Monday, October 14, 2013

Katie's Forever Promise By Jerry Eicher GIVEAWAY!

In book 3 of the Emma Raber's Daughter series, Amish fiction author Jerry Eicher brings the faith-filled journey of Katie Raber to its happy conclusion.
Katie Raber is trying to put her life back together after Ben Stoll's devastating betrayal of her love. When she is baptized into the church, she receives a surprising offer that will keep her close to her Amish community--much to her mother's delight.
But soon Ben is back in her life again--and at the same time she finds interest from another young man, though his bumbling efforts at winning her heart show him to be a far less desirable suitor than the more polished Ben Stoll.
Readers who have followed the saga of Katie and her attempts to escape the stigma of being just "Emma Raber's daughter" will be charmed by her new look at life as a young woman with important decisions to make.
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As a boy, Jerry Eicher spent eight years in Honduras where his grandfather helped found an Amish community outreach. As an adult, Jerry taught for two terms in parochial Amish and Mennonite schools in Ohio and Illinois. He has been involved in church renewal for 14 years and has preached in churches and conducted weekend meetings of in-depth Bible teaching. Jerry lives with his wife, Tina, and their four children in Virginia.

I know what you all are thinking if not saying out loud, Here we go again this is Mary's favorite male Amish author. Right, you all are. I just can't get enough of Jerry's books.
This book was written so well, why YES it left me wanting more. I cracked this book open and read until the very last page.
Three books about Katie is just not enough. I love Katie's story.
You have to read this book to find out if Katie finds happiness with Ben.
A fantastic book about healing and restoring relationships. I have to say you will not find a better male Amish fiction writer then Jerry.
I highly recommend this book.
I gave this book 5 stars for sure and for certain.
I was given a copy of this book by the publisher for my honest review.


  1. I really want to read this book. Ever since you told me about Jerry I have been anxious to read his books. Also have his cookbook on list. So glad you told me about him

    Thanks Mary for good review

    Cathy Weber

  2. I am a fan of Jerry's as well Mary. Thank you for sharing this book with us.

    1. Sue, you are the WINNER! I will get your book right out to you!

  3. My kind of reading! I love Amish fiction! Thanks again Mary for a fantastic review!

  4. I'm not entering this contest because I have already read and I own this book. I do want to add my 2 cents worth though. I agree 100% with Mary. This was such a great read. Author Jerry Eicher is one of my favorite authors. He knows how to write a book!!

    Judy B

  5. I can't get enough of a good Amish book. I have been reading Jerry's book ever since you told me about his books. Great review Mary. Thank you.

  6. By what you have said, Mary, I think Jerry's books are a must read. Thank you for the opportunity.

  7. I would so love to win this book. Loved your review on it.

  8. he is a great author and i would love to winm one of his books,
    Shirley B

  9. Love Amish books !! Sounds like a good book to read .Blessings ,Dana "Girl"

  10. Oh Mary. I hear this all time and especially other authors how good he is. I am thrilled that you like his books. I would love to win his book. Please give me an entry. GOD bless! MAXIE mac262(at)me(dot)com

  11. good review.Katie's Forever Promise sounds wonderful.Please me in .Thank you for the opportunity to win .I enjoy reading all of Jerry 's books.

  12. I was fortunate to read several of Mr. Eicher's books. I loved them. Would really like to win this book. Good luck everyone. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. I have heard how great of an author he is, but I haven't read any of his books yet. I need to!

  14. Hi Mary, this looks so fun to read. Your review really makes me anxious to read his books. Sonja.nishimoto (at) gmail (dot) com . Thanks for the opportunities. Sure would love to win this!

  15. Love your review, Mary! Adding Jerry Eicher to my must-read list. Thank you!

  16. Great review! I would love to have my name added to the drawing to win this book. Jerry is a great writer. Ü

  17. Mary, I am a huge fan of Jerry Eicher too! I think Katie's story is wonderful and would love it to continue also. Thanks! Hugs!

  18. Love books about the Amish, & stories of restoration, & healing of relationships! Haven't read any of Jerry's books, & would love to read this one - thanks for the giveaway opportunity, & review - Mary!

    Bonnie Roof

  19. I love Jerry's books.I would love to win this one.Thanks for the chance.Great review Mary!