Friday, February 10, 2017

Snow Country By Kristen Neva GIVEAWAY!

Shame desperately depends on secrecy for its survival in this multi-generational story of love and loss.

JILTED THREE WEEKS BEFORE HER WEDDING, Beth Dawson escapes sunny California for the snowy Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where a young State Trooper challenges her to let go of her rules for Christian courtship. Her domineering mother chides her to stay single and wants her to talk her ailing grandmother into moving to Los Angeles.

COPPER ISLAND averages over 200 inches of snow annually. The fictional towns of Douglass and Quincy mirror the actual towns of Houghton and Hancock. Although the names of businesses and persons are imaginary, the history, landmarks, and spirit described in the novel are real.

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KRISTIN NEVA grew up in an old farmhouse on Copper Island in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula where the hard-working, rugged residents persevere through harsh winter weather, sustained by friendship and family, surrounded by natural beauty. As an adult, she lived in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas for seventeen years before returning to her hometown with her husband and two children.
Kristin’s first book, Heavy, co-authored with her husband, Todd, journeys through the first year after Todd’s ALS diagnosis as the Nevas struggle to find meaning, hold on to faith, and discover joy in the midst of pain.

It is this life experience that brings authenticity to Kristin’s fictional works as she explores themes of love, loss, and faith on Copper Island.

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I love Michigan and I found Neva to be very detailed and on point with her writing about it. I like a good romance as well and again Neva did a great job in that department.
I  like books set in small towns, I love how reading this book it felt like I was right there in Michigan.
I am excited to read book two in this series. Bring it on Neva.
I gave this book 4 stars and I hope that you will check out this new author.
I received  this book from the Author for review. A favorable was not required and all views expressed are my own. 
The Author is giving away a copy  of Snow Country to one blog follower that leaves a comment.


  1. According to your review I shall go order this one. Thanks for sharing a new author.

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    1. Sarah, you are the WINNER! The author will get your book right out to you. Congrats!

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