Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Woman's Study Bible

The Woman’s Study Bible poignantly reveals the Word of God to women, inviting them to receive God’s truth for balance, hope, and transformation. Special features designed to speak to a woman’s heart appear throughout the Bible text, revealing Scripture-based insights about how godly womanhood grows from a woman’s identity as a Christ-follower and a child of the Kingdom.
Now with a beautiful full-color redesign, The Woman’s Study Bible reflects the contributions of over 80 women from a wide variety of ethnic, denominational, educational, and occupational backgrounds. Since the publication of the first edition of The Woman’s Study Bible under the editorial guidance of Dorothy Kelley Patterson and Rhonda Harrington Kelley, this landmark study Bible has sold over 1.5 million copies.
Features Include:
  • Beautiful full-color design throughout
  • Detailed biographical portraits of over 100 biblical women
  • Thousands of extensive verse-by-verse study notes
  • Over 300 in-text topical articles on relevant issues
  • Insightful essays by women who are recognized experts in the fields of theology, biblical studies, archaeology, and philosophy
  • Book introductions and outlines
  • Hundreds of full-color in-text maps, charts, timelines, and family trees
  • Quotes from godly women throughout history
  • Set of full-page maps of the biblical world
  • Topical index
  • Concordance

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I am thrilled with the new Woman's Study Bible. The colors are beautiful and so inviting, spring colors I call them happy colors.
This is the best edition to my morning Bible study and it's fun it has so many new features
  • New packaging/design
  • All-color interiors
  • Personal, classic design
  • Sections dealing with various life issues
  • Character profiles

  • You must add this to your Bible study ladies its so refreshing and there is a section dealing with issues we all encounter, the reflection is so mice and easy to read.
    There is nothing about the Bible that I don't just love.
    This would be a nice gift as well for that special friend, mother in love, coworker, daughter, sister.
    I gave this Woman's  Study Bible 5 stars and I HIGHLY recommend it.
    I received  this book from the publisher for review. A favorable was not required and all views expressed are my own.


    1. I have a couple of friends That I can give this to.

    2. I like this, may need to check it out.

      1. Sherley, You are the WINNER! I finally got a box to mail it to you!

    3. I would really love this book, since I don't have a chance to go to church it would be a real blessing. Thanks for the review

    4. I would really love this book, since I don't have a chance to go to church it would be a real blessing. Thanks for the review

    5. My wife will love this . I guess I have my next "just because" gift for her. Thanks Mary

    6. This is so great, I need this in my life. I'm heading to Lifeway to get me one this weekend. Thanks for your great review.

    7. I can use this with my King James Bible every morning and at bed time.

    8. I have this Bible well not this one, the old one since they redid it I need this new one. I loved this review by the way.

    9. What a wonderful gift idea for so many occasions. I wish I had one.

    10. I like this Bible. I'd like to have one for myself.

    11. I love Bibles!! This sounds like one that would be a welcome addition to my collection. Thank you for sharing it :-)

    12. Great review. This would make a great gift for my mother.

    13. What a lovely bible....a treasure, for sure!

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    15. I don't have a better half but I'm sure my mom or grandmother would love this!

    16. This sounds like one I need to add to my Bible reading list. I love to do bible studies.

    17. Does this come in the KJV? Would love to have this if it does. It sounds like it is full of helpful insights that could benefit a lot of us.