Tuesday, September 22, 2015

From Pain to Power By Mary Ellen Mann

Sexual violation was not your choice, but recovery is.
As a survivor of sexual trauma, you’ve likely experienced feelings of shame and confusion, and weakening of your faith and trust. It may feel like no one understands. And each day you’re simply trying to survive. 
But the reality is you are meant for much more than survival. You are born with the right to use the pain as a point of power and reclaim what was taken without permission—your true identity. 

Author Mary Ellen Mann understands. She’s been there. In From Pain to Power, she weaves personal story and years of research and counseling experience to provide comfort and respect, biblical insight, guided imagery, and self-care strategies. She will help you:
·         Regain your power, safety, and sense of self
·         Go to battle as a “Princess Warrior”
·         Learn to trust your gut instinct again
·         Protect yourself from further assault
·         Reconcile your faith in God, who understands your doubt and anger
Mary Ellen Mann stands in your corner as you restore and honor your rightful femininity, find your voice of reason, and choose to live a legacy-filled life.
Includes tips and resources for spouses, parents, ministry leaders, and advocates who want to help survivors of sexual assault.

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Mary Ellen Mann is a survivor of sexual trauma and a licensed psychotherapist, running her outpatient practice for nearly twenty years in Colorado. She has dedicated her life to helping female victims find voice and confidence and recently co founded an online community for survivors of sexual trauma, www.lastbattle.org. Mann has an advanced degree from Columbia University and is an active believer in Jesus. She lives in Denver with her loving husband and two sons.

What an emotional read. It was very hard to read on many levels, but it is also a healing read.
Many people have has a sexual trauma and never told a soul and never healed or forgave.
 There is so much to be learned by this book..
In todays society it is not unheard of but years ago you never heard of all the children being taken advantage of and all the college girls being taken advantage of.
This is a much needed book in this day and time.
If you know someone who needs to heal from this, give this book a try. It is filled with scripture and great advice to over come the shame as well as  help on a path of recovery.
I gave this book 4 stars. Give it a try for your self or a loved one.
I was given a copy book by the publisher for my honest review.


  1. Like to read this one .I have family members and friends who have been raped it would give me a lot of imfor.to help them and others if I need to someday .Blessings .DanaGirl

  2. This may be a hard book for some people to read, but maybe it will help them.

  3. This may be a hard book for some people to read, but maybe it will help them.

  4. Lots of women could benefit from this book, including me. Great review Mary.

  5. What a wonderful book, a book to help those of us that have been deeply wounded,. Thank you very much Mary for this review and sharing this book with us.

  6. I believe that this book has the potential to touch many. Great review. Thank you

  7. I look forward to reading this. Many need healing from past abuse. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I have a friend that could use this book. Maybe reading it they will be able to heal.

  9. I like that the fact the book is filled with scripture. There are some books that leave out scripture or have very little scripture. God's word is the only way to truly heal. I will buy this and read it.

  10. I like emotional reads thank you for sharing this with everyone.

  11. This book has the potential to break chain and strongholds. through God. I think this will be great for many.

  12. I have a couple of friends that may need a copy of this book.

  13. Great review, Mary. This subject will hit a nerve with a lot of people that have kept silent over the years. Hopefully this will help them to heal.

    Judy B