Friday, May 24, 2019

The Peculiar Pig By Joy Steuerwald

The sweet, funny story of a dachshund puppy who learns it is fine to be different from her piglet siblings.

There was a different sort of piglet in the pigpen one cool spring morning.

That "different" one is named Penny, and she's really not a piglet at all . . . she's a puppy. A puppy who gets longer and longer as her piglet siblings get bigger and bigger. Penny doesn't understand why she's different--she only knows that Mama Pig loves her just the same as the rest of the litter. Penny's siblings are baffled by her peculiar behavior--like digging with her paws instead of her snout, and especially her loud, sharp oink. Good thing Penny likes all the sounds she can make, and when danger strikes and her peculiarities prove to be strengths, the piglets see that sometimes it's good to be a little different!

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JOY STEUERWALD found herself drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil. So winning her first art contest in 3rd grade just sealed her fate; Joy was destined to be an illustrator. She graduated from San Jose State’s animation and illustration program with a Bachelor of Science Degree and has created art for the educational market, the giftware industry, and children’s book publishing. Joy usually sketches with blue Col-Erase pencil, adds a pencil line, then uses Photoshop to add textures, details and color to create art that is playful and fresh. Writing stories is something Joy looks forward to doing more of as well. Her muse is a miniature, red, short haired Dachshund who has been joined by a small, human boy.

My Thoughts...
This was such a sweet book. It is one that the little ones are going to want to read every day. The Pictures are so cute and easy to relate to.
I think this is a book that all the little ones would love for birthdays and extra special gifts.
The story that lets the little ones know it's okay to be different is sure to be a favorite.
4 stars from this reader. I loved this cute story.
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  1. A Doxie!!!! I absolutely love our three!!! This sounds like a wonderful one for kiddos.

  2. Cute, we need this in the childrens church.

  3. I wish that I had little kids to read to.

  4. My 5 year old grand-girl would enjoy this! I'll have to see if my library carries it.

  5. Cute for the babies. I need a few copies for up coming baby showers.