Thursday, July 13, 2023

90 Days to Stress~Free by Jami Amerine

 Too often, women feel like their only hope for reducing stress is to push through and pray to make it to the other side. Well-intended projects to help the family, events to support the community, and ministries for church swirl into a cluttered, chaotic schedule. Yet worry is eating them alive from within.

Being stressed isn't the abundant life Christ wants for his people. Artist and author Jami Amerine knows the heaviness of expectations--both internal and external. And she has discovered how to retrain the mind against the framework worry lays down. In easily digestible daily readings, she shares what she's learned and offers the right tools for the job.

Through her witty, friendly words, vibrant original art, and rock-solid scriptural truth, Jami invites readers to join her on a journey to declutter the mind and uncover a spirit freshly renovated into a truly worry-free existence.

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Jami Amerine is wife, to Justin, mom, author, illustrator, artist, and foster care and adoption advocate.  Together Jami and Justin have 4 biological, adult children. The couple started all over in 2012 with adoption and foster care adding Sam and Charlie. Jami holds an undergraduate degree from Abilene Christian University in Family and Consumer Sciences and a graduate degree in Education, Counseling, and Human Development from Hardin Simmons University. 

Once hailed the "Lucille Ball of Christian Blogging," Jami has a unique way of storytelling that delights readers and teaches freedom in an entirely new light. Jami is a firm believer in understanding how the subconscious mind can be trained to recognize authenticity, to live and learn in peace and harmony.

Jami, Justin, Sam, and Charlie, make their home on the island of Oahu. You can find Jami's art at and in major retailers. Jami writes a wide variety of genres: Women's non-fiction, fiction, children and family curriculums, women's studies, and children's books and coloring books. Follow Jami and her family on their island adventures on Instagram and Facebook.
Life Changing. Very helpful and insightful.