Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Stuff we Fight About Conversation Cards for Couples

 Strengthen the relational foundation between you and your partner by entering into the real, important, and in-depth conversations sparked by these 125 practical prompt cards.

Inspired by the gap that exists across many relationships—one of unmet expectations, unfulfilled hopes, and a failure to communicate—
Stuff We Fight About invites couples to express their preferences, pet peeves, assumptions, and major life goals in a safe and low-pressure context. By engaging in these vital conversations instead of pushing their differences under the rug, couples will preempt any fights before they happen and will fortify their relationship—whether dating, engaged, or married—and gain the added benefit of being more fully known and loved.

With 125 beautifully designed cards, this unique deck offers couples a helpful catalyst for conversations in five categories, with prompts such as:
  • Day to Day: What are your usual routines when waking up and getting ready for bed?
  • Pet Peeves: How do you squeeze the toothpaste onto your toothbrush?
  • Big Ones: How was money talked about in your home as a kid?
  • Holidays: What is a family tradition that makes you feel the Christmas spirit?
  • The Future: What do you want to accomplish in the next five years, both personally and as a couple?

Designed to be used at home or on the go, Stuff We Fight About teaches couples to communicate about foundational topics, sets a standard for vulnerable conversations, and breaks the fragmented patterns that wound relationships. With a hint of humor, and a lot of practicality, these cards will help prepare couples to create patterns of authentic conversations in their day-to-day lives.

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Over the last twenty-five years Jeniffer Dake has had the privilege of speaking at professional conferences, youth councils, parenting symposiums and leadership development conventions throughout the country. She speaks with a powerful combination of humor and candidness that allows her to address the most sensitive of subjects and to direct her audience towards foundational truths.

Jeniffer has been teaching and mentoring students for a quarter century, giving her a rare perspective to the challenges they face in diverse stages of life. She is passionate about teaching others how to live to their fullest potential. She believes that effective communication skills and a self-awareness of one’s own emotional health at every age is the key to success. Jeniffer has helped students from 8-18 to identify their emotions, express their needs, and heal their hurts.

Jeniffer began teaching in 1999, where she served as adjunct faculty at her Alma mater Taylor University. Following her time there she moved to Nashville, TN where she worked at Michael W. Smith’s Rocketown Youth Services as the Director of Marketing and aided in Family Outreach. While her time at Rocketown taught her a great deal about successful marketing, the most valuable knowledge she attained was what makes a child successful; the ability to identify the root of your emotions. In 2006 after touring with young artist Stacie Orrico as the road pastor and mentor, she returned to teaching.

After 15 years in the classroom, Jeniffer had taught students from elementary through college age. The relationships she built with her students and their families have given her a wealth of knowledge about family dynamics and their emotional needs. Jeniffer is now a full-time speaker and writer. She has partnered with a number of churches and para-church organizations such as the Salvation Army and Youth for Christ to create bible studies and other resources for their programs.

In 2016, Jeniffer graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master's degree in Biblical Studies and Theology. This paired with her Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Medical Biology and Theater Performance from Taylor University has given Jeniffer a unique understanding of people and the ability to communicate foundational truths to all ages.

Jeniffer is a wife and a mother of two little ones who love to get dirty working in the garden and helping raise bees on the family farm. If she’s not out on the road, Jeniffer is probably baking scones,