Monday, September 23, 2019

The Contract By Sheila Grinell

Joanna and Ev have been partners for ten years―in business and in love―when one of the only women in government in the Middle East invites their firm to design a children’s museum in Riyadh. Jo sees a chance to solidify her name in the design world, and help Saudi girls along the way, in the venture. Her husband, however, has no desire to work in a vigorously policed society; he prefers to remain in his workshop, fashioning gadgets for museum displays. Jo’s sister and young protégé share his doubts, but Ev accedes to Jo’s wishes. The process of bidding on the job soon throws their home office into chaos and challenges their long-held assumptions about the value of their work―and marriage. If they get the job, will their partnership survive the strain?

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Sheila Grinell spent forty years creating science museums in the US and consulting on museum projects around the world. A few years ago she turned to literature, publishing a debut novel, Appetite, in 2016. The Contract is her second work of fiction. Grinell writes a monthly newsletter and social media updates to engage her readers and gives talks at bookstores and libraries about “writing as a second act.” Born in a taxi in Manhattan, she studied at The Bronx High School of Science, Harvard University, and the University of California at Berkeley. She lives in Phoenix with her husband, Tom Johnson, and their dog. 

My Thoughts...
I don't want to give away anything. So I will just say this is a new author and a new fresh story. One that you may like to check out.
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