Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Life Just Got Real By Sadie Robertson

From Dancing with the Stars runner-up and Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson comes a fun novel about two teenage girls from different backgrounds and opposite lifestyles who discover there is more to friendship than meets the eye.

Sixteen-year-old A.J. Smith, born and raised in backwoods Tennessee, loves nothing more than repairing broken cars with her father and hanging out with her brothers and their friends. Not far away in the busy city of Nashville, Kate Kelly is always dressed in the latest fashion, wearing clothes from her mother’s boutique and jetting around the world with her father.

When A.J. starts going to the school Kate attends, they instantly dislike each other. But as the year progresses, Kate’s brother Val is drawn to A.J., and when prom comes around, he asks her to be his date—much to his sister’s displeasure. But Kate has bigger things to think about, including the reality show Real Life. Everyone says the show is her chance to make it big. But then the producers decide to bring A.J. into the show.

As the producers of Real Life try to stir up the drama, Kate’s idea of the perfect prom spins out of control. When Kate’s life goes disastrously wrong, it is A.J. who steps up to help—no questions asked. A friendship between the two girls just might grow—but only if they both live original and stay true to whom God made them to be.

In Life Just Got Real Sadie Robertson inspires teens to find the value God has placed inside us all and to live with confidence and purpose in a very complicated world.

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Sadie Robertson is well known for her dimples and engaging smile, but there is more to the eighteen-year-old charmer and star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty than that. She’s a high school athlete, a speaker, and was the first runner up on Dancing With the Stars Season 19. Sadie has also ventured into acting with roles in God’s Not Dead 2 and I’m Not Ashamed, and will be launching her “Live Original Tour” tour fall 2016, where she will continue to spread her message to peers about being confident in who God made you to be. Sadie embodies the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of the Robertson family and has carried her philosophy into multiple business ventures from a prom dress line with Sherri Hill, school supplies for DaySpring, jewelry and home goods with Glory Haus, and a fashion line with Wild Blue Denim that can be found in Rue 21 stores around the country. Sadie has spent time traveling the world serving those in need. She also partnered with Roma Boots and worked alongside them in their mission to “give poverty the boot.”

This was such a fabulous read for young ladies. We need more books like this one. Young girls these days need to know that everything will work out if they put God first and are not ashamed of him. this book tells young girls to stay true to God and it will all be alright.
I loved the story and the powerful message.
This is a must read for our young girls.
I gave this book 4 stars and I recommend it.
I was given a copy of this book by Wynn Wynn Media for my honest review.


  1. Cool ! Sounds good for a teenager to read . Blessings DanaGirl

  2. Oh I can't wait for my youth group to get a hold of this one. Thanks Mary

  3. I'm excited about this one. It sounds great.

  4. I can't wait to read this! I love her and she is such an inspiration. Thanks for your review!

  5. Duck Dynasty is so good not much on to watch now days but you can always count on them to be good. I will be getting a copy of this one.

  6. Just what we need more of! This sounds like a great book that would inspire teenagers. Thanks Mary, I enjoyed this review!

  7. I am on board with this one for sure. I love them

  8. I love the Robinson family. I am going to go buy this to show support.

  9. Go Sadie! A great example for young girls. Thank you, Mary!

  10. Go Sadie! A great example for young girls. Thank you, Mary!