Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Totally Invisible And Completely Original Me By Savanna Harm

Being a teenager is not an easy thing, but for seventeen-year-old Landen Wells, that is a total understatement. Landen finds herself in a state of confusion when her relationship with Finn, her childhood best friend, drastically shifts—causing a dramatic rift between them. It doesn’t help that Landen meanwhile is receiving torment from her long time bully, most popular girl in school, Amber Woods. With salvation normally found in running and a “secret” forest hideaway, Landen does her best to try and escape her current state of confusion. However, feelings become more complicated when a mysterious artist, Alec, finds his way into Landen’s life and a sort of romance blossoms. With everything being so different so fast she doesn’t know who means more to her: her lifelong best friend who’s now slipping away, or the boy who she has only just met but somehow feels as if she has known him forever. Two guys, one bully, and enough drama to last a lifetime. No amount of running will help Landen figure this one out.

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My Thoughts...
 Looking for your next young adult read? This may be a fun one for you.
It has a little bit of everything so you will have all the feels.
this would make a great gift for those high school girls that love to read. 
It is a 4 star read to share with those young adults that are book worms
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