Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Association By Sharon Ziegler

Champaign, Georgia, Davis County: A young attorney and her husband have relocated to the small, idyllic town for his new job, and she’s on an extended hiatus after becoming exhausted and weary of her profession. Yet she knows she needs to get back in the legal game, even though it won’t be easy. Now discouraged and out of practice, she must start fresh, with new determination and new clients.
Through an acquaintance, she meets the Wainrights, an older couple living in Covington Commons, a cluster of three neighborhoods advertised as a luxury lakeside community. In truth, though, such a description only applies to one neighborhood in Covington Commons: Eagle’s Nest. Both Mockingbird Heights and Peacock Plains have become sad displays of utter neglect, in awful disrepair after years of inattention. The Wainrights need her help to prove allegations as to the person—or persons—responsible for it. After painstaking research into claim after claim, she soon realizes the obviously guilty party.
At the forefront, is the Association—the board and committee members who oversee everything and every decision at Covington Commons. Its members have taken what was once a decent organization and turned it into an operation based entirely on corruption and dishonesty that operates according to the whims and greed of only a privileged few.
With prejudicial and biased purveyors of justice at the helm, prior lawsuits against the Association have been routinely dismissed early on. Our attorney heroine must find it within herself to navigate and succeed in a world where grossly confident men grandstand in gold jewelry, private investigators are always listening, and judges are not honorable—a world where people aren’t at all who they seem to be. 

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Sharon is an attorney licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and her home state of Tennessee. She has been practicing law and writing legal briefs, motions, and appeals for more than 25 years. In addition, she has argued before a number of distinguished state and federal trial and appellate courts during her career. The Association is her debut novel.

My Thoughts...
Where are my fans of Legal thrillers? You are going to want to grab this one. John Grisham fans will really be happy that they found a new author to enjoy.
I hope that you will grab a copy of this one.
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