Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Haven on Orchard Lane By Lawana Blackwell

Much-Loved Lawana Blackwell Delivers Another Charming Victorian-Era Tale
In difficult circumstances, Charlotte Ward, once a famed stage actress, tries to restart her career--only to experience disaster. Against her better judgment, her estranged daughter, Rosalind, comes to her mother's rescue and moves her to a quiet English coastal village.

Charlotte is grateful to get to know Rosalind after years apart. As one who has regrets about her own romantic past, it's a joy for Charlotte to see love blossom for her daughter. For Rosalind, however, it's time away from teaching--and now she must care for the mother who wasn't there for her. And what could be more complicated than romance?

Together, mother and daughter discover that healing is best accomplished when they focus less on themselves and more on the needs of others.

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Lawana Blackwell has thirteen published novels to her credit, many of them set in the English countryside of the nineteenth century. She and her husband live in Frisco, Texas.

A Haven On Orchard Lane is a very touching novel. I usually don't really care that much for historical novels but this one uses it as more as a back drop than anything. Blackwell really thought the leading character through and it shows. She has been through the ringer in her life. This is a novel that will show forgiveness and God's love. The  main character goes through a lot and uses her situations to give very good advise to younger ladies.
This was a 4 star book. I would recommend this one.
I was given a copy of this book by the publisher for my honest review.


  1. This is one historical fiction book that I may read. Thanks

  2. Historical fiction isn't really a genre I read.

  3. After reading your review I may over look that it is a historical fiction and buy it. Thank you for the review.

  4. I don't care for historical fiction.

  5. My wife may like this one I will tell her about it.

  6. I may read this one I'm not sure.

  7. Thank you forfor a great review, Mary.

  8. Thank you forfor a great review, Mary.

  9. This sounds like a book that I would want to read and the cover is beautiful. Great review Mary!