Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Resilience Road By Beth Koritz

How many times have you taken a look at your life and thought these words? "Things have got to change."
Well, Beth had said them before, but when she opened her eyes in the ICU, paralyzed from the neck down and facing a tremendous fight to regain very basic functions, she knew she finally meant them. Her story is one of resilience: in the face of disease, life's unexpected curves, and a journey that veers off the track.
With total honesty and refreshing humor, Beth reflects on the checklist-style life she'd been living and conquering. Career. Husband. Kids. House in the suburbs. But then her body tells her in no uncertain terms that it's time to slow down and take a hard look at what she has... and what she really wants.
In sharing her own deeply personal experiences, Beth introduces us to the tools and philosophies she has developed along the way and now uses in her therapy practice. This is the story of a courageous comeback that is really a breakthrough to living an authentic life on your own terms.

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What do you get when you’ve been through divorce, paralysis, and a late-in-the-game career change? Ask Beth Koritz, and she’ll tell you that what you get is perspective and the chance to live your life without fear that you’re breaking someone else’s rules.

Beth became a licensed professional counselor after several years working in and owning a variety of businesses, including business development coaching. Now she uses her expertise in Body Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Thought Field Therapy to help clients find and live their authentic lives with strength and resilience.

Beth is the mother of two daughters who are her inspiration and daily reminder of what matters most. In her spare time, you’ll find Beth surrounded by yarn, hooks and needles, attending concerts, visiting the mountains, and dreaming of living part-time in Colorado. 

My Thoughts...

Are you looking for a new memoir/self help book? I have found one for you.
Beth writes her stories to reach others and give them support that she knows about. the obstacles she has over come are life lessons she wants to share with others so they don't feel so alone.
This was a 3.5 star book for me. I would have liked it better if she just shared her story and let us learn from it and not given points she learned.
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  1. Not a fan of non-fiction because it is always the authors point of view on self help not facts.

  2. Not a fan of memoirs but thank you for sharing this one!

  3. Sorry you did not like this one. I love your honest thoughts on each book.

  4. I got my gift card and cooking pan today. Thank you so much Mary. Thank you.