Thursday, October 24, 2013

"The Napkin" order yours now!

Dinner napkin with poem "The Napkin" printed on it.  Washable.  $10 includes shipping.  Write to me for additional prices for higher quantities you wish to order.

The Napkin
My napkin it is folded.
I'm not finished here.
I'm still serving, I'm still waiting
For my master to appear.
The napkin on the table,
Folded by a plate,
Tells the servant clearly,
"I'll be back, so please wait."
Jesus' napkin, it was folded.
The one laid crossed his face.
Separate from his grave clothes.
A message to embrace?
Jesus wasn't finished.
The cross was not the end.
He rose from death and gives us life
If we choose to follow him.
Lucinda Berry Hill ©


What a great gift idea! I love them!


  1. Mary, did she send you some of these already? Are they a good quality? I would love to know if it is something that could be used everyday. Let me know.

    1. No Bonnie, She did not send me any yet! I would love to have some, they will make great gifts. I want one in my kitchen for sure. When I get one I will let you know the quality of them.

  2. What a fantastic gift idea for the holidays coming up.

  3. What a unique idea! Thanks for the info, Mary!

  4. It is a unique idea. Let us know how you like yours Mary when you get one! I'm interested in the quality like Bonnie. Thanks!

  5. What lovely napkins! Thank you for sharing.