirty days, their minds will be wiped. Either they make the grade as inter-planetary travelers--or this never happened.

From the infinite imagination of Thomas Locke comes this otherworldly new series that will challenge young readers' understanding of time, space, and human limitations.

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Thomas Locke is a pseudonym for Davis Bunn, an award-winning novelist with worldwide sales of seven million copies in twenty languages. Davis divides his time between Oxford and Florida and holds a lifelong passion for speculative stories. He is the author of Emissary and Merchant of Alyss in the Legends of the Realm series, as well as Trial Run and Flash Point in the Fault Lines series. Learn more at

Just not a sci-fi fan at all. That being said I did make it through this book. It was different to say the least but I stuck with it. I like different.
The characters and the storyline were interesting and different. Sean and his twin Dillon are real characters.
I look forward to the next book by Locke, this was my first one and I can't wait to read the next one.
I gave this book 4 stars based on the fact it was different and well written.
I received  this book from the publisher for review. A favorable was not required and all views expressed are my own. 


  1. I will check my library for this one.

    1. Skyler, You are the WINNER! I will get your book right out to you!

  2. Different I like different the same ole same ole gets way to old.

  3. I have never read sci-fi books I might try this one and see how I like them.

  4. Don't sound like one I want to read.

  5. This one I want to read really bad. So glad to see you are having more books to my taste.

  6. Mr.Bunn writes weird to me. I may need to pass on this one. Thanks Mary

  7. I'm not sure. I can only take scifi small doses

  8. Not a sci-fi fan at all. Think I will definitely pass on this one.

  9. I am not a sci-fi fan...books, movies..not for me!

  10. I would give it a try since you gave it a 4 . Blessings ,DanaGirl