Monday, January 21, 2013

With all her Heart By Rita Kellogg Giveaway!

Greta is the average Amish woman, yet loves to embrace those differences that many from her culture do not. She thrives on learning new things, doing new things, cooking new foods. Her family many times is her guinea pig trying a new dish from India or Greece, but they usually come out the better.
Would the one she has longed for since grade school learn of her "crush?" Samuel was of course her brothers best friend. Could he really notice the non-traditional, traditional Amish woman that she grew up to be?
Greta loves God and loves the beauty of the teachings that she was raised with. She believes that you don't have to be Amish to love or serve God. You just have to be forgiven
Renee was not taught to live for herself, to run after the first man to catch her eye. After devastation, she ended up doing things that she never dreamed of doing. She was alone and had to make a living, even if it was illegal. Finally tiring of the fear, and degrading life, Renee made her break to leave and start over. Through an accident, she crossed paths with Greta, needing her help. After learning that her last relative had died, she was alone and dependant on Greta's family. To make things worse, Renee had just received a blow worse than anything that she could ever imagine. Could this blow actually be the biggest blessing of her life?
How would she, being so worldly fit into this God honoring family? Would they accept her? Miracles never cease, despite the heart ache, joys and tragedies.
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Let me start off by telling you all this is an Amish book, do not let the cover fool you.  All of you Amish fans may enjoy this read. It has a little romance and a lot of love of the Lord on each page.
You can tell that Rita really shares the love of the Amish in this read .
If you are an Amish fan then take a look at this new Amish authors book.
I was given a copy of this book by the author


  1. Thanks to Rita and Mary for offering this book. Can't wait to read it!!

  2. Mary, this does not look like a Amish book. I have never heard of this author. Thanks for telling us about her. She needs to redo her cover.

  3. Well, this is a new author to me. It sounds like a good book. I love the Amish books so this is one I will have to see about.

  4. WooHoo enter me please! I've heard about Rita's books but I haven't read any of hers yet. So...I really would love to win a copy of this book!

    Thanks for your review and giveaway Mary!


  5. Enter me into the contest. Love reading Amish books.

  6. I love amish books. Please enter me.
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  7. Great give away.
    It's a new author and sounds very interesting.
    One I would want to read.
    Thanks Mary.

  8. Thank you for the explanation for the cover of this book. I would not have known it to be Amish. That is not to say that Amish fiction covers should all feature beautiful young women as is the sterotype of many. Thanks for your comments!

  9. Would love to win this book! Thanks for the chance

  10. This book sounds good. I love reading Amish books so will read this one also. Thank you for the review Mary. I look forward to seeing more from Rita in the future.

  11. You always have such great books on your blog, Mary, would love to win this one.

  12. I love to read Amish books. And I would love to win and read this one. It sounds like a really good & interesting book.

  13. This is a must for me, forgiving other is hard to do but if you love God its s must , no excuses . I've had to forgive a lot of times when it was a hard thing to do , but I love God more than life . I'm always asking for forgivness, when I'm in pain and I can't stand it ,but I know God will only give me what He knows I can handle no more ,no less. Trying new things is up my alley. Great review Mary.

  14. Would love to read it. New author to me.

  15. Mary, glad you explained about the cover. I wondered at it not having anything looking like Amish. Hope she doesn't lose any sales from Amish readers because it doesn't have the Amish picture, meaning if they are only looking for Amish books! It really sounds good tho, and always enjoy meeting a new author. Please enter me for the contest. I would love having a chance to win the book. Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

    1. Maxie, you are the WINNER! E-mail me your mailing address

  16. I thank you ladies so very much for your kind words! I am working on a new, more Amish like cover. I am so very blessed and ask for God to bless every one of you!!!