Friday, January 25, 2013

Unholy Hunger By Heather James Giveaway!

Evelyn Barrett wants to die. As long as her daughter's murderer dies with her, she is ready to go. Why did this man--this stranger--destroy her family? Why has he not been brought to justice? Why is she forced to live a life of anger and grief? Amid a million questions she cannot answer, Evelyn knows one thing for sure: this murderer must be punished for his crime. Perhaps the harder lesson is this: the ultimate truth--of crime and verdict, of life and death--cannot be swayed by a mother's revenge. In this first book of a new, page-turning series, a woman will be brought to her limits before she finally recognizes and reconnects with the source of true peace.

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Heather James is an author, attorney, and columnist. Unholy Hunger is the first novel in her Lure of the Serpent Series.

 This was the first book I read by Heather. I wanted to read and review it based on the cover alone.
I had a very hard time with some of the themes in this book, child abuse, abduction, molestation, murder, but let me tell you one thing it is a can't put down book. Heather writes with such raw emotion.
The fact that there is bad stuff going on, you still hear a story of forgiveness in this must read.
 I recommend this book and I can not wait for book number two in this series.
I was given a copy of this book by the author 


  1. Thank you for the review!! This is a new to me author. The book,even though there is some harsh topics, is one I want to read. Those topics are the sad part of life.

    Cathy Weber

  2. Oh Mary, another book that you have reviewed and now I want to read! I haven't read anything by Heather either but I sure want to now! Thanks for your review and the giveaway!


  3. Sounds like a really good book! Thanks for the review!

  4. Thanks for the review. What a sad thing. And yet we know it goes on all the time. I would love to read the story. I haven't read any of this authors books. But it sure sounds good. Thanks for the chance to win one.


  5. Mary, this is her first book, I am going to get a copy of it , I think I will like it after reading your review.

  6. Wow !! Sounds good !!!!!!!! Love to win a copy .Thank -you ,Dana "Girl"

  7. I want to read this book, I have heard some talk about it and I was just not really sure about it, but you tell us in your review it is worth the read. I am ordering it now

  8. New author to me, but sounds like a good read.
    Thanks Mary for good review.
    Carolyn Jefferson

  9. great review Mary. I would just love to win this book!

    1. Mable, You are the WINNER! E-mail me your mailing address Congrats!

  10. another book that looks good ! Would love to win!

  11. Mary, I know that sometimes the issues of social injustice are the hardest to read, but the stories must be told in order to bring awareness to the rest of the world. It sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed the book, and I think I'd like to eventually read it as well. Thanks for a great review and recommendation!