Sunday, January 27, 2013

Liberty Belle By Patricia Carroll GIVEAWAY!

Set in 1859 Denver, Liberty Belle is a story of finding freedom and forgiveness. A jilted bride, a wayward sheriff, a small boy, outlaws, and a gallows provide plenty of action, romance, and hope. Liberty Longstreet was left at the altar, but that wasn’t the worst of her day. She awakens to the fact that she needs to declare independence from her controlling mother. Wanting her freedom and to find a man of her choosing, Libby leaves home for faraway Denver. She just doesn't count on being robbed, falling for a wayward sheriff, or being accused of murder. Sheriff Wade Calder throws down his badge in a quest for revenge. Instead, he takes responsibility for his enemy’s young son. Wanting only to be free, Wade runs into Libby, and she wins what is left of his heart. Unfortunately, he has nothing to offer her until he picks up his badge. His honor is restored, but it may cost Libby her life. Together they learn the cost of freedom and the wealth of forgiveness.
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Patricia PacJac Carroll I am a writer, Christian first, and blessed beyond my imagination. I live in the Dallas-Ft Worth area in Texas with my wonderful treasure of a husband, my spoiled dog Jacs, my 91 yr old Father in law, and my awesome grown son, Josh. Did I say I was blessed? The PacJac is from my initials and my husbands. I wouldn't be able to write if it weren't for him.

I love adventure and the open road. The stories of the western era have always been a favorite of mine. I enjoy writing, and my goal is to write stories readers will enjoy.

Watch for my new book, Golden Dreams coming Soon.

 I found this book to have good characters. This author has an imagination and that sure does help with the story overall.
I did have some trouble with reading this book because it was not edited and I had to push my way through it.
With that being said I think that the next book will be good with some editing and a little bit of polishing.
I was given a copy of this book by the author


  1. Well thanks you so much for your honest review, that is what we want from you Mary.

  2. Well Mary this review is one of the reasons that you have the best blog reviews there is. I love how you find the good in books even when you don't like them all that much. You have such a good heart. I have to say I trust you when you say it on here because not not all books are going to be good books. Thanks for the honest review.

  3. Thank you for the review. You are known for your honesty and compassion. This is especially important to new authors. Patricia has a good heart, very caring. I am sure she will take this info and use it for the next book.

  4. I too enjoy your honest reviews. Patricia is a new author to me and I would like to win a copy of this book. Thanks Mary for your great reviews and for your giveaways!


  5. Thanks, Mary! Your honesty is much appreciated. You offer constructive criticsm that is stated kindly and your suggestions are bound to be helpful to your authors.

  6. I love westerns so would like to read this one. Thanks for your opinion. You help authors to improve their writings I'm sure. Blessings to you. Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

    1. Maxie, you Won! E-mail me your mailing address

  7. Thanks for the review. I love it when people put God first and give Him the credit. Would love to win your book.