Saturday, November 18, 2017

Staying Stylish By Candace Cameron Bure GIVEAWAY!

Candace Cameron Bure, best known as D.J. Tanner from Full House and Fuller House and a New York Times bestselling author, whose faith and wit have delighted audiences for decades, lets you in on her best-kept secrets for Staying Stylish. This gorgeous manual for beauty, style, health, and spiritual wellness will bring all you need to live your most stylish life.

As an actress, producer, New York Times bestselling author, and inspirational speaker, Candace Cameron Bure has spent her entire life in the spotlight, and she is well aware of the pressures women face. Throughout her career, Candace has balanced her faith, family, and passion for work and found her spot as a role model to women of all ages—and as a style icon.
In her brand-new book Staying Stylish, Candace invites you behind the scenes of her day-to-day life and shares more than 100 tips and tricks for looking and feeling your best—both inside and out. Nurture your body, style, and soul as you read through this beautiful book full of photos, insider secrets, and exciting ideas to revamp your own life into its best possible version. She offers her insight into balance, spiritual growth, and looking great while doing it all.
Staying Stylish topics will include personal style, fresh hair and makeup for any age, a well-balanced diet and fitness regime, and a well-nourished spirit.

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Candace Cameron Bure first became known to millions as a co-star on the hit ABC television series Full House. Today, like her brother Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains, Fireproof), she is the rare Hollywood actor who is outspoken about her Christian faith and how it helps overcome certain obstacles, like her struggle with food addiction.

Bure's healthy lifestyle has been featured in US Weekly and People magazines as well as national talk shows including The View and NBC's Today. In Reshaping It All, she continues the story, inspiring women to embrace a healthier lifestyle by moving faith to the forefront, making wise choices, and finding their worth in the eyes of God. Candace shares a candid account of her struggle with food and ultimately her healthy outlook on weight despite the toothpick-thin expectations of Hollywood.

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My Thoughts...

So excited to share Candace's new book with you all.
This book was done with so much class and is chock full of so many tips. I learned a lot of great tips and tricks one that has stuck out to me is the one where she tells those of us that don't like to drink water how to improve it by adding essential oils to the water. I plan to do this.
I love that she has a section in this book called Nourishing Your Spirit. She tells us that we are going to spend eternity somewhere and she  wants to spend it with Jesus Christ. She is not shy in sharing that God is the most important part of her life.
Candace is one of very few people in Hollywood that shares he love for Jesus every chance that she gets.
She talks about Prayer, writing in a journal, and my absolute favorite reading. She shares a list of her favorite Non-fiction and fiction books. Oh what lists they are. I happen to agree with her on a few on them. 
She says she makes sure that she invests time with God. 
I feel like this is book that all of us ladies need to spend time in and go back to again and again.
This is a 5 star two times book. I HIGHLY recommend it.
The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review. A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own.

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  1. Following, Shared and commented! I love Candace!

  2. I know this book is probably not for me since I am a guy. I love Candace. She is a awesome roll model for any young lady. I could definitely give this to my daughter.

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  4. We are giving this book as Christmas gifts to many this year.

  5. Sounds like a great book! I know I neglected every part of my life and I am trying to change those areas. Sounds like I need to read this book.


  6. Enter me in the giveaway, but I dont have facebook. I will tell everyone at church tomorrow. If I don't win it I will buy it.

  7. She has grown into a wonderful young lady. Great review, thanks for sharing.

  8. I admire Candace so much so happy she is the kind of mentor my girls look up to. I ordered a few copies last week when you shared this.

  9. So excited to get my copy of this book. I love Candace. really good review.

  10. I have a little Autistic girl in Sunday school she is 21 all she talks about is Full House and Fuller house and all the Hallmark movies Candace is in. She is her idol and she wants to be just like her. She was crushed when Candace did not win Dancing with the Stars. I am getting her a copy of this for Christmas its all she wants and all she talks about.

    1. The WINNER has been picked, it's you Denise. The publisher will get your book right out to you! Congratulations! You are going to love this blessing!

  11. I think Candace is adorable! I would love to read her book.

  12. Candace is adorable watched her grow up and now as a adult she is still taking a stand for the Lord. Love to read her book. Loved your review Mary.

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