Thursday, September 13, 2018

Signs of the Times By Greg Laurie GIVEAWAY!

  • Reveals what’s next for the nation, the planet, and the body of Christ
  • Exposes what is taking place in the invisible spiritual world
  • Points to a God who is in complete control
The signs are unmistakable.

We've always had earthquakes but this many? We've always faced natural disasters but this terrible? We've always had Middle East tensions but this intense? This widespread?

Jesus said there would be clear signs in our world before His return. Over the last few months and years, as we read headline after amazing headline, those signs seem to be escalating. Could Christ's return and our world's final days be very far away? Greg Laurie opens the Scriptures, offering insight, warning, and encouragement to "make the most of every opportunity" in these challenging days.

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Greg Laurie is the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, which has campuses in California and Hawaii. He began his pastoral ministry at the age of nineteen by leading a Bible study of thirty people. Since then God has transformed that small group into a church of some 15,000 people, making it one of the largest churches in America. Greg is also the featured speaker of Harvest Ministry's nationally syndicated radio program, A New Beginning, host of the TV program Harvest: Greg Laurie, speaker at the international Harvest Crusades, and author of more than seventy books. He and his wife, Cathe, live in Southern California.

My Thoughts...

 I found this book to be one for new Christians no so much for the Christ followers who has been following for a long time.
It is a book that will teach new Christians  and answer many of their questions.
It is a good book for a small group to read together and study in a group.
I gave this book 4 stars. Recommended for new  converts.
The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own.


  1. I will have to look into this book, sounds like a good one.

  2. This is a book everyone need to read and study.

  3. I want to see what this book has to say and see if it is in line with the Bible.

  4. Seems like a book that would be interesting to read and learn more about.