Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tackling the Fields By Janet Furguson

Cole Sanders is a changed man. The university quarterback questions his direction in life after serving on a mission trip in Honduras. Things that used to fill Cole's ego seem empty after witnessing the developing country's extreme poverty and the death of a precious child. The one glimmer of hope through his confusion is the fresh perspective he now has about his tutor, Audrey. She possesses something beautiful inside and out--something that might help him become the person he wants to be.

University senior Audrey Vaughn tutored Cole Sanders for an entire year and never imagined the popular quarterback would see her as anything more than a friend. After partnering with him on the mission trip, they are drawn together. And he appears to have changed for the better. To let Cole into her life, Audrey will have to overcome not only her brother's distrust, but also the paralyzing fear still lingering from a past she's tried to leave behind.

Cole can't walk away from Audrey now that they're back in Oxford. He'll have to figure out how to keep her giant of a brother, a lineman on his football team, from killing him when the coach has his back turned. But can Audrey trust her heart to a player so similar to the one who stole so much from her in the past?

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Janet W. Ferguson grew up in Mississippi and received a degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Mississippi. She has served her church as a children's minister and a youth volunteer. An avid reader, she worked as a librarian at a large public high school. Janet and her husband have two grown children, one really smart dog, and a few cats that allow them to share the space.

I just wanted to share book three in the Southern Hearts series with those of you who have read my review of the first two and bought copies of them.


  1. Nice of you to share this one with us.

  2. I will share with others about this one.

  3. Sounds like this might be an interesting book.

  4. Mary, I got my big box of books today, so glad that lady don't want them any more. I cant wait until next months box. THANK YOU.

  5. Thanks for sharing about Tackling the Fields! I really appreciate it! I hope your readers enjoy! :)

  6. Nice review! I would love to read this one!