Sunday, November 14, 2021

The Inventions of God (and Eva) By Dave Connis

 This delightfully illustrated picture book tells the story of inventor extraordinaire Eva—and the God who created her to be a lot like Him.

Little Eva is a budding engineer who loves to invent machines, toys, and robots that bring her joy. But where does her curiosity, creativity, and pizzazz come from? Meet God. He loves to invent, too, and delights in His creations, especially Eva.

God and Eva are A LOT alike because God made Eva to be just like Him.

Eva loves her inventions, but maybe not their earlier versions. God loves Eva, every version of her, and He wants her to know just how much. Parents and children alike will relish the playful illustrations and the gentle reminder that the image of God is alive in each of us. 

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1. I once built a raft with friends and rafted down a river for a week

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4. I tried out to be a drummer for the Blue Man Group when I was 16.

5. I camped on the shore of the frozen Canadian wasteland of Hudson Bay in -32 degree weather.

My Thoughts...

If you have a little one aged 3-7 I would grab this for a great Christmas gift. Or if your little one already has a copy, it would make a great gift idea for someone in school or Sunday school.

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