Thursday, April 26, 2012

Interview with Samuel Oakes

Do you like to read Amish fiction? This author combines Amish with suspense and intrigue. Treason is very different from your typical Amish novel. This week I would like for you to tell me what it is you like or dislike about Amish Fiction. I will enter your name to win a copy of Samuel Oakes new novel "High Treason"

The future is here for a bankrupt nation gripped in the throes of the plague, and the corrupt government is in charge of the vaccine. Young Amishman Enos Yoder faces the greatest crisis of his life when his father refuses to accept the compromises the Bishop has made, and his mother lies on her deathbed. Will the family be consumed by his father's stubbornness? Regina Owens, the liberal minister in town, is having her normal world rocked to the core by what is happening. She wonders why a man would lift his own hand against what is most precious in life. Will Enos recover from the brutal shock when his girlfriend is taken from him? Will his faith, backed by five hundred years of teaching against violence, survive the hate rising in his heart? High Treason is a story of love, bitterness, and treason, rising up in the heart of a man and in the highest corridors of government.

Samuel Oakes is a Pseudonym for a best selling fiction author.

I'm happy to feature Samuel Oakes on my blog this week. If you want to win a n autographed copy of his book, you must leave a comment, post a link on your Facebook page and/or your own blog.

Do you share circumstances from your own life in your stories?
I do if the incidents are applicable to the story line. And the same happening can be applied to different people, which produces a different reaction, or even cross gender,etc. But I haven’t always lived the life of my characters. That would be a little impossible, I think. Especially once you write about bombings and killings. Never lived that life, that I know of.

Do you enjoy reading?What genre? Which Authors do you read?
I read broadly. “The Dragon Tattoo” books, which I love, but my wife made me throw out of the house. “A Reliable Wife” by Goolrick, which blends Christian themes in an excellent way. I’m reading the third of Chris Paolini’s phantasy series right now. Don’t like the magic elements exactly, but the story’s good. Nicholas Sparks books must all be read. Eventually, once they aren’t as expensive to buy.  

What is the most amazing reaction you have ever gotten from a readers about your books?
The review on Amazon from the reader who ha da deep spiritual experience while she read “High Treason.” That was the most startling reaction related to this particular book. And I considered it a great honor.

Tell us about your faith
I believe in God first of all, who transcended all the earthly traits we give Him. And yet one must live in the world. Which means to me that one must be something. Go to church somewhere. Live with people someplace. The conflict between those two truths can be severe at times, but finding a balance helps our spiritual health greatly, I think.

Can you fill us in on your next book?
Currently there are no plans for a follow-up to “High Treason”. That could change of course, so we’ll have to see.

Tell us one thing that would surprise your readers to know about you
How baffling I am to people, I suppose. I don’t fit preconceived ideas well. I was teaching at Bible School this winter, deep theological stuff, and yet I write this fiction. Some of it kind of edgy. Plus some other things, I do. One of the leaders there told me, “With you, we might as well throw the mold up against the wall.” And I don’t think he meant it complementary. It’s inconvenient, I guess. 


  1. I just love the Amish lifestyle and reading about the Amish!!!!! Would love to win this book! Thanks!

    Dianna Bupp

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  4. Sounds like a fantastic storyline. If this giveaway includes Canadians count me in.
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  5. I love amish fiction, it is pure and clean books showing lifes situations without cuss words, in depth sex descriptions and brings you closer to God and the amish way to live

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  7. Id like to win....I love books, but sometimes wish that Amish books were a bit more realistic.
    Lynn Brokaw

  8. I love reading Amish fiction. It has become the only genre I read. I love the simplicity and the values that are produced in these books, as well as the fact that it is usually a good clean read.

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  9. Amish fiction is my favorite, and most of the books that I read are from that genre. I'd love to win a copy of this book! Thank you for offering it!

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  10. These look lke great books,cant wait to start reading them.

  11. Would love to win. I've been wanting to read this one. jlscott49 at roadrunner dot com

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  13. I'd like to be entered to win also. And it was interesting reading the interview with Samuel. Note to him: it's boring being like everyone else anyway. I hope you won't try to change just so you conform to what other people think you should be. God created you to be the unique person you are, and as long as you know what you do honors Him, then I say who wants to be cast from the same old mold as everyone else anyway? :) God bless you and your writing! Sherri christianbookreviewer at gmail dot com

    1. Oh, and to reply to the question what I like or don't like about Amish fiction. I like reading about people who live near me but keep themselves apart from us "Englishers". What I don't like is sometimes the books lack the action and excitement sometimes that a book needs to keep its reader engaged in the story. I've read some that bored me to tears.

  14. I love reading Amish fiction, I always learn something new about the culture. I'll share on FB, GR, and my blog. thanks!

    kgavon at sbcglobal dot net

  15. Amish fiction is a fascinating way to gain insight into a unique culture. Thank you for the giveaway. jtretin at aol dot com. @readsalways

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  17. Thanks so much...I can't wait to read it.Thanks for the great blog,and for the contest.

  18. Can;t wait to get and read this book.