Friday, September 14, 2018

300 Billion to One! By Wayne Faust

300 Billion to One is an inspirational book for all ages. A Clinical Therapist loses his own motivation to live after the passing of his beloved wife. He regains it after God sends back his wife to visit him two weeks after she passed to help him move forward again. Recognizing that the experience with simple odds could be explained away by non-believers, he thanked God, wrote the odds in his grief journal and asked God to not let him forget the experience a week, month or year from now. God answered with a series of interventions within minutes. A former neighbor came to his home while he was praying this prayer of thanks. He greeted her and she related to him her dream recounting the exact experience the SAME night BEFORE hearing his story! A series of interventions continued to keep his hope high and his faith strong. 300 Billion to One shows the foresight and love of God to transcend time and begin answering our prayers before we even pray them. This documented series of miraculous interventions provides an insight into the mind of God-how he thinks about us, loves us and wants to give us sustained hope until we meet Him on the other side. 300 Billion to One will forever change the way you think about the character and magnitude of God’s love for us.

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Wayne R. Faust, MA, SLPE, HSP is a Licensed Therapist in the State of Tennessee and is currently CEO of Counseling and Assessments Ministries (, a nonprofit counseling ministry dedicated to serving Alzheimer’s clients and providing indigent children opportunities to develop career skills through Music/Art Dream Camps. Prior to starting CAM in 2015, Wayne’s career was centered in providing various licensed clinical, industrial-organizational and Human Resources related services in diverse settings that included Harriet Cohn Mental Health Center, Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County Human Resources as well as the State of Tennessee Corrections. His consulting work under Cleckner Educational Publishing and Moore Educational Publishing companies included his authoring over 20 study/test modules for the College Level Equivalency Program (CLEP). He holds Bachelor degrees in both Bible and Psychology from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee as well as a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University where he also served as an adjunct professor for a brief period. He added to his industrial/organizational licensure a Clinical Licensure upon graduation as well as an SPHR in Human Resources. A widower, Wayne resides in Smyrna, Tennessee while actively attending the Church of the City in Franklin, Tennessee. His only son Derek is single and a Firefighter for the City of Hendersonville, Tennessee. Wayne stays active serving as a board member of the Smyrna YMCA, several 501(c) ( 3)s and supporting local charitable causes.


  1. I went to Amazon and the book is only $2 just how good can it be and they are giving it away?

  2. Not one that I would want to read, I think I will pass on it.

  3. I think I would really like reading this one, I lost my faith for a while after my mom passed,I have it back but I think this book would help a lot.