Thursday, August 25, 2022

Rodeo Drive by Jennifer Loy

 Starving artist, Tiffany Hunter, creates a new business as a Purchase Consultant, a gift saver for desperate, busy, hard-working, or just plain forgetful men. Most have procrastinated to the last minute to buy gifts for their wives, mothers, sisters, daughters even their fiancés. She gets a high from shopping, a rush from the lack of time, and finds pleasure on the women's faces when she pretends to be the delivery person as she drops the gift off at their door. Tiffany's favorite place to shop is Lauren & Co. on Rodeo Drive, where she meets the sharp-dressed jeweler, Nick Bennett. As Tiffany and Nick's relationship heats up, two of their old flames return. As the summer temperature rises in Southern California, so does the anticipation of which path Tiffany will take. Follow Tiffany on her hilarious and surprising adventure.

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Jennifer Loy has been writing novels since 2005. While spending a short time in Hawaii, she discovered that poetry wasn’t all that she could write. The beautiful beaches and friendly people inspired her to write romantic novels. Unfortunately, she couldn’t stay in paradise forever, but the writing continues. Now living in Las Vegas, she is writing more romantic-comedy, fantasy, suspense, and paranormal.